Paul Therond

I may not be a Preacher!

But I am a lover of Jesus with a story to share.

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About Me

Met Jesus at age 7

Kneeling by the side of the bed as my mom lead me through the Lord's prayer.

My Dad was born Roman Catholic in the South of France in a town called Niem. After leaving France for South Africa at age eight after World War II he also brought with him a strong tie to the Catholic faith that my Mom who he would meet when he was 26 would marry into.

My two brothers and one sister would be born Catholic but the surprise fourth child (me) would be the first born into a new faith that my Mom under heavy persecution from the French side of the family would introduce to us all.

My mom explains the story of her introduction to Jesus with a picture that looks something like this.

The image my Mom saw was hand drawn for her by a lady who I believe was from the Assemblies of God movement. It literally was a basic napkin drawing that showed how God and Man were separated on these two mountains by a large chasm.

And the only way man (separated from God after disobedience in the Garden of Eden) could be united with God in relationship was through the cross and redemptive work of Jesus Christ. For my Mom this seemed to be a huge AHA moment even though many of us Christians who were born into a Christ loving family like myself take this for granted.

But I guess for my Mom because she married into Catholicism and would have mainly seen elements of the Catholic faith such as priests & confession that the person of Jesus as the way, truth and life took a backseat for her (even though they do acknowledge Him as Messiah).

So my Mom gives her life to the Lord followed by my Dad and in 1985 I was born into this renewed Christ focused family and 7 years later I would give my life to the Lord too.

The high altitude view of my life looks like this.


Born in Port Elizabeth
South Africa


Started an online business through affiliate marketing.


Gave my heart to the Lord kneeling at the side of the bed.


Met the love of my life Rachel in Auckland, New Zealand.


Rededicated my life to Christ after a period of questioning. 


Well done, good and faithful servant.

Even though I questioned Him

He remained faithful even when I doubted Him.

2 Timothy 2:13 

I think it's safe to say that anyone born into a Christian family and who gave their life to God at a young age will come to a later time of fresh commitment to God. I know this was true for me in my late teens where by the grace of God I didn't get too far away from Him but I definitely wasn't abiding in Him as the scriptures teach. Personally it had a lot to do with peer pressure and just generally finding my own identity which I'm sure you can identify with.

In 2003, just before I graduated from high school Matric as we call it in South Africa, I gave my heart again to the Lord. It followed around the time when I had to be rushed to hospital after being blinded for a short while after taking medication. Those vulnerable moments in life definitely have a way of knocking the fear of God back into you but more importantly getting you rushing back to Heavenly Father.

The following year 2004, I began my Bachelor of Commerce degree studying through correspondence and continuing to run my little supplement business I started at age 16 during high school. This did really well until 2005 when I began my digital marketing career and started an online business which I still do to this day as a Conversion Rate Optimization Consultant

If you know of any ministries looking to increase their donation conversion rate send them here to request a free checklist. I would love to work with more ministries after an amazing experience I had working with the team at Rhema Christian Church in Edinburgh, Scotland.

God has tremendously blessed me over the years with a remarkable amount of travel and freedom that comes from running an online business. Most notably in 2010 I met the love of my life on just such travels in Auckland, New Zealand at St. Paul's Church (which is providential to say the least).

I have created this faith based section of my website, separate to my business side because I have seen tremendous interest in devotional articles I have published in the past such as this one “Declarations of God's Favor” and “Father Abraham“.

It made me realize the tremendous need for good Biblical focused teaching and inspiration which always comes when spending time with God and I just can't help myself and start typing away, so if that is something you want to be a part of you can sign up to updates below.

I may not know what the future holds but with God by our side we know how the story ends. Revelation 22:1-7


Why do I do what I do?

Ever since I created my first website I have always wanted a place to share things that have impacted my life.

This section of my website is dedicated to that and more than likely will come out of my personal time with Jesus. This is when inspiration hits and I feel like I just have to sit down and write or share.

That is what happened with this article which is my most popular article on this website.

When I saw the amount of people who were interested in this from around the world, it motivated me to change my website to dedicate to topics dedicated to Jesus and growing closer with Him.

If you would like to be notified whenever a new post is published you can sign up below. (I don't email often, except for the first week where I share some of my best resources with you. After you get these emails, you can then expect 1-2 emails from me per month).

So rest assured I will not be filling your inbox and whenever I do you can expect some though provoking content that gets you more in touch with Jesus.

God bless you,


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