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Website Review


Get an outside, expert opinion on your website and what you need to do to double your website traffic and conversion rates.

Website Review

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Do you know what the best way to improve your website is?

Ask somebody else what they think of your website.

And you get bonus points if that someone you ask is an expert in the field who has performed over 300 of these reviews for clients around the world.

Hi my name is Paul Therond and I am a Google Analytics Qualified Consultant specializing in SEO and website conversion rate optimization.

You might wonder what makes somebody pursue a career in this profession and for me it goes all the way back to 2005 when I made my first sale online.

Do you remember the first time you ever sold anything or had someone contact you from your website?

It’s an exhilarating feeling and once you experience it the thrill never leaves you and for me personally it lead to a lot of study in the fields of SEO and improving conversion rates.

Now there are so many tips and tricks that I could tell you about improving your conversion and I will give you the top 5 right now.

  1. Craft great headlines for your pages and posts
  2. Use A/B split tests to see what works and what doesn’t – if just starting out split test headlines
  3. Make sure your website loads fast for your visitors
  4. Use simple non technical language
  5. Get other people’s opinion of your website