WPForms vs Caldera Forms vs Gravity Forms

Three of the best form builders for WordPress Compared

Gravity Forms. WPForms and Caldera Forms are the best plugin for various reasons. This comparison will look at all three options and who they are best suited for.

Overview of all three


Best for overall user experience and pricing on Pro versions.

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Gravity Forms

Best for third party integrations and features.

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Caldera Forms

Best free plugin for building feature rich forms.

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WPForms makes it on this list of the top three contenders because of its freemium pricing model which gives access to the basic features you will need for creating forms for contact pages and general messaging.

However, when you upgrade WPForms, you get some remarkable features all designed to increase your conversion rates of people completing your forms (which is a far bigger problem than most realize).

Pro pricing starts from $39.50 per year but a lot of their best features are only available as part of the Pro plan at $199.50 per year.


WPForms Interface

Of the three plugins compared here WPForms has the best user experience of creating forms with their drag and drop builder. See video below.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eiQ3viAGung

WPForms in more detail

With WPForms you can create many form types including.

  • Email opt-in forms integrated to popular third-party providers like Mailchimp
  • Payment forms with built in calculation for multiple fields (think order forms)
  • Dedicated survey and polls (in Pro plan)
  • Form to post options for creating dynamic content (Pro plan only)
  • User registration (Pro plan only)
  • Conversational forms (similar to Typeform)
  • Form landing pages (to improve form completion rate) 


It also has advanced features like:

  • Conditional logic that displays different fields based on how user fills previous field
  • Multi page forms
  • Zapier (in Pro Plan)
  • Pre-built form templates to save you time
  • Multiple spam protection tools 
  • Signature add-on to capture user signatures (Pro Plan)


WPForms final thoughts

So this is an excellent form builder for WordPress but as you read the list, something might become plain where you really have to invest in the Pro plan to get the best experience. 

I am not sure about the pricing model that excludes some email marketing companies from the base plan to only be in the higher-paid plans but WPForms are not the only company doing this.

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Caldera Forms

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Caldera Forms makes it on this list because of how many fields you get as part of the free version. It may not be as “pretty” as WPForms to use but if you need more advanced features like conditional logic, then Caldera Forms is the only option you have to get this for free.

In fact, this plugin has won the title of best free WordPress form builder in many reviews and is well worth looking at.

Caldera Forms Interface

Caldera Forms also features a drag-and-drop form builder as seen in the video below. But what really sets Caldera apart is how much you get as part of the free version. No other WordPress form builder gives you conditional logic, calculation fields, multi-part forms, file uploads and column layouts out of the boxhttps://youtu.be/jY6s-BG66R4

Caldera Forms in more detail

As mentioned Caldera is the best free option as it includes. 

  • Conditional logic
  • Multi part forms
  • Calculation fields

But with Caldera Forms Pro you naturally get more including.

  • Email marketing integrations
  • Payment integrations
  • Front end editing
  • Zapier integrations
  • Overlay a form over YouTube video 
  • Built in email deliverability including open statistics
  • Email templates
  • Form submissions to PDF exporter 
  • Form to post options for creating dynamic content (Pro plan only)
  • User registration 


Caldera Forms final thoughts

This is a great plugin if you want more advanced features included with your free form builder.

If you go for their Pro version, you will get some unique features included especially with the ability to send professionally designed emails to people who use your forms. One word of warning is that the Pro version can get costly quickly (Agency at $550 per year) depending on the features you want. 

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Gravity Forms

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Gravity Forms don't have a free version for you to install but they have a demo you can try before buying. 

It's also not nearly as easy to use or as pleasing on the eyes as WPForms but yet it still makes it on this list as with tweaking it is still the most powerful form builder for WordPress. 

The large developer community who keep extending the power and functions of this plugin is arguably its greatest kingpin feature. 

Gravity Forms Interface

If you are looking for the best most expandable form builder for WordPress, you won't go wrong with Gravity Forms. It is not the most user friendly of form builders or produce as visually appealing forms like WPForms does but what it lacks in finesse it more than makes up in sheer raw power.

A lot of this has to do with the third-party developers that Gravity Forms have attracted who keep creating useful add-ons for this plugin.

The interface is drag-and-drop like the other builders here but the user interface has gotten dated compared to especially WPForms. See below.


Gravity Forms in more detail

You can create many types of forms:

  • 30+ Form fields ready for you
  • Dynamic content through front end posting from submitted form data 
  • Email marketing integrations
  • Payment gateways, calculation fields and coupon codes
  • Polls and surveys
  • Helpdesk integration
  • CRM integrations
  • Zapier integration
  • Multiple notifications including email and Slack
  • Allow users to save partial form entry progress
  • Large developer community creating useful plugins like GravityView 


Gravity Forms final thoughts

In summary if you want the best of the best with no limitations then Gravity Forms is for you. 

The developer community around Gravity Forms keeps it ahead of other form builders at the moment for features and flexibility. It also wins points for having a reasonable (considering all its features) starting price at $59 per year which puts it in the middle of WPForms ($39.50) and Caldera Forms ($74.99) per year.


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In Conclusion

Below, I summarize why these three plugins are the best form builders for WordPress. 

Best free version Best for Professionals Best for Marketers

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