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12 WordPress plugins for Bloggers from WPeka Club

Today we have a look at the WPeka Club and 12 of their top apps you get access to when joining their club.

In this WPeka review we are going to focus on 12 apps from the team over at WPeka who were originally known for their WordPress themes. However as part of this review you will learn about their range of excellent apps including how to create an auction website all the way to creating local business directories and even survey funnels. I know a lot of companies charge monthly for access to these types of apps so its good to see them included with WPeka.

What is WPeka?

WPeka is a club for WordPress professionals who want to be able to add new technologies to their website on a regular basis. Many of you might be familiar with the work of WPMU and the huge database of plugins and services they offer and you could consider WPeka a rival to it but at a lower price point which is always good news for us startups. At the time of writing the WPeka Club has over 100 plugins and themes to choose from.

There are five plugins you can download for free now (click image above to claim)

Who are the founders?

The company behind WPeka is Hummingbird Web Solutions who have been causing a stir online recently with their excellent HumCommerce software which they still have a lifetime deal on as I write for $49. Yes, that is a one time fee and not monthly to get access to eCommerce software to power your business. It's kind of like an Appsumo deal that they are running themselves so it's worth a look and will give you a good idea of what you can expect from the WPeka Club developers. Claim the deal here.

How to use it?

Simply sign up and you will get access to your account with the download details for each of the plugins and themes. Then simply upload the zip file as usual with WordPress and activate and there you have your new app on your website.

Introducing 12 stand out WPeka apps

1. WPLegalPages

WPLegalPages is one of the most important and easy to use plugins that you can use for your website. Neither it takes a deep understanding nor a lot of time to get started with this plugin. Thanks to its pre-made templates, all you would have to do is tweak according to your business and publish them on the site.

This plugin comprises a forced feature that compels website visitors to agree with your privacy policy, legal terms, or any other relevant page. As a result, it will help you enhance the privacy of your website and let users know about your operations.

And then, with its extended menu option, you can remove legal pages from a header and add them to the footer menu or vice versa. With this, you can make it easier to create and publish customize menus whenever and however you wish.

2. SurveyFunnel

This one is a must-have a WordPress plugin that lets you create an attractive questionnaire, surveys, and feedback forms for your website visitors. Being a responsive plugin, it can work effectively on every device and screen size.

With its powerful conditional logic feature, this plugin assists you when it comes to creating a unique sales funnel for every response recorded by users. And then, its advanced segments allow you to provide offers based on different preferences of your visitors.

And then, it can also obtain information about your users to build an email list. If you wish to make your forms attractive and clickable, you can also add enthralling images and videos in them.

3. WPLocalPlus

WPLocalPlus is an automated business directory plugin that lets you generate local business directories. This plugin is competent enough to create local communities. Hence, if you wish to bring all of the businesses and consumers in your area together, this plugin is your perfect bet.

Not just it can create listings automatically but also lets you include additional information, like discounts, deals, and offers for users. Again, this one is a completely responsive plugin as well; thus, you wouldn’t have to worry about the screen sizes and devices of your users.

By adding reviews, websites, locations, maps, and more, you can offer detailed information about businesses in your listing. Moreover, if you’d like to earn extra bucks, this plugin helps you by displaying featured ads on the website itself.

4. CollageMaker

With CollageMaker, creating responsive photo collages is going to be a breeze for you. Once you’ve created attractive looking collages, you can then add them anywhere on your website, be it pages, posts, or any custom type post.

It gives you the freedom to customize your collage however you’d like. Along with tweaking their width, columns, rows, and heights, you can also add random styles to keep these collages eye-catching for your visitors.


CollageMaker comes with more than 30 layouts that can be used to experiment with your creatives. If you wish to extract images from an external source, this plugin can do that for you, too. All you’d have to do is add the URL, and your work is done.

5. WPRaffle

Next, on the list of must-have WordPress plugins is this WPRaffle. Being active in the online world, by now you’d know how important it is to keep users hooked and engaged in generating more revenue, right?

In such a scenario, this plugin lets you do just that. With this, you can organize and publish a variety of raffle and contests on the website to enhance engagement. It gives you different entry types to select from.

And then, you can also add start and end time on contests to move away from the hassle of beginning and ending them manually. Furthermore, you can also export entries and use them for email and other forms of marketing.

6. WPAuctionSoftware

This plugin is a responsive auction tool that offers an abundance of amazing and important features. With this plugin, you can embed auctions into your web pages and begin selling on your site right away in an eBay style.

You can also allow others to register and sell their products on your website. Along with that, WPAuctionSoftware also provides bidding option. Hence, you can let your buyers bid and get whatever they want.

This plugin also allows you to integrate PayPal and Authorize.net for smooth and easy transactions. By adding advanced search options, you can let your visitors search whatever they need. The internal invoicing feature can be linked to your payment gateway to make things even easier.

7. WP AdCenter

With its advanced management system, WP AdCenter lets you convert your daily traffic into significant revenue. Without any restrictions, this plugin lets you display ads wherever and however, you want on the website.

Amidst several effective features, this plugin provides profound statistics for every campaign that you create over your website. And thus, with this analyzation, monetizing website and ads can become a flawless process.

It also lets you create unlimited banner ads, known as Ad zones. WP AdCenter also supports PayPal integration, if you wish to begin transactions over your website. And then, you can also schedule your campaigns by adding start and end date.

8. CTRThemePlus

Undoubtedly, ads are one of the most important aspects of online marketing. Unless you haven’t got your techniques right, achieving objectives and gaining better revenue can become a tad bit difficult, if not impossible.

By following all of the guidelines and recommendations listed by Google AdSense, this tool helps you tremendously when it comes to gaining a high CTR on the organized ads through the WordPress website.

It offers multiple subthemes from where you can choose the one complementing your website. On top of that, you can also integrate your social media platforms into this tool, just to help your audience find you in this wide ocean of companies and brands.

9. HeatMap Theme Pro

Being a responsive AdSense tool, this one works with an intention to help you increase your revenue. It offers 23 different Ad ready widget positions that you can use to place your ads and get a high number of clicks and views.

Also, in this tool, you’ll find a laser target ad placement. With this feature, you can place your ads exactly where your visitors’ attention remains the most, without getting in their ways. Furthermore, its affiliate product review feature helps you earn a bit more.

If you’re looking forward to providing something new and attractive to your visitors, the random ad rotation feature of this tool is your ultimate reliable aspect. With this, the position of the ad keeps changing with each page, keeping visitors hooked.

10. WP-Answers

With this plugin, you can create a question and answer website, standing out from your competitors and fetching you great results. Its voting feature allows your users to upvote or downvotes any of the answers, making your forum more reliable.

And then, as an owner, you get the liberty to choose the best answer. Once you’ve marked it the best, you can let other visitors find it and know about the value that the answer offers. Also, this plugin ensures that every time someone posts a question or an answer, an email is shot to the admin.

WP-Answers come with a complete reward points system embedded in it. Thus, you can set reward points for your users to encourage them more.

11. SEOBreeze

SEOBreeze comes with a plethora of amazing features that can help take your website to a high rank on search engines. Along with helping you with on-page optimization, it also lets you integrate webmaster in your website.

Not just the content, but with this plugin, you can also execute social media as well as video SEO to gain better exposure to your content. Advanced Canonical URLs and navigational links are other essential aspects of this plugin.

Additional features include inbuilt security, Google analytics, performance check, Moz integration, XML sitemaps, title & meta tags, and much more. 

12. SlideDeck

When you wish to upload several media files on the website but space becomes an issue, this plugin comes out to rescue you from this problem. With SlideDeck, creating alluring sliders is a matter of mere few minutes.

It gives you the freedom to use whatever you’d like, in the slider. It also provides several customization options to make your slider look more attractive. With the liberty to upload data from external sources to using prebuilt templates, there’s a lot that SlideDeck does for you.

WPeka Club Alternatives?

As always there is an alternative to WPeka in the form of WPMU but you will have to pay a lot more to access it. Another excellent WordPress membership is Thrive Themes which is about the same price as WPeka and has some great additions to what WPeka provides especially if you are looking for a page builder and popup builder.

Do I recommend WPeka Club?

This really depends on you as the buyer – have a look at all their plugins here and see if any would be valuable to you. There are definitely some stand out apps including SlideDeck and CyberChimps which are key reasons to join the club. I highlight CyberChimps because when you visit WPeka and click the themes button you are presented with a rather dismal display but CyberChimps is a whole other proposition and is a serious reason to consider joining WPeka Club.

See a demo of WPeka Club

over 100 WordPress plugins and themes are waiting

WPeka Club Coupon or Discount?

Yes I am happy to say there is a WPeka coupon code that will save you 50% – see below.

WPeka Club Bonuses

If you decide to purchase we can offer you ONE of our premium bonus packs for WPeka Club. We have lined up some great gift packs in the following categories.

  • Website and Graphic Design
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Conversion and analytics
  • Video Marketing
  • SEO Marketing
  • Social Media
  • eCommerce
  • Webmaster Tools
  • Marketing and PR

For more details on all these bonus packs visit imdiscountcodes.com to express your interest.

See a demo of WPeka Club

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