WP Video Ace Review + Coupon

Today we bring you an introductory review of WP Video Ace

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WP Video Ace Break Down

When it comes to marketing, video is going to be the thing that you can’t omit. The problem is, it’s not so simple to build collateral in this arena. Most people can’t really film, edit, and create good marketing video elements, which is why many don’t. You can build to this, however, if you utilize the latest in marketing products. The answer to the issue is none other than WP Video Ace. That’s right, this simple plugin is going to turn your WordPress into a mega power of video marketing success. IT allows you to create custom video players pulling videos from other sources. It also lets you upload raw files to your WordPress and get customization elements that others do not.

About and the creator/team Behind WP Video Ace

WP Video Ace is the brain child of Dan Green and a team of individuals that have focused on video marketing elements that work best. The big issue that most people have is customization. Think about that for a moment. When you run across a great video online, someone else has it on their YouTube channel. You could embed that video on your WordPress blog but the link and code will be via YouTube but not your page or branding. It’s for that reason, that you will love WP Video Ace. WP Video Ace plugs into your backend, and you’ll end up with a huge opportunity to leverage video marketing elements.

How To Use WP Video Ace

Here is where things get really interesting. When you buy WP Video Ace, you will be able to immediately plug this into WordPress and start pulling videos from any source online and use your own customized video player to play them. That’s right, you get to customize how videos look on your page, so that people can’t just steal them or go to YouTube and get them. It’s that simple. Your video marketing push will be branded for your website, and that’s it. You can’t go wrong here, you just plug in this option and you’ll win big.

Pros and Cons

Consider a few simple pros and cons that will help you make an educated purchasing decision.


  • WordPress Plugin
  • Customize Videos
  • Pull Videos From Anywhere
  • Create Potent Content


  • Must Have WordPress
  • Must Find Videos or Make Them Yourself

Is WP Video Ace Worthwhile?

You may think that this is a good option, but is it really worth the asking price? For $24 you can purchase this application and start working with a lot of engagement effects overall. Simply put, WP Video Ace is definitely worthwhile. It’s an inexpensive way to ensure that the videos you post on your site are going to get seen, and conversion ratios rise. When you upload any type of video, your audience will interact with it, and you will get the credit, instead of others. It’s a simple marketing trick that many of the pros do, but now, you can do it without spending a ton of money or figuring out how to work expensive video software.

Get the best deal on WP Video Ace

+ Exclusive Bonuses

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