Why 10Web should be high up on your list of WordPress Hosts.

If you’re looking for a fast, enjoyable way to build websites on WordPress but still could not find anything worth a try – 10Web is an all in one tool you should test today. It’s popular with WordPress website owners and 10Web dashboard provides the key elements needed for a successful site.

Let’s start from the beginning: 10Web is an all-in-one WordPress website building platforms. It offers 10 components that covers literally everything your WordPress website needs to help your business stand out:

Managed Hosting: On top of safe, fast and scalable Google cloud – every aspect of your website is fully managed, which means you don’t need to worry about the speed of your website and the number of your visitors. 

10Web Website Builder: The best WordPress page builder based on Elementor. You can build your dream website without a single line of code.

(NEW!) 95+ Google PageSpeed Score: The new platform component  guarantees fast and higher score for all WP websites hosted on 10Web.

Stunning Design: 20+ slick and optimized ready-made  themes shaping an elegant website for you in no time.

Plugins: 50+ functional premium plugins and extensions covering every WordPress aspect, from creating website forms to photo galleries, from Instagram feed to event calendar.

Backup Solution: The most advanced, yet simple usable one-click backup service with scheduling option, differential and real-time backups, that will save your time, space and assure absolute security of information.

High-Class Security: Ensuring your website’s protection from vulnerabilities and file changes by scanning it and offering one-click file restoration.

Website Speed: Performance graders, image compression and optimization services, making your website load faster than you could have imagined.

SEO: It assists you in detecting and fixing all SEO errors, provides the list of search queries users made to your website, and more. You can enable the service with just a few clicks using 10Web Dashboard.

Analytics: Google Analytics reports – to keep track of your website performance, user engagement, etc.

Customer Care: 24/7 technical support team – to help solve any problem you encountered.

Website Migration: the last but important, with 10Web you easily can migrate your website to 10Web.10Web offers automated migration which is already great feature. First off,you have to connect your website to 10Web in three steps. Then, back on your 10Web dashboard, click Speed Up Your Website at the top of your left menu bar. Then click Copy My Website. All left is to pick a subdomain or enter your primary domain if you already have one. And select one of the 8 data centers that's the closest to your target audience's location. Done!

How to Use 10Web Dashboard? 

The 10Web dashboard is the best place to track and manage website building modules, monitor your hosting speeds, access your plugins and extras, optimize images, and install new features. You still can manage your website from WP dashboard. From here, you can install and update all aspects of your website. The point of the dashboard is to make it easier for users to tweak, edit, and change. Below find essential parts of it.

The 10Web Builder allows you to build complete websites from one place. 10Web has developed premium widgets for Elementor which makes website creation process more easy and creative. Choice of page builder is perfect because Elementor is the best page builder at present. Now, Elementor is a third party plugin which can also be downloaded by anyone from WordPress plugins directory. What is the unique thing they are offering in page builder? The answer is, 10Web Elementor components. Let’s take a look into it.

Template Library: 10Web has created an entirely new collection of pre-made website templates which can be easily imported to quickly create a website. This feature is currently not released to customers but it will be available very soon.

Widgets Library: You will be getting premium elementor widgets which means that you don’t need to buy any third party plugin to get extra modules in elementor page builder. The team has carefully developed the most demanded and essential modules, so you won’t feel like you are missing on something. Here is the list of elementor elements you are getting with 10Web: Posts, Pricing Table, Flip Box, CTA, Countdown, Photo Gallery, Form Maker, Slider, Title, Post / Archive Title, Post Excerpt, Post Content, Featured Image, Site Logo, Post Info, Post Archive, Instagram Feed, Facebook Feed, Posts Navigation and many more. 

Managed WP Hosting

Managed WordPress hosting is a hosting type which is specifically tweaked for the WordPress platform and this is the reason it provides seamless performance. Gone are the days when people used to configure everything manually in order to get better performance of their website. You are getting everything pre-configured, you just need to install and start focusing on your business.

 So, let’s have a look at 10Web features and how useful these features are.

  • Staging Environment: It creates a clone of your website on which you can check all the changes as a user before publishing it live. This helps in ensuring that the site you publish live is perfect for users.
  • Multiple Data Centers: 10Web is using data centers in 4 different continents which ensures faster data transfer between the user and the server.
  • 10 Days Backup: The server automatically creates backups of your website and keeps them for 10 days. So, you can easily access the backup of your website in case of any data loss for 10 previous days.
  • SSD Powered: Their servers use the latest generation SSD devices to speed up the data transfer rate and speed of websites hosted on their servers.
  • In-Built Caching Service: Hosting plans of 10Web comes with Nginx Fast CGI caching technology which makes your website run faster and rank higher on Google.
  • Free SSL Certificate: Upgrade all your website to a higher security level with SSL certificate. Also, Google recommends using SSL, it also gives a sense of trust to the users.

Installing plugins

To start managing and installing plugins, visit 10Web Dashboard. Then press Manage button of the site you wish to modify. You will access the tools, services, and products provided by 10Web. With the settings in the Plugins tab, you can access and change all plugins installed to your WordPress site. Press Add Plugins button in case you have not installed any 10Web plugins yet. A popup box will appear, and you will see all available 10Web plugins. You can install 10Web plugins, upload plugin file to install or even install plugins from WordPress repository.

Press the Install button next to the plugin you wish to add to your WordPress site. If you have the free versions installed of 10Web plugins, press Upgrade to Premium button to get their full features. Using the tools on Upload and WordPress Repository tabs of this toolbox, you can install any WordPress plugin to your website. To let you enhance the functionality of your WordPress site, 10Web provides 50+ premium plugins and extensions for the Photo Gallery, Google Maps WD, WordPress Form Maker, Event Calendar WD, Ecommerce WD etc.

Installing Themes

To begin changing, managing, and updating the themes on your site, go to the Themes tab on your 10Web dashboard. The current theme should be listed in the Active Theme section. You can browse all of the themes you have installed and ready for use in the All Themes section.

Here you can do things like changing the current theme, delete themes, change the active theme, preview theme, upload theme file, install a theme from WordPress repository, etc.

Besides themes, you easily can use ready-made templates that are already optimized and can help you to get 95+ Google PagerSpeed Score. 

Using 10Web’s SEO Service

One of the best features of 10Web.io is its suite of SEO tools. They’re designed to help WordPress website owners increase the online presence of their sites and get that magical 95+ Google PageSpeed Score. It takes around a minute to set the SEO suite up, and it’s straightforward to use.  Firstly, you need to click Activate SEO Plugin button to enable the service. 10Web SEO optimization tab once launched, it will scan your WordPress site for potential SEO errors. You’ll get a full report in the Overview part of the 10Web dashboard detailing areas for improvement. You can even link your site and 10Web dashboard to an SEO Moz account. This is a great way to display key metrics and keep an eye on performance. Don’t forget to browse the Search Console and Search Analytics reports to get a full picture of how your site is performing and how it could be doing better. 

Backup Service

By default 10Web keeps your backups in Amazon S3, which keeps data very safe and fast to retrieve later on, but you can select other options, such as Gdrive, Dropbox, MS Azure, etc. You can also download your backups in a click and upload them wherever. 

So how does it work? Go to the Backups area in your 10Web dashboard. Select Enable Now and wait for the list of backup options to appear. Now, you’re ready to start creating a backup. Go to the Settings tab and choose the parts of the website you want to copy. There are two options – files and database. If you pick the database, the MySQL tables get duplicated and secured. If you check files, copies of all the files on your site will be included in the backup. Or enable to backup both files and database.

By default, backups are set to happen once a week. However, you can edit this setting per your needs. Smaller websites with a moderate amount of traffic may not need to back up any more often than this.If you would like to know more about Backups read the full article here

Image Optimization

Great way to improve the online performance of a WordPress website is with carefully optimized images. The 10Web dashboard allows you to automate most or all of the image optimization process. Go to the Image Optimizer tab and enable this feature.

10Web Image Optimization service provides you with the following three quick and easy optimization types:

Conservative (light reduction)

  • Reduces image size up to 20%,
  • Keeps EXIF data of the pictures,
  • Keeps full-size images.

Balanced (lossy reduction)

  • Reduces image size up to 60%,
  • Keeps full-size images.


  • Reduces image size up to 90%,
  • Doesn’t keep EXIF data of the images,
  • Doesn’t keep full-sized images.

If you want a more in-depth look, click the ‘How does it work’ link. It’ll allow you the opportunity to directly compare the results of three image optimization choices and use them to pick the most suitable option.

When the optimization process is finished, 10Web Dashboard provides you with detailed Statistics and Last Optimization history. This is a useful way to know how well your images are performing and whether making changes to them would bring you more visitors and a higher search ranking. If you wish to automatically optimize uploaded images to your WordPress site, turn on Auto Optimize setting.

Enable Security Service

Security is one of the most critical aspects, and at 10Web they put a lot of emphasis on it. Go to the Security tab of the 10Web dashboard and enable it. A good first step is to conduct a full scan of the site. If there are any problems or notable weaknesses, it will flag them and tell you how to fix. Just select the Run Scan option.

The Settings tab is where you can turn particular aspects of the scan on and off, such as WordPress or plugin vulnerabilities. The recommendation is to keep all of these switches on.

Under the Issues tab, you’ll find a list of all the changes recently made to your files. Select individual files to view specific changes and even reverse changes if you’re not happy with steps taken by the automated security system. It’s helpful to click Ignore on all the changes you’re happy with and want to keep. This will stop them from showing up in additional security scans. You can also find them in the Ignored Issues tab.

Solving WordPress vulnerabilities is easy because the 10Web dashboard tracks and flags known issues. It contains a list of common WordPress and plugin weaknesses so, if you find one on your site, you can fix it in minutes. Run a security scan to identify areas of weakness. If there are issues, they’ll appear in a section marked Vulnerabilities.You can also Enable Scheduling for security scan, which can be set to be started daily, weekly, or monthly. 

Performance Check

The best way to ensure your website runs smoothly and stays accessible is to monitor performance. This is another process your 10Web dashboard can assist you with. Select the Performance tab and make sure it’s activated by hitting the Enable Now option.

If this is your first experience with the service, it’ll conduct an automated performance scan before giving you any key stats.

The first scan is automatic. Additional scans are conducted by hitting the Check Now button. You can do this as many times as needed. It takes a couple of minutes to complete and produces a set of performance metrics.

They include performance grade (an overall score), page load time, total page size, and a total number of requests:

  • Performance grade represents an overall reflection of all the factors that affect your website’s performance.
  • Page load time displays the total amount of time it takes for your website to finish loading.
  • Total page size shows how large your website’s landing page is.
  • A total number of requests shows the number of assets that your website consists of.

Those are the four main metrics that you should focus on and try to improve continually. And 10Web helps with it too. In the center of your screen, you’ll see the Recommendations panel.

On the Page Speed panel you’ll see all the recommended actions that you can take to improve your website’s performance.

There are many specific recommendations that you can optimize, but this is how they’re set up:

  • In the middle, you’ll see the particular action that you can take
  • You’ll also see the current grade for each specific issue.
  • On the right, you’ll see the categories that these issues belong to, such as Best Practice, Performance, or Accessibility.
  • You can get a more detailed dropdown of each issue by clicking on them.

This will save a lot of time identifying every specific issue that’s negatively affecting your website and spend more time fixing them instead.

10Web Plans

10Web offers 4 different plans, to make sure you get what you’re looking for, regardless of your website type, your budget or anything else. The plans are:

  • Personal ($20/mo for annual)
  • Premium ($60/mo for annual)
  • Agency ($170/mo for annual)
  • Custom (at the request) 

Here's how the pricing plans of 10Web looks and what include. Sign up for one of the plans here

Final Words

WordPress has many users. You can build websites for various purposes, open e-commerce stores, create blogs, etc. At the same time, you need resources and time to build even a simple WordPress site. It is not easy to find a reliable hosting service, find appropriate plugins, and good themes.

The 10Web platform is the all-in-one platform for building and hosting WordPress websites in minutes. It is all you will need for your WordPress site needs in one place.

Get started with 10Web today.

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