Who has the Best WordPress Web Hosting?

It's a simple question. “Who has the best WordPress web hosting?”

But every single website host on the planet says they have the best WordPress Hosting. They have to because WordPress accounts for about a third of all websites in the world so it would be stupid for them not to make bold claims.

They throw around fancy terms like “SSD disks”, “OPcache”, “CDN” and “proprietary caching solution”. And it all sounds great. It all sounds really fancy and you think to yourself, “These guys know what they are doing!”

And in your quest to find the best WordPress hosting you can get really technical with all of the benchmarks and server load reports which is just a nightmare to go through and make sense of, so I devised this Ultimate Best WordPress Web Hosting Challenge.

The challenge is so simple.

If they all claim to be great at hosting WordPress let's first of all see if they run their own websites on WordPress and then how fast they load.

I will be using Pingdom because apparently GTMetrix doesn't take caching (check out WPRocket) into account which is a must for any WordPress website.

All tests will be from San Francisco, USA and will test their homepage as we can all reasonably expect this is the page they optimized the most.

First up my own website host, WPX Hosting.

Is WPX Hosting the best WordPress Web Hosting?

First and this was a mic drop and utterly shocking moment for me when I visited www.isitwp.com and they showed me WPX is not a WordPress website?

I really would love to hear from WPX about this because they claim to be the WordPress experts just like WPEngine does. WPX Hosting has a homepage that has a quote from Matthew Woodward that claims it is the fastest WordPress host.

Now I really vouch for WPX Hosting as they have been great to me and my own websites load fast but let's clear this confusion up in the comments please…

Here is their performance screenshot.

Best WordPress Web Hosting

A commanding start by WPX Hosting for sure at a 1.52 second load time and 1.9MB page size with less than 100 server requests.

The performance grade is mediocre at 69 but nevertheless under 2 seconds is well under the 3 second golden rule time.

Learn more about WPX Hosting.

Now next up WPEngine.

Is WPEngine the best WordPress host?

Is WPEngine on WordPress? Phew! Yes they are I was starting to get worried that none would be after WPX.

Here is their performance screenshot.

This is a remarkable score from WPEngine as it shows a slightly lower page load time of 1.34 seconds (which really is inconsequential compared to WPX) but what does matter is that it loaded in less time with more requests (154 compared to WPX at only 89)!

This is a significant result for WPEngine which shows their optimization team has done some signifant work and my only question is whether as a client of theirs they get that same optimization team to help you with your website.

I know WPX Hosting has a dedicated team for this, which I have used myself so I would ask WPEngine about this before signing up.

Learn more about WPEngine.

Next up Siteground

Is SiteGround the best WordPress Host?

Is SiteGround on WordPress? No.

Here is their screenshot.

A great result for this affordable website hosting company at 1.53 seconds page load of 111 server requests.

SiteGround is always a top pick especially if you are just starting out with little budget and can't afford the higher price tags of WPEngine or WPX Hosting.

WPX Hosting becomes about the same price as SiteGround when hosting more than one website though.

Learn more about SiteGround.

Next up Bluehost.

Is Bluehost the best WordPress Host?

Is Bluehost on WordPress? No.

Here is their performance screenshot.

And we have a new leader at 1.28 seconds for 140 requests and the smallest page size so far at 1.5MB.

Well done Bluehost! Learn more about Bluehost.

Up next GreenGeeks

Is GreenGeeks the best WordPress Host?

Is it WordPress? No.

Here is their performance screenshot.

A commanding performance from this low cost hosting provider that is not only kind on your wallet but kind on the environment too!

Learn more about GreenGeeks.

Up next HostPapa

Is HostPapa the best WordPress Host?

Is it WordPress? No.

Here is their performance screenshot.

One of the higher page size figures on this list but a commanding 1.48 second load time.

Learn more about HostPapa.

Next up GoDaddy.

Is GoDaddy the best WordPress Host?

Is it WordPress? No.

Here is their performance screenshot.

Man stand up and pay attention!

539 ms page load time for 167 requests? What are they doing to get those results, could it be their proprietary website builder?

Learn more about GoDaddy.

Next up A2 Hosting.

Is A2 Hosting the best WordPress Host?

Is it WordPress? No.

Here is their performance screenshot.

I'm not going to lie… This is not a great result for A2 Hosting, the slowest so far with only 85 server requests. It's a shame because they consistently get great reviews in terms of their customer support which is the most important thing after performance when choosing hosts.

Learn more about A2 Hosting.

Next up Hostgator.

Is Hostgator the best WordPress Host?

Is it WordPress? No.

Here is their performance screenshot.

A solid and respectable performance from Hostgator at 1.61 seconds.

I know some people complain about these larger hosting companies being a nightmare as your website uses more resources but that is subjective and you may not ever notice any issues when dealing with them.

Learn more about Hostgator.

Next up WebhostingPad.

Is WebHostingPad the best WordPress Host?

Is it WordPress? No.

Here is their performance screenshot.

Terrible result for only 58 requests and 1.0 MB! I hope they get their team to take a look at this after reading this post.

Learn more about WebHostingPad.

Next up Register.

Is Register the best WordPress Host?

Is it WordPress? No.

Here is their performance screenshot.

A solid result for Register no doubt. Learn more about Register.

Next up Hostinger.

Is Hostinger the best WordPress Host?

Is it WordPress? No.

Here is their performance screenshot.

Great result for Hostinger!

980 ms for 99 server requests makes this number 2 for performance so far in this list.

Learn more about Hostinger.

Next up Kinsta.

Is Kinsta the best WordPress Host?

Is it WordPress? Yes!!!

Here is their performance screenshot.

The best result for a true WordPress Host at 975 ms for 98 server requests.

This is a serious contender for best WordPress Host right now. Learn more about Kinsta.

Next up Cloudways.

Is Cloudways the best WordPress Host?

Is it WordPress? No.

Here is their performance screenshot.

What the heck?

Worst result at over 5 seconds with a performance grade of 89 (the best of all hosts) so they clearly have done optimization work on their homepage.

Cloudways does make use of third party technologies like AWS and DigitalOcean so did they let them down badly here? I know supporters of Cloudways will try and redeem this saying it was an anomaly but we want our websites to consistently perform at all times and an anomaly such as a temporary server overload would result more in a score of 20 seconds plus anyway.

Learn more about Cloudways.

Next up Dreamhost.

Is Dreamhost the best WordPress Host?

Is it WordPress? No.

Here is their performance screenshot.

Solid performance for one of the larger websites at 2.6 MB and 123 server requests.

I know a lot of people love DreamHost so well done to them but again not a true WordPress host. Learn more about DreamHost.


Well first things first, it's amazing how many website hosting companies don't use WordPress! Even my beloved WPX Hosting?

But with that said there is the possibility that these hosts have sub-domains installed focused on the WordPress side of things, which I hope they can clarify in the comments.

For the companies who don't run WordPress at all, I'm sure they will say things like, “We employ the very best people who are WordPress specialists”. That is great and all but let's be honest you can't claim you're a WordPress expert if you don't run your site on WordPress.

Here are the true WordPress hosts on this list WPEngine and Kinsta. If you're a purest these two are for you.

If you're all about performance then the company with the fastest page load time was GoDaddy at 539 ms which might have something to do with their own website builder?

All the hosts except for two loaded in under 2 seconds. The three that didn't are A2 Hosting, Webhostingpad and surprisingly Cloudways who a lot of experts highly recommend. I welcome their feedback especially.

I won't be switching from WPX Hosting even if they have some answering to do?

Do you remember those technical website hosting reports I spoke about at the beginning of this article? Well they all point to WPX Hosting being the best WordPress host that money can buy and my personal experience with their support team means I can't justify switching even though I was shocked by the result.

What do you think, what has been your experiences with website hosting companies and WordPress? Let me know in the comments.

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