What is Form Abandonment and Why Should You Care?

When you are talking with your web designer I am pretty sure the topic of form abandonment has never come up.

But after you have taken ownership of your website and start looking at your analytics and how many people have viewed your contact page and not contacted you or any similar type of lead interaction you might start to wonder if everything is all well in your online world.

There are a number of factors that affect this with trust and credibility arguably being the biggest cause but one area not everyone thinks about are the actual forms themselves.

It's 2019 and people really don't like to fill in forms, they prefer instant messaging, tweets and other more instantaneous forms of communication but that doesn't mean forms are dead you just need a little help making forms easier and more compelling for your users to fill in.

And once you have done that design work, which thankfully can be outsourced to competent form builders like WPForms (for WordPress) or Paperform (non-WordPress) you need a way to measure the effectiveness of your forms conversion rate.

Some people will start filling out the form but for some reason not continue to do so. This is valuable data you as a website owner need to know so let's investigate ways to reduce this sense of abandon.

3 Strategies to combat Form Abandonment

First lets look at the 4 main reasons why people abandon forms.

So now that we know the main causes let's look at three strategies to combat it.

1. Focus on Privacy

Many people do not fill out forms because they are concerned about their private data being misused. There are so many headlines about these type of breaches that it makes sense people are more wary to fill out their valuable private details.

To combat this it is important to have all the trust factors you can have in place which includes but not limited to SSL certificates especially if taking online payments through an online store.

And GDPR consent which is a legal requirement if you are based in Europe but even if not you are more than likely going to have a European at some point fill out their data on your website. Having this checkbox makes it easy for people to see how you will be managing their data and increase overall trust in your brand.

2. Make Your Forms Easier to Use

There are two keys to making this work and the first is obvious but has to be repeated in that you need to not overwhelm users with too many form fields.

Nothing scares away a person as much as a complex and intimidating form and yes there are ways to improve the experience to make filling out long forms easier like WPForms conversational forms but at the end of the day a short and to the point form will always convert better than a needlessly complex form.

The question to ask is what is the least amount of data I need from this user to best serve them as they expect.

Then once you have this in place you need to make sure that your form is mobile friendly as many people will be using your form on their mobile.

If you have a custom coded form you will need to speak to your developer about responsiveness but honestly this is another reason to consider a third party form builder like WPForms if you haven't already.

3. Capture Partial Entries

This is a game changer feature which is only available on WPForms premium plans.

To enable is so simple.

Install the WPForms Form Abandonment add-on on your site. With this feature you can capture partial form entries and follow up with those interested prospects, even if they don’t complete the entire form or hit “submit.”

For example, if your prospects enter their name and email address on your order form, and then leave, you can send a follow up email to them encouraging them to complete the checkout process.

If you are considering any other form platform I would suggest asking if they have a similar form abandonment feature as part of your pre-sale research.

It is that important…

The ability to capture partially filled forms and then pass that data onto your business development manager could be worth untold opportunities for your business.

Check out WPForms (50% off still live here) and especially view their cart abandonment feature to implement all the suggestions in this tutorial.

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