Vidnami vs vs Lumen5

For this Vidnami comparison we would like to suggest three Vidnami alternatives namelyAnimoto, and Lumen5.

The first two options are excellent for creating short social media ads but there are some key feature differences which you will see in the chart below.

Vidnami comparison chart

One of the most obvious stand-outs is the price with Vidnami being one of the better priced video apps on the market today for all you get.

But the other key feature is the automatic scene creation from scripts which is a game changer because the key to building a massive online audience is to create content REGULARLY so that people repeatedly see your videos in their feeds. (This is how they get to know and trust you.)

And the big secret to creating content regularly is to have a quick and easy way to transform your blog posts and articles into engaging videos. Vidnami has this feature and it puts it at the same professional level of another video app you may have heard of called Lumen5.

Let's talk about Lumen5 for a moment

Lumen5 has a free version you can use if you don’t mind branding and lower than HD quality. Lumen5 is arguably easier to use than Vidnami but it does cost more when you want to upgrade to remove branding and get access to the Pro features.

There is another area that Vidnami outshines all of the competition even Lumen5 and that is in voice tracks.

When it comes to creating content videos for YouTube, high converting sales videos and videos for your online courses, you need a voice track to properly convey your message.

And Vidnami is the only product with 4 flexible Voice Track Options to choose from:

  1. Music only (No Voice Track)
  2. Record your Voice Track in the app
  3. Upload a pre-recorded Voice Track
  4. AutoVoice (Text-To-Speech)

Plus, with the brand new “Energy Boost” feature, Vidnami is the only video app that allows you to boost the energy of your voice track with just 1 click of your mouse!

This feature is best to be seen rather than read which you can with this full demo.

Vidnami vs Animoto

The below graphic comes from the Vidnami team themselves and also adds Animoto to the mix for comparison.

Vidnami is the only product on the market today that allows you to create all 5 types of video that your business needs to be successful:

  1. Influencer Videos
    Combine a video of you talking to camera with images and other clips to produce authentic videos that grow your online audience.
  2. Content Videos
    Convert existing blog posts and articles into professional videos and repurpose your content for today's social platforms.
  3. Video Ads
    Launch your promotions and special offers using attention grabbing video ads.
  4. Sales Videos
    Convert your viewers into paying customers.
  5. Training Videos
    Communicate with your customers and help them achieve results using your product or service.

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