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WebinarNinja Review

In this WebinarNinja review we will look at four key factors to the buyer's decision making process. This includes “Ease of use, Features, Pricing and Support”. So if you just want the quick overview of how WebinarNinja performs here it is for you.

This app ranks highly across all four key metrics but is only marked down in the features category as compared to its strongest competitor EverWebinar.

To further understand how we came to these numbers read the full review below.


Ease of Use











Introducing WebinarNinja

In today’s review we will be taking a look at WebinarNinja, one of the better “true” webinar software options on the market. 

To be classified as webinar software there are a number of additional features required so as not to simply be a videoconference app like Skype or Zoom

It is these additional features of WebinarNinja that make it stand out as an industry leader in web seminar tools. 

What is WebinarNinja?

WebinarNinja Software is one of the most popular webinar platforms available and also one of the highest converting marketing sales tools in the market.

To be classified as true webinar software there are a few key marketing characteristics that need to be in place.

  • The software must have a registration system that can be tweaked to get more sign ups (Awareness)
  • Have a reminder and email notification system to get more registrants to attend (Consideration)
  • Keep attendees engaged during the webinar with things like slides, video, chat rooms and links (Consideration)
  • Turn attendees into customers through call to action graphics and buttons (Purchase)
  • Keep customers long-term and turn them into evangelists (Advocacy)

With WebinarNinja you get all these features through a combination of Live Webinars, Automated Webinars, Hybrid Webinars, Series & Summits.

And with it's direct integrations with multiple marketing systems you have a strong foundation for future customer advocacy.

Key Features of WebinarNinja

  • Unlimited Registrations
  • Unlimited Webinars
  • Paid & Free Webinars
  • Multiple Presenters
  • Webinar Finder
  • Fast & Friendly Support
  • Auto Recording & Archiving
  • Auto Email Notifications
  • Instant Chat with Emojis
  • Integrations with 1000+ Apps
  • Add To Calendar Feature
  • Stats & Analytics
  • Upload Presentation Slides
  • Social Sharing
  • Insert Pre-Recorded Videos
  • Share Screen
  • Clone Webinars
  • Q&A & Polls
  • Instant or Timed Offers
  • Full Training & Tutorials
  • Registration Page Templates
  • Thank You Page Templates
  • Access to Referral Program
  • Free Updates & More

Full feature set.

WebinarNinja Founder

The Co-founders of WebinarNinja, Omar Zenhom CEO and ?Nicole Baldinu COO, decided to create a solution to save the many tech problems of setting up and running a webinar. 

With their team of webinar ninjas spanning over 9 countries from across the world they have one goal and that is to deliver the best webinar experience possible.

Today over a million people use WebinarNinja as both hosts and attendees.

Get started.

WebinarNinja plans start from $79 per month. Plus claim our bonus plugin offer to get even more value.

How to use WebinarNinja?

WebinarNinja does all the work for you. No more going through a long-winded, 10-step process like with other webinar software. Now with WebinarNinja, you can create your webinar in seconds, get on with your day and start getting sign-ups for your webinar immediately.

Creating your webinar is very easy and can completed by following these easy steps:

  1. Step 1: Click Create Webinar from your account dashboard
  2. Step 2: On the create new webinar page, select the type of webinar you prefer
  3. Step 3: Scroll down to fill in the details of your webinar
  4. Step 4: Click Create Webinar & That’s it!

WebinarNinja is all in the cloud.

Your attendees can join your webinar with any web browser, on desktop or any mobile device. There is no need for them to download or install any software.

Other talking points

Easy to use

Many of the webinar solutions available out there are complicated, but WebinarNinja is easy to use even by the least tech savvy inexperienced person.  Its straightforward interface makes setting up your webinar as quick and easy as 1 2 3. Working with an intuitive, easy-to-use all-in-one platform is a great plus and a huge relief. You can create a webinar in 10 seconds flat.

Live, automated, and hybrid webinars

Webinar Ninja allows for live, automated, and hybrid webinars, and for integrations with Stripe enabling you to have paid webinars, integrations.  This means you can easily build a list from your webinar registrations.

Different Types of Webinars

WebinarNinja allows you to do many different types of webinars.  You can do live webinars, hybrid webinars, automated webinars, a live series of webinars, and even a series of automated webinars. This covers all of the possible variations in how you use webinars in your business.

Live & Recurring Automated Webinars

Having the ability to create live or recurring automated webinars is a must have if you have a message that you want to use over and over again in your marketing efforts. Nothing is worse than having to do the same webinar over and over again, when instead, you can record it once, and then set up an automated recurring webinar to do the work for you. This is an outstanding feature.


With WebinarNinja you get great tutorials and helpful webinars which continually strive to improve the product.

Here I like the easy access to help/support and again, they've covered everything from a knowledge base to chat.

There’s also: The Webinar Ninja Academy:

The Webinar Ninja Academy is a dedicated Webinar Ninja Academy where you can access Omar’s best training videos, courses and webinars that will help you make your webinars memorable for all the right reasons

This Academy gives you on-demand access to webinar training topics ranging from sales & marketing to content creation & engagement techniques.

Keep up to date with the best practices in the industry with exclusive content available only for WebinarNinja members.

Right now, inside the Webinar Ninja Academy, you will find 5 different courses that you can watch which include…

  •         Getting Started
  •         Webinar Blueprint
  •         Sales course
  •         Marketing course, and last but not least,
  •         Members only webinar section.

But wait there’s more reasons to opt for WebinarNinja:

  •         Get more attendee engagement with built in marketing tools and call to actions.
  •         No juggling screens. Everything on one screen.
  •         Create Live, Automated, Series, Summits & Hybrid Webinars.
  •         No additional software needed with built in landing pages, email reminders & more.

Webinar Ninja allows you to quickly set up a schedule for webinars and then gives you a link to send out for people to use to sign up. There are lots of features like evergreen webinars, replays, paid webinars etc. that are just as good if not better than some of the higher priced options.

And there is even more:  WebinarNinja allows you to keep all your images, templates, logos, replays, uploaded videos and more all in one place to easily use them when creating your webinar events, registration pages, thankyou pages and more

Trusted by the world’s best, WebinarNinja powers millions of webinars across hundreds of industries for businesses just like yours across the world. And the best of all with all-in-one webinar software.

WebinarNinja Pricing

Now that you know how good WebinarNinja is, the natural question is price and how it stacks up to the alternative webinar tools.

Please note pricing below is based on an upfront annual payment and if choosing the pay monthly option the prices are $95, $159 and $249 per month respectively.

$79 per month


  • 300 Live Webinar Attendees
  • Unlimited Recorded Webinar Attendees
  • Live Webinars
  • Automated Webinars
  • Webinar Series & Summits
  • Facebook Ad Tracking

$129 per month


  • 500 Live Webinar Attendees
  • Unlimited Recorded Webinar Attendees
  • Live Webinars
  • Automated Webinars
  • Webinar Series & Summits
  • Facebook Ad Tracking
  • Hybrid Webinars

$199 per month


  • 1000 Live Webinar Attendees
  • Unlimited Recorded Webinar Attendees
  • Live Webinars
  • Automated Webinars
  • Webinar Series & Summits
  • Facebook Ad Tracking
  • Hybrid Webinars

WebinarNinja Alternatives

For this review today I would like to suggest three alternatives:  WebinarJam, Zoom & Gotomeeting.


WebinarJam is a flexible and reliable webinar platform used by businesses for online marketing. This webinar system is an innovative solution for live streaming, event streaming, webcasting, etc.

What is best  about WebinarJam is the fact that it supports multiple languages and is also compatible with all operating systems, browsers and mobile devices.

Benefits of WebinarJam are:

  •         Now stream to YouTube Live or their private broadcaster. 
  •         Secure webinar rooms with password protection easily. 
  •         Offers virtual whiteboard, polls and live chat options too. 
  •         Let you customize your pages for brand consistency.
  •         Add pre-recorded videos for presentation purposes.
  •         Automatically record every webinar without any hassle.
  •         Communicate pre and post-webinar with built-in auto-responders. 


Zoom is a reliable webinar solution designed exclusively to organize webinars, conduct online classes and organize online training, virtual meetings and video conferences etc.  It also provides easy-to-use online video conferencing and meeting software and all this on a single cloud-based platform.

Key Features of Zoom

  • Ease Of Use
  • Support all devices & Platforms
  • Video for all needs
  • HD video and audio
  • Integrated Collaboration Tools
  • Safe & Secure
  • Registration and transcripts
  • Simplified Schedule


GoToMeeting is an advanced web conferencing system that comes with international capabilities making it the ideal choice for companies with multiple international locations. The software has an easy to use interface and it is possible to start a meeting in a few moments without any hassle.

Key Features of GoToMeeting

  •         Meeting Scheduler
  •         One-Click Meetings
  •         One-Click Recording
  •         Call Me To Join Meeting
  •         Built-In Audio
  •         Toll-Free Option
  •         Personal Meeting Room
  •         HDFaces Video Conferencing
  •         Join via Desktop Options
  •         Join via Mobile Options
  •         Desktop/Application Sharing
  •         Drawing Tools
  •         Hand Over Control
  •         Virtual Whiteboard

WebinarNinja Pros and Cons


  • Create a webinar in 10 seconds flat.
  • Run Live, Automated, Hybrid and Series Webinars
  • Broadcasted live by the host
  • Present live and interact with your audience
  • Runs automatically on auto-pilot
  • Recorded video + live host
  • Hybrid and Automated Webinars
  • Upload Your Own Videos
  • On-Demand Webinars
  • Timed Offers
  • Email Notifications & Automations
  • Media Library
  • Custom registration and thank you pages that convert
  • Statistics
  • Third party integrations
  • Money back guarantee


  • Some users have complained of audio and video issues in the past
  • More expensive than WebinarJam and EverWebinar combined.

Are there up-sells?

WebinarNinjar doesn't have any up-sells as part of their checkout feature.


Do we recommend WebinarNinja?

WebinarNinja is like a great Personal Assistant when it comes to your webinars and is very easy to use with sold technology you can trust and deliver fast, helpful support when you need it.

With that said it faces stiff competition from WebinarJam and EverWebinar and we would encourage you to check out those first before committing to WebinarNinja.

We would also recommend having a look below for any WebinarNinja promotions or coupon codes to get a better deal than what EverWebinar charges which could swing your decision in favor of this tool.

All in all, Webinar Ninja is a solid webinar software platform, and if you’re serious about webinars, Webinar Ninja is a solid option add to your business toolkit.

Get WebinarNinja today from $79.

Is there a WebinarNinja coupon code?

Occasionally vendors share coupons, these will appear below (or blank if none).

Get started.

WebinarNinja plans start from $79 per month. Plus claim our bonus plugin offer to get even more value.

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