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TailWind Review

In this TailWind review we will look at four key factors to the buyer's decision making process. This includes “Ease of use, Features, Pricing and Support”. So if you just want the quick overview of how TailWind performs here it is for you.

TailWind scores highly on the features front because of its laser focus on Pinterest marketing techniques and following through with its feature set. It also scores highly on ease of use and customer support.

Its lowest score on pricing is only due to the fact that competing solutions are technically better value for money as they don't just manage one social network. However for dedicated Pinterest marketers, TailWind is high up on our recommendation list.

To further understand how we came to these numbers read the full review below.


Ease of Use











Introducing TailWind

tailwind review

In this TailWind review we will take a look at TailWind, the app that wants to help people get more from their Pinterest, and more recently Instagram marketing by following the latest best practices for image sharing.

Tailwind is an official Pinterest Partner specializing in Content Marketing as well as an official Instagram Partner badged for Community Management.

The beauty about this TailWind is it doesn't impose design specification or how your site should look like, you simply bring tiny components together to construct a user interface that are unique

Fresh content works! Users respond to new Pins and the algorithm loves them, so get ahead of the rest by adapting these changes now. But first let's learn a little bit more about TailWind.

What is TailWind?

TailWind is a marketing tool for Pinterest (and recently Instagram) that allows users to manage their accounts from a centralized platform, saving Pinners time and helping to increase their reach.

With this tool you can easily simplify the processes involved in social media marketing and get instant access to features such as post scheduling, content discovery and conversion tracking. But best of all, it helps you measure results in real-time to allow you to adjust your marketing strategies accordingly and swiftly.

TailWind is great for bloggers, online businesses, and entrepreneurs with online shops.  Today more than 100,000 leading global brands and about 400 top agencies use TailWind.

TailWind is a smart way to schedule on Pinterest and Instagram.

TailWind Founder

Daniel Maloney is the CEO and Co-founder of TailWind, the leading Visual Marketing platform loved by over 50,000 brands. 

He has been a successful executive at both AOL and Google. He left the corporate world to become an entrepreneur, creating BridesView, a wedding-related website where people could save their favorite items found on the Web that they might want to use for their wedding. 

After research it was found that they experienced fast success on Pinterest and a big opportunity emerged for TailWind’s founders who decided to focus on creating and launching an effective Pinterest marketing and analytics platform.

The TailWinds team are divided between Oklahoma and New York with their mission being to make world class marketing easy for everyone. 

Their beliefs are:

  1. The customer’s customers always come first.
  2. Advertising must be a great experience for both consumers and marketers.
  3. The world is becoming transparent, and we should be too.
  4. Empowering those around you are a good thing.
  5. Love what you do and do what you love.
  6. We should only get paid if we add value

Get started.

With a free trial of TailWind. Plus if you upgrade, claim our bonus plugin offer to get even more value.

How to use TailWind?

As one of Tailwind’s main features is Pinterest Scheduling by determining the best times for you to pin based on when your audience is typically online, and it queues up pins that you select. This allows you to pin during the best times without being on Pinterest at all hours.  You can view your schedule, move pins around easily and even shuffle pins.  By hovering over a pin, you can see exactly when and to which board it’s scheduled to pin to.

[Mobile]  How to schedule a pin to TailWind from the Pinterest app

  1. Install the Tailwind app
  2. Hold down on an image in the Pinterest app
  3. Select the ‘Send’ button
  4. Tap ‘More Apps’
  5. Tap ‘Tailwind’
  6. Select the board(s) you want to schedule to
  7. Add a keyword-rich description
  8. Tap ‘Schedule’

[Desktop] How to schedule a pin to Tailwind from Pinterest OR from anywhere on the internet

  1. Install the Tailwind extension for Google ChromeSafari, or Firefox
  2. Hover over any image
  3. Click the Tailwind ‘Schedule’ icon
  4. Type in the board(s) you want to schedule to
  5. Add a keyword-rich description
  6. Verify that the correct URL pulled in (it should automatically do this if you’re using the extension on your website)
  7. Click the ‘Add to Queue now’ button

To prevent spamming you can schedule / space a pin that you wish to share to all your group boards out over several days

How to Set Interval Scheduling for a Pin

When scheduling pins to multiple boards at once, you need to make sure that they are not pinned at the same time.  This is important for group boards, since many have a rule that you can only pin a certain number of pins per day.  Interval Scheduling allows you to easily space out your pin’s schedule by a certain number of days.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Click the Tailwind icon to add a pin to your queue
  2. Select the boards or board list you want the pin shared to
  3. Click ‘Set Interval’
  4. Select the date & time you want the interval to start
  5. Choose the number of days to wait before the next time the pin is shared
  6. Choose if you want the timing to be based on open time slots, optimized (create new time slots), or an exact time
  7. View the scheduled preview that appears
  8. If you’re happy with it, click Set Interval

Your pins will now show in your scheduled queue, spread out based on your set interval.

Why use TailWind over the rest?

There are many reasons why TailWind is a powerful asset for small businesses and creative entrepreneurs.  Some of the main reasons are:

  • You can schedule pins at optimal times so you don’t have to be on Pinterest all the time.
  • It increases your reach & traffic on Pinterest by incentivizing other pinners to share your pins
  • It saves you time by making it easy to find content to share
  • You can easily loop your pins and schedule intervals to re-share your content without spamming
  • You can track which pins you’ve already pinned to your own boards & your group boards, and how long ago you shared them

TailWind Analytics

Tailwind’s analytics is much more robust than the stats on Pinterest and the weekly summary dashboard shows you how your account performed compared to the week before.

It lists how often your pins have been re-pinned, the number of followers gained, and how many comments your account has received.

When navigating to Board Insights, you can see your boards’ engagement stats and virality scores

With Tailwind’s Pin Inspector, you can even drill down to the individual pin level. You can filter it down by your own website’s pins, and see how each one is performing. You can even take action on the pin: reschedule it, add it to your Tribes, add it to a SmartLoop, or find similar content.

TailWind Tribes

Tailwind Tribes is a feature within Tailwind that makes it easy to find groups of people, called tribes, within a similar niche who share each other’s content.

It’s a great way to gain exposure, and we all know the goal of any strong online social-media presence is to drive followers to your blog or website. Once there you can begin to engage and build trust with your audience, and, hopefully, generate revenue by selling your products and services. This is where Tailwind Tribes is so very useful.

Tailwind Tribes helps you automate your content across relevant boards, and is a very useful collaborative tool. With automation, your time is freed up to concentrate on more important tasks like creating free, engaging content for your readers

SmartGuide & Spam SafeGuard

SmartGuide is an assistant feature inside of Tailwind that helps you improve the results of your marketing by recommending best practices it’s almost like having your own personal marketing expert by your side!

Spam SafeGuard is a SmartGuide feature that helps members evolve their own marketing to take advantage of the latest Pinning practices for best results. Because best practices for social networks are frequently changing, you will see specific recommendations and tips change as we continue to partner with Pinterest to increase your success!


The TailWinds SmartLoop Feature lets you stay consistently active with minimal effort.  You can save hours and hours of manual Pinning and get rid of the complicated spreadsheets. Add your Pins to SmartLoop once and it will be re-circulated for you – indefinitely. And that is not all.  Your best performing pins will be imported for you thus maximizing the potential of your Evergreen Content.

Other reasons that makes TailWinds stand out:

  1. You can group themed boards into global boards for one-time, multi-board pinning: This feature lets you pin to one global board, and it’ll also go to lots of other individual boards assigned to it with one click. Thus, the global boards through Tailwind will be titled “boards” to distinguish them from standard Pinterest boards.
  2. The ability to space out those group pins in your chosen intervals to prevent redundancy: In this case, if you have 7 boards in a global board, the same pin can be pinned over a certain period of once a day, once every other day, etc.
  3. Your pin deck can be shuffled around while keeping the interval pins above locked in place at a given time: This feature allows you to upload up to 1,000 pins into your queue, click a button to randomize all of them, but still keep the interval pins in the bullet above locked in your chosen schedule.

TailWind Pricing

Now that you know how good TailWind is, the natural question is price and how it stacks up to the alternative social media schedulers.

There are two plans for TailWind depending on your platform of choice being Instagram or Pinterest. The pricing below also reflects their annual pricing but if you choose monthly the price becomes $14.99 per month.

$119.88 per year

Pinterest Plus

  • Schedule an Entire Week of Pins in 20 Minutes Flat
  • 1 Pinterest Profile
  • Unlimited Scheduling
  • 15 Free Pins in Tailwind Create
  • 5 Free Tailwind Tribes

$119.88 per year

Instagram Plus

  • The Best Instagram Features to Save Time & Grow
  • 1 Instagram Profile
  • Unlimited Scheduling
  • 1-Click Hashtag Suggestions
  • Custom Link

TailWind Alternatives

For this review we would like to suggest the following three alternatives:  HubSpot, HootSuite and Sendible

We are not going to go into much details about the above except to highlight that all three of these TailWind alternatives are more comprehensive Social media post schedulers.

So basically if you have no interest in the likes of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and you are focused on building your brand on either Pinterest or Instagram then the specialized tools of TailWind are going to be far better suited for your purposes.

If you see yourself using other social networks to grow your brand in the future then the best advice would be to consider getting both TailWind and one of these other platforms to cover all bases.

We do not recommend trying to replace TailWind with either Hootsuite, Sendible or Hubspot the reasons will become more clear to you after you trial TailWind for yourself.

Start your TailWind trial.

TailWind Pros and Cons


  • Pinterest Automated Scheduling
  • Pinterest Tribes For Marketing Collaborations
  • Pinterest Analytics
  • Saves Time on Pinterest Marketing Automation
  • Curate high Quality Content
  • Network & Messaging Within Tribes
  • Indicate Best Times To Post For Engagements
  • Regular Updates
  • Tutorial Videos
  • Try before you buy


  • Curating Contents On Pinterest Takes Time
  • Main Menu Could Be More Basic
  • Takes Time To Build Tribes

Are there up-sells?

There is no up-sell when buying a premium plan of TailWind.

Naturally when you are on the free trial there is constant reminders of the need to upgrade to continue using the service.


If you’re trying to grow your presence on Instagram or Pinterest, Tailwind is a very useful tool that will provide the necessary results. Tailwind saves an incredible amount of time by allowing people to schedule posts or pins in advance, and it provides a complete toolkit that helps bloggers and marketers drive relevant traffic to their sites.

The insights pulled from Pinterest into Tailwind give you a full picture of how your visual content is performing. And with the addition of Tailwind Tribes, you can reach even more people with your content

Get started with TailWind.

Is there a TailWind coupon code?

Occasionally vendors share coupons, these will appear below (or blank if none).

Get started.

With a free trial of TailWind. Plus if you upgrade, claim our bonus plugin offer to get even more value.

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