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Divi Space Review

In this Divi Space review we will look at four key factors to the buyer's decision making process. This includes “Ease of use, Features, Pricing and Support”. So if you just want the quick overview of how Divi Space performs here it is for you.

This app ranks highly across all four key metrics with a combination of ease of use and expanding library of designs and functionality that will make your Divi building experience significantly better..

To further understand how we came to these numbers read the full review below.


Ease of Use











Introducing Divi Space

Divi Space review

In this Divi Space review we will be looking specifically at how their range of products will compliment your Elegant Themes Divi purchase. This is relevant whether you are using the full blown theme or just the Divi editor.

Some of the standout features of Divi Space including pros and cons will be looked at and a helpful “How to use Divi Space” section has been included for your reference.

And if you are looking to get the best deal on Divi Space, we will let you know what to expect in the way of Divi Space coupon codes and a brief discussion on the Divi space lifetime deal which will always be the best value over any coupon codes in the long run.

What is Divi Space?

When visiting the website of Divi Space you will see that they describe themselves as the Ultimate Toolkit for Divi and by this they specifically mean that they provide these four key add-ons to your Divi experience:

  1. Divi layout and child themes
  2. Divi Plugins
  3. Divi Courses
  4. Exclusive content (a bit vague I agree but let's dive in deeper)

Divi is arguably the best plugin on the market right now when it comes to WordPress themes and style layouts and Divi Space simply adds to this greatness by including even more layouts and design inspiration for your next project.

The addition of plugins especially there “Page Builder Everywhere plugin” takes what used to be a simple page builder and turns it into a full blown website editing suite with complete design control over headers, footers, sidebars and other areas you typically couldn't edit before.

For courses you have four main ones to choose from in the form of:

  1. Facebook Ads Expert
  2. Divi Modules Creator
  3. Divi Business Expert
  4. Transforming Divi with CSS and JQuery

An important thing to note about courses is that they are only given for free as part of Divi Space's lifetime membership otherwise you just get a 20% discount as an annual license holder.

The Divi Space lifetime deal at $449 is the best way to go especially when you consider the Divi Business Expert course retails for $997!

See an overview of their key features and selling points.

Key Features of Divi Space

  • Open up new design possibilities for your Divi website
  • 23 plugins
  • 4 premium training courses
  • 26 child themes and layouts
  • 2 Membership site addons
  • 5 WooCommerce Boosters
  • Bonus members only content
  • Lifetime Deal
  • Support and updates included

Divi Space Founder

Founded by Stephen ‘SJ’ James, the Divi Space brand has become synonymous with exceptional Divi-related products. In order to help Divi Space reach new levels of innovation and customer service, Aspen Grove Studios added Divi Space into its portfolio.

SJ James is still a valued part of the team and developing the same great plugins for Divi, except now, they’re going to be sold from two great websites, not just one. Also, as a part of the Aspen Grove Studios family, Divi Space will now be receiving the extra special Aspen Grove Studios touch.

Who is Aspen Grove Studios you ask?

Well in their own words they describes themselves as “Code geeks and design freaks with a love for helping businesses succeed. We’re a globally dispersed WordPress development company that specializes in building powerful tools for our clients and customers. As the team behind Aspen Grove Studios, Divi Space and Potent Plugins, we’ve built a collection of leading WordPress, Divi and WooCommerce products, including themes, child themes, plugins and more.”

The team consists of 12 employees who have created over 93 products since their founding in 2015.

Get started.

The best deal on Divi Space is their lifetime deal. Plus claim our bonus plugin offer to get even more value.

How to use Divi Space?

There is much to learn when it comes to Divi Space and as previously mentioned with over 93 resources in the range some of them are going to be relevant to you and others will not.

However there is one plugin in particular that does need to be highlighted and makes Divi as a whole a true competitor to Elementor. This plugin provided only by Divi Space is called Page Builder Everywhere and the video below shows you exactly how to use it.

Feature Highlight

Other notable plugins include Divi Switch which allows you to make sitewide changes with just the switch of a Divi button.

Things like opening social media links in new windows and layout settings for particular pages, posts and categories are easily changed with one button click instead of having to go to each post and page individually. 

There is also a great icon pack you get which adds 2,500 extra icons to your WordPress which is handy when designing page layouts.

But arguably the major selling point to Divi Space is their lifetime deal where you get access to everything for life for $449.

This is not something you going to see with many other competing page builder products and represents an excellent value proposition.

If you haven't already view all 93+ products available to you with Divi Space.

Divi Space Pricing

Now that you know how good Divi Space is, the natural question is price and how it stacks up to the Divi Space alternatives for builidng WordPress websites.

In terms of pricing its really simple and the only choice you have is whether you want to pay monthly or save by paying a year upfront.

$199 per annum

  • 20+ Divi, WooCommerce, and WordPress Plugins
  • 30+ Divi & Extra Child Themes
  • 30+ Layouts
  • New! 42 Theme (Optimized for Gutenberg)
  • Premium Icon Packs
  • Premium Courses at 20% off
  • Future Products included with active account
  • Customer support included with active account
  • Future updates included with active account


  • Everything in $199 plan plus
  • Premium courses included
  • Future products included forever
  • Customer support for life
  • Future updates included forever

A few thoughts on Divi Space pricing

We can't figure out the annual pricing plan and would definitely encourage you not to buy it unless they are doing some type of Black Friday deal on it which could then be a good time to test the waters so to speak before committing to the lifetime deal.

But make no mistake they want you to buy the lifetime deal its a no-brainer compared to the annual plan which doesn't even give you access to the courses but rather a 20% discount on them.

One good thing though that applies to both the Annual and Lifetime plan is that you get to use all of these Divi assets on unlimited websites which is kind of unheard of in this arena so good on Divi Space for including it with your purchase no matter which plan you choose.

Divi Space Alternatives

There are two notable Divi Space alternative which include:

Each has their pros and cons with Divi Cake more being a community of Divi designers and developers showcasing their work for you to buy resources. While Divi Booster is more of a direct competitor to Divi Space but with nowhere near as many plugins and resources but for a much cheaper price at only $29.

When it comes to making the final choice Divi Space has to be near the top if not at the top when compared to the competition but at the end of the day only you know the requirement you have for Divi and as part of your research it would be good to reach out to each of the companies to see if they have the plugin or theme you need before buying.

Divi Space Pros and Cons


  • Huge range of plugins, themes, layouts and courses
  • Lifetime pricing makes this great value
  • Takes Divi to a whole new level of design
  • Makes Divi easier to use and master
  • Great support and updates included
  • Money back guarantee


  • Divi as a whole is more complex than other page builders
  • Annual plan makes no sense as a value proposition

Are there up-sells?

There is no annoying upsells with Divi Space as soon as you pay your annual membership fee or lifetime fee you are taken the landing page to access all of your shiny new Divi assets.


Do we recommend Divi Space?

If you have made the lifetime investment into the Divi eco-system then yes Divi Space is definitely a wise next step to make.

Compared to the competition you will quickly realize that Divi Space are the standout Divi add-on when it comes to the professionalism and creativity of their products.

Their courses and training are excellent and the range of themes and extra design resources will have your competitors (who use Divi) scratching their heads at how you got your website to do that!

With all that said and the fact that you can get a lifetime deal still right now its an easy recommendation.

Get started with Divi Space.

Is there a Divi Space coupon code?

Occasionally vendors share coupons, these will appear below (or blank if none).


Divi Space 

Get a bonus WordPress plugin of your choice with your purchase of Divi Space.

Get started.

The best deal on Divi Space is their lifetime deal. Plus claim our bonus plugin offer to get even more value.

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Lindsay V.
Lindsay V.
1 year ago

Divi Space is a rip off – A plugin I haven’t used for 9 months auto-renewed with no notice. They refused to give a refund saying that “due to the nature of digital products blah blah blah” even though
–no additional virtual merchandise was received
— I received ZERO emails letting me know my subscription was going to renew
— and even though I emailed support immediately after my unexpected renewal.

Not a fan of this business model.