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Few things are more important than the sanctity of your home, but if you are an enterprising business or a person who uses the internet for your work, your voice, your way to motivate and organize with others, or for your nonprofit? If so, then the sanctity of your website is right up there. Website breaches cost millions of dollars in physical damages to the site or to lost revenue but the much greater loss is the loss of trust that a client can feel if a site that was not properly secured ends up leaking their personal information that they trusted you with. There are programs out there to help defend your website but few of them are as comprehensive or successful as Sucuri. Sucuri was designed with your website’s protection and customer sucurity first. So what are some of the pros and cons of this particular internet defender?

Sucuri Pros

Stopping attacks

First and foremost, and unsurprisingly, Sucuri is an excellent program when it comes to stopping various kinds of internet hacks that can afflict your website or attempt to attack your customers. There are many different kinds of internet web attacks; some are denial-of-service where millions of bots will suddenly flood your website slowing it down and making it impossible for other real users to be able to utilize your services, products, or view your website properly. These denial-of-service attacks are virulent and have even struck government computers slowing them to a crawl. Fortunately, Sucuri is a powerful defender when it comes to protecting against denial-of-service attacks. Sucuri blocks layer 3, 4, and 7 attacks, helping to mitigate any denial-of-service and ensure that your website continues to run properly even during the siege.

Another common kind of attack is the simple brute force attack, where an automated computer algorithm may work tirelessly attempting to guess your password or login credentials. If they are able to get them, then not only is your website at risk but all the private information, credit card information, or customer information is also potentially at risk. Fortunately Sucuri was designed specifically to help mitigate and stop these brute force attacks.

Intelligent algorithms

One of the other great facts about Sucuri is simply that not every attack is known yet but that does not stop Sucuri from defending you. Many new attacks are being designed and developed by hackers all over the world daily; some seek to exploit weaknesses in code, troll new operating software, attack new patches to a program, etc. The list is truly endless to the ways in which determined hackers can seek to gain access to your site or private information. Fortunately though, Sucuri uses an intelligent algorithm to monitor apparently suspicious behavior even if it is not yet recognized as an attack. It looks at programs that are looking at your website’s coding and interactions which look suspicious. For instance, perhaps it notices a program is looking into your base code of your website or attempting to find a bypass into your site, so the sucurity program will automatically work to help protect against these new and innovative attacks. This adaptive programming is a huge boost to your sucurity and your peace of mind.

Sucuri Cons

One of the huge cons which afflicts many individuals who purchase sucurity software is not that the software itself malfunctions but that they can be lulled into a false sense of complacency. In the end, Sucuri is just a tool, and it will not stop hackers if you yourself are careless. If you make your password 1 2 3 4 5 6, then despite how good Sucuri is, it will likely not be able to keep out a hacker as this is the most common password in the world, along with the word ‘password’ itself. If you are complacent with your own sucurity for your website then even the most advanced sucurity software will not be able to assist you. Making easy login credentials, using third-party apps which maybe do not have the highest level of sucurity protection and integrating them into your website, or any number of other simple detrimental mistakes can cost you and your clients.

Sucuri Conclusion

Despite all of that, Sucuri is an excellent program and as long as you are wise in its use, thoughtful, and take a mind to your own sucurity, this tool will be an exceptional help in assisting you in maintaining your website’s integrity, the integrity of your clients’ information, and the integrity of the relationship that you and your clients share. Nobody who visits your website should even be wondering about whether it is safe, and with Sucuri you will always know that it is.

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Have you seen our coupon & bonuses for this app?

Sucuri Discount – Coupon Code

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