StepShot Guides Review

Documenting key processes in our business for employees and clients is especially important for startups. Stepshot guides aims to make the process that little bit easier.

Create easy to understand user documentation for clients and employees with StepShot.

If you have ever had the fortune of employing someone to work in your company you know that the process of orientation can be a bit challenging. Never has this been more true than in the area of training employees on the software tools they need to use to perform their job. Or maybe your entire business is creating software and a tool like Stepshot aims to reduce the learning curve they need.

Does it work> see below

What is StepShot Guides?

Stepshot guides is desktop based software that you use to take orderly snapshots of your screen with corresponding information to explain to the reader of the guide what they need to know. It really is best demonstrated with an example such as this PDF for a tool called Social Warfare.

That PDF is very basic and there were a few other options that could have been set such as different templates and colors etc. StepShot Guides comes in three flavors being free, basic and Pro with basic only allowing export as PDF, WordPress and Images and Pro giving a lot more including video, Word, HTML and Powerpoint (coming soon).

As a side note: HTML export would have been handy for this review instead of having to link to that PDF above. I tried image export too but it deleted all of the information related to the steps which seems a bit useless for a tool that is supposed to save you time. The WordPress option doesn’t work either because that creates a whole new post from this one I’m writing in now


What is the Price?

StepShot Basic

More export options and controls
$ 9

  • Auto-generated screenshots
  • AI-powered automatic step descriptions
  • Smart capturing of your actions with keyboard and mouse clicks
  • Practical screenshot editing toolkit
  • PDF editor to customize any of your documents
  • Regular updates and quick support
  • Export to PDF, Word and Images

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StepShot Pro

More export options and controls
$ 195

  • Everything in basic
  • Al-powered text recognition in screenshots (copy and edit any text)
  • Automatic insertion of repetitive information (variables)
  • Fully customizable professional Word templates
  • Al-powered auto narration in video export
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Export to PDF, WordPress, Images, Word, Video, HTML & Powerpoint

Click Here

That was a lot of talk AI!

To see if that is something that would really be necessary for your business I would suggest scheduling a demo with StepShots after you have played around with the Basic or Free plan. Interestingly I seem to have access to WordPress export in basic which seems to only be a Pro feature but that might have something to do with the special Appsumo plan I bought.

So yes that is something to keep in mind that this software could become available again on such a discount platform in future. If that is of interest to you visit and chat to our friendly bot and we can tag your interest in Stepshot. This means you will only get an email when a deal does become available again.

Do I recommend it?

Free version or basic version yes!

Pro version seems to be far too high a price increase for smaller businesses – enterprise users might get use out of it so as mentioned I recommend scheduling a demo to see the value proposition for your business.

Schedule a demo

Stepshot Guides Coupon or Discount?

There is no Stepshot guide coupon or discount offer as I write this now. This seems quite remarkable considering it is Cyber Monday!

However this literally changes on a daily basis either through communications coming from Stepshot themselves or through companies like Appsumo where I bought a lifetime deal to Stepshot Basic – I believe it was sold to me as a stripped down Pro version which is why I seem to have the option of WordPress export.

All that being said my business is setup to keep you informed on all these matters to get the best deal so make sure to visit and chat to the bot so that you get added to the waitlist. The more people we have the more likely it is that Stepshot will agree to give us a special offer to give to you.

Visit to express your interest. 

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