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Are you tired of having to micromanage every one of your social media sites, groups, fan pages and subpages all one at a time? Is it frustrating having to take your time finding each of those pages and then determining what would be the best marketing strategy? Do you struggle with attempting to find or develop viral content for each of the different forums or subgroups? Well if these things annoy you, eat your time, or even upset you, there is finally a tool to the rescue and that tool is Social Kickstart. Social Kickstart was made with the sole design of making social media content marketing simple, quick, and effective. So what are some of the pros and cons of this innovative tool?

Social Kickstart Pros

Social media integration

One of the big problems which has been plaguing individuals attempting to market through social media is there is no convenient way or tool which allows you to unilaterally link all of them and consolidate your work. Many people end up solving this by opening up a dozen different tabs, but that can be a hassle. If you only spend 20 minutes working on the five or six most popular social media sites along with your fan groups and sub-groups and find postings for each of them, you will be spending hours and hours each day.

Fortunately, with Social Kickstart there is finally a consolidated control panel where you manage every one of your social media sites and sub link sites from a singular location. This gives you an incredible ability to not only save time, but also to ensure that your promotional material is all synonymous. It can be sent out simultaneously, and also allows you to quickly fix any things that may have gone out. The fact is having a consolidated toolbar for every one of your social media feeds is a huge boon to the social media marketing industry.

Auto posting

Are you wanting to let people know about a sale or a deal but are tired of having to post them manually and post them on the day of your deals? If you were planning to have a May 1st sale or promotion, traditionally you would have to wait until May 1st to be able to post your content. But with Social Kickstart you can take this monotonous waiting out of the equation. With Social Kickstart, you can conveniently and automatically set up which promotions, information, or even posts that you want launched, when you want them launched, and on what social media sites. This means less time for you having to micromanage while simultaneously giving you more time to work on and develop your thriving business. This is just another little way that Social Kickstart helps make things simple.

Viral content assistance

Finding content which is going to maximize your online presence as well as boost your page metrics can be difficult. It is often times hard to tell which things are going to be viral and help grow your fan base versus those things which will not. Fortunately, with Social Kickstart they have gotten this down to an exact science by helping you locate content that is likely to be viral or go viral. This means that as you post or repost viral content that is correlated with your business, your fan base will continue to grow as you engage with your growing user numbers. This assistance in finding high quality viral content is an essential element of what makes Social Kickstart so special.

Social Kickstart Cons

All programming software, even the best, has some cons; either its own limitations, or a misunderstanding from an individual about what the programs are capable of doing. Because Social Kickstart is so effective at so many things you may think that this will be the exception but the truth is there are a couple small cons.

Initial setup

Social Kickstart is a fantastic tool but it is one of those tools which will only work for you once you already have social media sites in place. This means that you still have to manually go through and setup each of your pages, subpages, and fan pages for each of your social media sites before Social Kickstart can be effective. This can be a laborious and time-consuming process especially if you are doing it across multiple social media sites.

Using the tool

Like with any tool, it is just a tool and it is most effective in the hands of an individual who understands how to utilize it. If you are new to social media marketing or new to social media in general, then Social Kickstart will still be incredibly helpful to you but perhaps not as helpful as it would be if you had an understanding of the underlying marketing potential of social media and how to exploit it. Like with any tool, the biggest limiting factor is the person using it. As you learn to use Social Kickstart, it will be able to serve your needs better but there will be a learning curve involved.

Social Kickstart Conclusion

That being said, with the ability to manage all your social media sites from a single hub, chart the growth and metrics of your social media platforms, automatically post different deals and promotions, and use a whole host of other features, Social Kickstart is an essential element for your online marketing platform.

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Have you seen our coupon & bonuses for this app?

Social Kickstart Discount – Coupon Code

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