Social Kickstart Live Review

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Posting videos on Facebook has up to now come in two separate styles – you could post videos that you have already pre-recorded by simply uploading them to your timeline or by posting a link to a YouTube channel, or alternatively you could live stream your video content for your viewing public to watch and enjoy.

But what if you had more options?

This is the whole premise behind Social Kickstart Live. It has the unique ability for you to be able to utilize the broadcast live feature while at the same time utilizing it as if it was pre-recorded video footage. This allows you to be able to take the time to make a finely crafted video while the same time getting the boost to your profile that occurs with live footage. So what are some of the pros and cons of Social Kickstart Live?

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Social Kickstart Live Pros

Pre-recorded videos

One of the biggest pros of Social Kickstart Live is the ability to upload pre-recorded footage into your live stream feed. This is a huge boost as often times live footage is, of course, generally of a lesser quality, less professional, and potentially prone to mistakes of varying degrees of severity. Did you accidentally misquote someone or misspeak entirely? Did you accidentally say a swear word or give a wrong piece of information that now your user base is taking you to task on? All of these things can be avoided by selecting out the videos which do not meet your standard and instead select videos that meet your quality criteria for the live stream feed.

Greater exposure

A fun fact that many individuals do not know is that Facebook and YouTube both prioritize live content over pre-recorded video content. This means that if you were trying to get the notice of your client base or followers, it is important for you to have a regular stream of live content for these forums. However, with that greater exposure comes the aforementioned greater risk of mistake and alienating clientele. This is why Social Kickstart Live and its ability to pre-record videos is so critical.

Viewer longevity

The fact is simple, people enjoy watching things live that they do not enjoy watching pre-recorded. This is just as true of events in the real world as it is in the digital one. With the live stream you are able to enhance your viewers’ watching engagement by up to 8 times as opposed to if you were simply utilizing an uploaded canned video. This gives you the chance to be able to not only produce the highest quality videos available to you but also ensure that those videos are engaging your viewers for longer periods of time.

Multiple platform utilization

One of the other big positives of Social Kickstart Live is the fact that you are able to simultaneously broadcast it on multiple forums. Primarily these are YouTube and Facebook although it is also possible for you to do stream into webinars, blogs, and many other web hosting sites, forums, or mediums. This ability to do it all simultaneously enhances the appearance of its live look and will continue to increase your exposure factor.

Social Kicktstart Live Cons

It’s not actually live

No matter how great a piece of software is, there is always something somebody will critique. So what is the elephant in the room when it comes to Social Kickstart Live? A potential negative factor is the fact that it's not actually live. Part of the reason, as stated before, why individuals enjoy watching the live content far more than pre-recorded content is because it is live. If you are pre-recording content and posting it to a live stream and your clients or potential clients discover that fact they may become jaded and be less interested in engaging with your content in the future. It is difficult to gain client trust but it is incredibly easy to lose it.

And you need not even be ratted out by a super hacker if you make a newbie mistake and simply had some bad editing. Perhaps you had a bit from one video take you liked but you would like the majority of another take as well. You try to combine these two and unless you are very good at your editing, your clients may realize that they are watching edited footage as opposed to live footage. If they realize it's been uploaded then their likelihood of engagement will drop off dramatically and you will lose many of the perks which come with the live feed forum.

That being said, if you were utilizing it simply for multiple takes just so you can get the best one which represents your business in the correct light, clients will probably not be taken aback by that.


The most important thing about this kind of software is to use it wisely in a way that respects your clients, respects the medium, and shows respect for your business. With all that in mind, Social Kickstart Live is an exceptional tool and should be utilized by everyone who regularly broadcasts on live stream internet forums.

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