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Today we bring you an introductory review of Smart Video Metrics

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Smart Video Metrics Break Down

Video marketing is one of the major options that your business needs to make money online. You will not be able to progress in creating a massive audience if you don’t work within this element of SEO and internet marketing. Once you set this up, you can monetize your content, but before today, you couldn’t’ really get full details and analytics on your videos. You could get a little information here and there, but the deep information that you would need to run a video business, was previously out of reach. Today, you are able to gain traction through the use of Smart Video Metrics. This is going to change everything for you, and will let you build the right framework and split test everything to see whether or not you’re getting paid on your videos. Know everything you need to know about whether or not you’re making money or you’re leaving it on the table with certain videos.

About and the creator/team Behind Smart Video Metrics

The team behind Smart Video Metrics starts with Joshua Zamora. He has found a niche that others haven’t even thought about. People just assume that when you put up your video online you will get analytics alongside it. That’s not always the case. You may get limited elements of this, but getting that full, robust dashboard that you would with other options is not what you are going to get. That’s why Smart Video Metrics was built. Tapping into what marketers need most is the key here. The main goal of working within this framework is to see how far you can take content, and whether or not you are able to profit from it. If something isn’t worth it, you can look at the analytics provided with this software and determine your next move. It’s that simple.

How to use Smart Video Metrics?

When you purchase Smart Video Metrics, you will be able to login to your dashboard and connect your pages. You will connect your video URLs and accounts so that the software can start working with traffic, click through rates, and profit margins. You will see exactly where your strong points are and where your weak points are. You will be able to balance the content that you’re creating so that you can easily make money by doing what works, and leaving behind what doesn’t. It’s that simple. The software does everything for you once you connect all the pieces together. Connect them together and you will no doubt see the stress points and the factors that can help you get moving ahead of the competition with ease. No one else is doing this, mind you, so you’re going to have a leg up.

Pros and Cons

Consider a few quick pros and cons associated with Smart Video Metrics.


  • Easy To Use
  • Pulls Analytics Better Than Any System
  • Tells You Where You’re Leaving Money Behind
  • Gives You Full Details


  • Must Be Using Video Marketing
  • Is Smart Video Metrics Worthwhile?

Is Smart Video Metrics Worthwhile?

Without knowing exactly where your traffic is coming from, where it is going, and whether or not you’re getting paid for it, you will not see major movement forward. If your goal is to make money from your videos, then you need to look into working with Smart Video Metrics, simple as that. To get started it’s simply $47, which is a good deal. Of course, there’s more if you want to test out bigger robust features, but it’s not bad considering no one else is going to do what this software does so well.

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