Can ‘Reverse SEO’ Help Restore My Business Reputation Online?

Below we have a guest blog post by Andrea Moro.

Whatever your business is, a good online reputation is invaluable. The internet is one of the biggest ways in which a potential customer can discover your business. It’s also one of the biggest, and easiest, ways to damage your business reputation.

As any successful business owner understands, a good reputation will go a long way to increasing your customers and profit. Likewise, a bad reputation will decrease this. With the power of the internet, particularly sites such as Facebook, word of mouth can spread easier than ever before. As such, you need to be able to counteract any negative image your business may receive. This is where the benefits of reverse SEO come in.

Introducing reverse SEO

Reverse SEO is, although rather complicated, based around a simple premise. By burying the negative posts and responses regarding your company, you can effectively hide the bad reputation. This stops people finding negative information through quick search engines.

This involves removing the information where possible. With legal and expert help, you can easily restore your company's reputation. The internet is just like any other form of publication; there is a limit to what can legally be said about your company before you can challenge it. With reverse SEO experts, this can easily be identified and deleted, removing the links that were causing your poor image in the first place.

Such a move could be the difference between establishing a positive reputation and a rather less positive one, something which could have a potentially devastating effect on your business.

Restoring reputation

Whether it’s a particularly disgruntled customer, or a hacked account, it is paramount to restore your image as quickly as possible. The longer such a negative light is reflected onto your business, the longer you will be potentially losing customers, or pushing them towards your competitors. This is one of the benefits of having a subscription insurance scheme that includes reverse SEO; you can begin to repair the damage the moment it happens.

Of course, there are always additional measures that can be taken. Whether it’s through promoting or advertising your business, there is plenty you can do to restore your image. This content, however, will often only ‘bury' the negative pages. You may be outranking them on search engines, but this doesn't mean they've gone away. There is often a big difference between an unhappy customer review and a potential smear campaign against your business. With the latter, some additional help is often required to combat the damage it can cause to your company and its profits.

Reverse SEO, however, uses search engine optimisation techniques and knowledge to make this much more effective. What can't be legally removed can be more or less pushed back and isolated from your company. Using the right links and information, a professional expert can easily make sure such pages don't affect your business.

This Reverse SEO article has been written by Andrea Moro – an SEO specialist in Hertfordshire

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8 years ago

How very true. Sometimes (only if you have a fairly high number of positive reviews, lets say over 50) a negative review even adds some color to your page, especially if it is followed by a professional response. Some diversity never hurts.