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There are only so many hours in a day and, despite our best efforts, it can be a time-consuming process to do the market research; create and write out specifications for a product that you want to make; monitor and manage the creation of all of those elements; find, vet, and get contract negotiations with your programmers; and then actually design, build, and market your application. With everything that goes into it, it is little wonder why making and selling applications can be incredibly time-consuming as well as prohibitively expensive. This is the reason Rebrandapps exists – to take away the time and money killing components so you can get right to making money. Rebrandapps allows you to sell applications which you have bought as though they were your applications, even to go so far as to put your brand name and logo on it to sell as your own. So what are some of the pros and cons of this unique program selling method?

Rebrandapps Pros

You don’t have to build

This one was alluded to earlier but the fact remains it is also one of the best points and that is you do not have to do the building yourself. Building, maintaining apps, and going through the trial and error of ensuring their compatibility and workability all take time and if you are not a programmer, you will have to pay somebody to take that time. Already having prefabricated applications which you can simply sell under your name and with your logo gives you a huge amount of time freedom and monetary freedom. Instead of having to pay programmers hours to attempt to get a product which is sellable, you are able to purchase premade ones either at a monthly rate, a yearly rate, or for a one-time fee. With your purchase, you get already made products which have already been tested and that have a track record of being highly sellable.

You keep the profits

This is another innovative feature to Rebrandapps and that is that you are not working as a middleman sales associate, and you are not beholden to Rebrand to pay them a certain percentage of anything you make. Rather you are allowed to keep 100% of all sales you make. This gives you even greater incentive and greater freedom. You are not licensing the apps – you are truly able to resell them as if they were your own. And sell them you will!

These apps are fundamental apps for many businesses and industries and so they sell themselves easily. Individuals have made hundreds of thousands selling these very applications and you can, too. What’s also a great feature is that you can either sell your Rebrandapps collectively for a singular price or you can sell them individually. Depending on your marketing strategy, you may decide to sell each app for a higher price individually or try and sell them as a collection for a lower rate. But no matter how you attempt to do it, the money that you make is all yours!

The applications

The applications available to you through your Rebrandapps are many and not only do they have great functionality, they’re also incredibly useful. One app for instance is the SEO Snapshot. This app allows you to be able to do an SEO, or search engine optimization, analysis of your website or any other site. So any individuals you sell it to will be able to check out the reports from a website and look at it as though they were the search engine. This is a powerful tool as not only does it allow for users to get traffic estimations, see how many people have logged onto the page through mobile, and also check out the page speed and load times but it also includes things like a social page analysis.

This is important information for individuals who need to know how to optimize their conversion rates and get a better understanding of the kind of traffic flow their site or other websites like theirs are conducting. Although there are many other fantastic applications which cannot be gone into detail here, it is important to take note of a few of the minor cons.

Rebrandapps Cons

User complaints are yours

The first con is because you did not actually build the software, you likely are unaware of its inner workings or potential shortcomings. If there are any technical issues regarding the software, although Rebrandapps will have your back as their software is fully supported, issues between you and your clients are still going to be handled by you. Remember, when you sold it you claimed the software as your own and so you will be the first line of any complaints, misunderstandings, or misutilization of your software.

Initial costs

Although the price of $17 a month or $197, which is on sale, a year may not seem like too much, without a background in marketing these costs will add up quickly on the front end until you start making your first sales. Once you start generating profits, the programs will easily pay themselves back. But there will be a time on the front end where you are putting money out and not getting money in. The faster you can overcome your marketing learning curve, the faster you’ll be able to turn Rebrandapps into profit.

Rebrandapps Conclusion

In conclusion, Rebrandapps is an overall fantastic application. Not only does it allow you the personalization and customization abilities to sell proven and tested software as your own, keep all the profits you make from any sales, and sell high-quality items which have a proven track record of success in the online marketplace, but Rebrandapps also gives technical support for all of their software. With this kind of support and freedom, Rebrandapps is an exceptional online selling tool that can save you time and make you money.

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Have you seen our coupon & bonuses for this app?

Rebrandapps Discount – Coupon Code

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