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Having the right payment program is one of the single most important parts of any business. It is not simply enough to have a good website, a good marketing funnel, a great campaign, lots of people on Facebook or Twitter who follow you or like your posts, or even customers ready to buy your products if at the end of it all your payment system is a wreck. This is the point of sale and the most important part to get right because all of your work has culminated in this singular part of the marketing – a business process.

But what if you want to have variety in the kinds of abilities you can have with your payments? What if you need to be able to make a subscriber list where regular payments are withdrawn? What if you want to make different levels of subscribers? What if you want to offer a free trial? What if you simply need more versatility than most payment programs on the market today can offer you? That is where PayKickstart comes in. Paykickstart was designed not just to give you the ability to sell anything and everything but to be able to sell it in the way that you want. So what are some of the pros and cons of this program?

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PayKickstart Pros

Easy to upgrade and downgrade membership

If the product or service which you are selling includes a membership package then this is a very important ability for you to have and that is the ability to upgrade and downgrade your membership packages. In traditional payment methods, this would mean that the onus would be upon your subscriber to leave their current subscription package and then do a separate purchase for a lower-level package. Not only is this an additional complication on behalf of your client but during that changeover they may simply decide to cease payments entirely and so instead of just downgrading a client, you have lost them.

The same is possible when they consider upgrading if they decide to scout around and find that somebody else can offer an upgrade better than yours. But this is where PayKickstart can help save you from losing clients, take away hassle from your clients, and help ensure steady revenue and that is by giving you the ability to upgrade or downgrade a client's membership fees. This takes away the complication from the customer and helps ensure steady revenue for you.

Enhanced commission capabilities

If your product or service is one where you have other individuals helping sell on your behalf then it is likely they are getting a commission for that work. With Paykickstart this gives you huge variety in how you would like to manage those commissions. For instance, you can set it up so that individuals get a certain percentage of the commission for selling during one marketing or campaign only and get a different level of commission for other items or other periods. Alternatively, you can set it up so that those individuals can get their payment instantly

from the sale or you can make it so the commission is delayed for a given period if for whatever reason you need to double-check and help protect yourself from scam or fraud. No matter what the reason, the enhanced capabilities offered through PayKickstart are fantastic for any business which utilizes a commission style of sales.

PayKickstart Cons

Although there are many other features and upsides for Paykickstart, let's spend a moment and focus on a potential con. One potential downside lies not so much in the software as in the operator and that is with so many different monetary capabilities at your fingertips, it can sometimes be confusing which product or which payment options you want to go with for your items or your services. There is a learning curve in determining whether customers are most likely to be converted and buy your product if the price is expensive but a one-time offer, or if it is cheap but has payment plans. Perhaps to get access they must be a subscriber and so the payment is regular? There is a whole litany of options available for you to choose from and learning what works best can be a bit of a learning curve.


You should not let that learning curve stop you, though, as the options available far exceed most every other payment style plan on the market, and with its automated helpers, the ability to remind customers about unfinished payments or when things are coming due, help with enhancing and tracking commissions, automatically being able to upgrade or downgrade your clients, and a host of other features and options, Paykickstart is a must-have for any entrepreneur.

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