OptinMonster Review and Comparison

70% of your website visitors never will return!

So it makes sense that if we had a gentle way to nudge that 70% to stay in touch with you it would make a dramatic difference to your business bottom line. Let's look today at one solution called OptinMonster.

In this review of OptinMonster we will be looking specifically at how this plugin's “Exit Intent technology” is a must have for any website and then how this works as part of a cart abandonment strategy for eCommerce websites.

We will also compare OptinMonster to some of it's direct competitors.


What is OptinMonster?

The simplest explanation would be to call it a popup builder for WordPress. But that really does not do this plugin justice.

The reason most popup's fail is bad timing. A classic example of this is immediately showing a popup to brand new site visitors who know nothing about you or your company yet. The usual response to this is an immediate click away and losing that person forever but this doesn't mean that all popups are bad as some marketers claim. 

A better example of using effective popups would be when you are visiting one of your favorite online stores and just as you are about to exit you see a pop-up about a coupon code towards your next order. The power of this is that you were originally about to leave the website shop but now that you know about this deal it pushes you towards making a purchase.

This is a sale this eCommerce website was about to lose but have now gained back by using a well timed pop-up. This is why so many testimonials of OptinMonster talk about increased sales. 

Another good example comes from OptinMonster's own website which uses more of a “Learn a Hack” strategy which is perfectly suited towards their audience of marketers and business owners – see screenshot below.

Enticing readers with interesting data to help their businesses.

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Easy to use, powerful popup forms with exit intent technology

Who are the founders?

OptinMonster is part of the same larger business called Awesome Motive with iconic founder Syed Balkhi and co-founder Thomas Griffin. Syed Balki is well known in WordPress circles after he founded the blog called WPBeginner in 2009, which is now the largest free WordPress resource site. 

Other notable projects by Syed include WPForms which is used around the globe to create engaging and conversion focused forms that allow you to create forms in under 5 minutes.

I mention WPForms because it's ease of use is one of it's biggest selling points and the same holds true for OptinMonster – it is actually more accurate to say WPForms gets it's ease of use focus from OptinMonster because it was founded in 2011 and WPForms in 2016.

How to use it?

OptinMonster offers a very easy to use drag and drop builder for creating popups which you will see below.

It's good to note that the above screen is what you are presented with after choosing either choosing an OptinMonster template or starting from scratch. Something you won't see in the above screenshot is a feature called Smart Success which allows popups to show differently to people who have previously interacted with one of your other popups. It's these type of features which makes OptinMonster arguably the most powerful popup builder on the market today.

Key Features of OptinMonster

OptinMonster Bonuses on offer

When selecting a plan you will immediately get a free resource to the value of $497 added to your cart called, “Supercharge Your Conversion Strategy with the Expert Resources Bundle”.

Are there Up-sells?

No there are not any up-sells to distract you. As soon as you buy a subscription an on-boarding process begins to help you get your first popup setup in under 5 minutes. 

OptinMonster Alternatives?

There are a few options that are viable alternatives to OptinMonster in order of my personal recommendation.


Thrive Leads: This is definitely worth a look as it's a one time payment and you get access for life so in the end it does work out cheaper than OptinMonster. The features of Thrive Leads are just as extensive as OptinMonster and allow for more customization of the forms than OptinMonster. This is done because of Thrive Leads integration with their full featured page builder called Thrive Architect. For this reason Thrive Leads could be considered superior to OptinMonster but with one large caveat that it is nowhere near as easy to use as OptinMonster. Whenever you get a solution that allows endless customization you can expect it to be more complicated and that is the case with Thrive Leads. 

View a demo of Thrive Leads to see what I mean.

Sumo Pro is different to the other pop-ups mentioned on this list as it doesn't require WordPress. So in a way it is the more direct competitor to OptinMonster which is the same. 

Sumo has several things helping it as its developed by the brilliant yet quirk minds behind the AppSumo brand. So one thing you know for sure you are getting a plugin designed for maximum marketing and conversions.

One area of difference that will be immediately noticeable is pricing as OptinMonster is cheaper but you get more apps with a Sumo Pro subscription. It's good to know that there is a free version of Sumo too but you will quickly hit roadblocks when trying to customize behaviour of the pop-ups which you don't have with OptinMonster. 

PopUp Domination: Similar feature set to OptinMonster but has a unique pricing model that charges not on the amount of sites but rather how much views your popups get. This can be cost effective if your sites are low traffic with pricing ranging from $9-$29 per month. 

View a demo here.

Ninja Popups: This is a popular WordPress plugin that retails for just $26 and it gives you a lot of customization options to create your popups. One of the notable features is it's animation feature on templates which does make them stand out from the crowd. 

View a demo here 

Do I recommend OptinMonster?

Yes, even though there are several other options out there for creating pop-ups, I would thoroughly recommend OptinMonster for websites and eCommerce shops looking to maximize their sales and return business. 

What makes it stand out? Ease of use, analytics and split testing for improving conversion rates and a reduced price (at this time of writing) starting from $9 per month. 

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Easy to use, powerful popup forms with exit intent technology

OptinMonster Coupon or Discount?

Yes, at this moment the price of a subscription is reduced by over 50% with prices ranging from $9-$49 per month. But there is another OptinMonster coupon code that will save you a further 20% off.

I will display any other OptinMonster coupon codes found below (if any)


If you purchase, we can offer you ONE of our premium OptinMonster bonuses. We have lined up great gift packs in the following categories.

  • Website and Graphic Design
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Conversion and analytics
  • Video Marketing
  • SEO Marketing
  • Social Media
  • eCommerce
  • Webmaster Tools
  • Marketing and PR

For more details on all these bonuses email support at paultherond.com.

Get OptinMonster

Easy to use, powerful popup forms with exit intent technology
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