OptimizePress 2 Pulls No Punches In Creating Online Marketing Collateral

November 2016 Update

OptimizePress have announced a new upgrade package called PlusPack. Key features of this include:

  • OptimizePress PlusPack Plugin
  • OptimizePressExperiments
  • Plugin 50+ Brand New Exclusive Templates
  • Priority Support

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A Short review of OptimizePress 2

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WordPress is the starting point that you need to know about if you’re going to make money with Optimize Press. There are several things that you can do with this powerful content management software. This is a solution that bloggers and webmasters adore, because it’s flexible, and you can create nearly any type of site within a matter of hours. Now, take the notion of a simple web creation software such as WordPress, and make it even easier. If you can do that, then you can start to understand what Optimize Press is all about, and how you can leverage it to make serious money online.

How To Make Money Online

The easiest way to describe making money online is the same way you describe a search engine. Take into consideration Google. Google allows you to search just about anything. You search a few terms and the page delivers results based on what they feel is the most relevant content. So let’s say that you wanted to buy some socks. You type in socks, and you get hit with a lot of options. Now, narrow that down a bit, and you start to get more relevant results depending on what you are searching for.

This is the same thing that internet marketers are trying to do. Those that are working with affiliate networks are trying to find an audience that is looking for what they are selling. It’s that element that Optimize Press taps into so well. They have created a solution that helps individuals that are looking for a way to market better, create compelling websites that fill the role of Google, in the marketing arena.

The 5 Levels of Optimize Press

There are several levels that you are going to be able to traverse in regards to this option. When you purchase Optimize Press, you are going to be able to create sales pages, landing pages, membership portals, launch funnels, and authority blog sites. These each herald in a lot of benefits. In fact, if you were to create all 5 of these elements in place, you could very well have an empire of sales.

Consider each page type and their merits in relationship to working with affiliate marketing. You create a sales page, and you utilize a landing page to convert traffic. A person comes to your landing page, and you pre-qualify them to sell them a product. You ask them questions, you show them information, videos, and more about how you may have what they need.

They click through, and land on your sales page, check out, and you profit. Seems simple enough right?

But what if they leave? What if they want to look for reviews about the product that you’re selling? That’s ok, because you could create an authority blog site. On your authority blog site that you have created with Optimize Press, you review products that you’re selling, and promoting. You talk about the merits, the downsides, and everything in between. That person that didn’t buy with your sales page, or your landing page, reads your authority blog, and then gets routed back to your sales page, and buys.

It’s that simple.

Scale Your Marketing To Include Membership Portals

Here’s one of the most powerful pieces that comes with Optimize Press. It’s in regards to the membership portal pages that you can create. You’re an expert at something, and you can create a membership platform that charges a monthly fee to give that information to others. People do this all the time. Imagine having a membership of 300 people that subscribe to cooking lessons that you provide at a low price. Let’s say you want to charge 9.99 a month to give customized cooking lessons with videos, blog updates, and other informational modules.

300 members at 9.99 each, sounds like a nice amount of money. What about 1,000 members? This is not easy to do on your own. If you were to not utilize Optimize Press at all, you would need to do a lot more work. You would need to buy web hosting, get a domain name, and then manually build a forum that allows you to securely onboard members, drip information, create newsletters and more, on your own. Each piece of that puzzle could cost you thousands to employ, and you may still not be able to get the robust level of creativity that comes with this opportunity.

Membership portals don’t have to have 300 members. They can have 10 members, or even 5. The main thing here is that you can create a large scale business model, with robust pages, and customize every element for your particular needs. No matter what the goal is, you can make sure that you have the business collateral to succeed online today.

What Type of Site Do You Want To Build?

Here’s the real question that you may want to answer. What type of site do you want to build? Lead pages? Training courses? Authority Blogs? What is your dream site? No matter what you want to do with internet marketing, you can build it within the confines of Optimize Press. There are 8 different types of marketing sites that you can build today. With this product you can build all of them, and if you aren’t sure how, you can use their powerful training, and templates.

Look, it’s easy to tell you that this is all easy to do, but if you are serious about making money test it out for yourself. When you look at the robust features that have been placed in Optimize Press, you will see that there’s a lot of opportunity to build a portfolio of sites that make you money. Internet marketing becomes a lot easier if you have a full blown website to promote. Imagine if all you had to do was send traffic to a landing page to make money, and you’ll see why this option is going to pay off dividends. Test just one page created with WordPress and Optimize Press, and see how far you can go within a short span of time. You can’t lose.

Get the best deal on OptimizePress 2

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