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Formidable Forms have recently announced they now integrate with the popular email marketing platform Campaign Monitor. This tutorial will show you how to setup Campaign Monitor to seamlessly work with all your formidable forms.

Before we get started please note that this integration is not available in the Free and Creator plans for Formidable Forms. It is available from the Business plan up and currently you can save $50 on both plans bringing Business down to $199 per year and Elite down to $399 per year.

Sign up to Formidable Forms Business plan to follow this tutorial.

How to setup Campaign Monitor with Formidable Forms

After making sure you have the right Formidable Forms plan its now time to head over to your WordPress dashboard and click Formidable Forms – addons.

Step 1

Find the Campaign Monitor add-on and click Install.

This is the same process for all addons including the ever popular Zapier.

Step 2

Once installing the addon you will have a new setting area for you to enter your API key. You will find this at Formidable ? Global Settings ? Campaign Monitor.

You will see a blank field for you to enter your API key which you will find in your Campaign Monitor dashboard (top right) after you click the drop down menu Account Settings ? API keys.

Now click the show API key and if you haven’t already you will need to create one. Copy the key and Client ID and paste that into the Formidable Forms field mentioned at the beginning of this Step 2.

After you save this your Formidable Forms plugin and your Campaign Monitor are linked and data will flow freely between the two.

Step 3

Now all that we have to do is create a new form or use an existing form to interact with Campaign Monitor.

In form settings, go to Actions & Notifications and click on the Campaign Monitor form action and give it an action name for your reference.

Now select the Campaign Monitor list you want to use.

The fields in your Campaign Monitor signup form will need to be mapped with those in your Campaign Monitor list. Any custom fields you have created in Campaign Monitor will also show you here.

Each field should match in each platform so for example Campaign Monitor email field must be matched to your Formidable Forms email field.

You can see an example of what it’ll look like below.

Once you have done this, the next time the form is submitted it will create a new subscriber in your Campaign Monitor account.

My personal thoughts

It’s great to see this new integration for Formidable Forms and even better to see how easy they make the process of connecting it to forms. Having used many an email marketing and forms plugin I know some developers don’t make this process as seamless as it should be.

However for all the good that I see in Formidable Forms I can’t help but think they may be missing another opportunity to shine over WPForms who also employ this tactic of excluding some email companies from certain pricing plans.

I mentioned this in my original review how for example ActiveCampaign which is arguably the best platform on the market right now is only available in the Elite plan at $399 per year which makes no sense to me the customer to pay that extra over somebody else who use Aweber.

I’m sure Formidable Forms and WPForms have some reason for doing this, such as the complexity of maintaining the code for these email services but I can’t help but think that this should just be part of the service they provide to their paying clients.

One company who shines on this front is Thrive Themes with their Thrive Leads plugin which is not a competitor to Formidable Forms as its an email list builder but the sheer rate that they keep adding third party integrations for a one time price (not annual) makes me believe this is an opportunity for one of the form providers to stand up and offer this service to their clients too.

I am sure whichever company does will be handsomely rewarded.

If you like what you see with Formidable Forms click here to get it.

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