Magnetic Marketing 25th Anniversary Edition

Hard to believe this iconic direct response training is 25 years old. Created by a modern day marketing and copywriting legend Dan Kennedy and to celebrate he has got a series of new videos for you.

Here's a special message from Dan Kennedy's team.

Cut the fat and waste from your advertising

I guarantee that what within minutes of watching the free training video below, you’re going to realize that it goes “against the grain” of most of the marketing gurus out there, and most importantly how right it is.

That’s because GKIC founder Dan Kennedy—author of 27 books and the self-titled “Professor of Harsh Reality” just released a free training on the three building blocks that will teach you how to get your ideal customer to magnetically come to YOU.

Click here to watch this free training today.

You see, Dan Kennedy has been in the marketing game for 43+ years and has worked for clients in 136 different industries. He is a serial entrepreneur who regularly gets paid $100,000+ for a copy project and $19,900 for a consulting day.

He relies on this system he’s about to reveal to you as much as gravity and oxygen.   That means, even if you only implement 1 idea of what he’s going to reveal to you, you’ll still be way ahead of the game.

This sure beats listening to those ad vultures and Yelp representatives who keep bugging the heck out of you—trying to sell you advertising space.

Dan’s system allows you to reliably and affordably attract your ideal customers without wasting money on advertising you cannot measure—like image and brand advertising.

You’ll discover:

  • How to cut the fat and waste from your advertising and hold every dollar you spend accountable so you can get reliable and predictable results.
  • 10 questions you must answer if you want to cut through the clutter and noise of your marketplace (this is about discovering what makes you unique).
  • The 3 “building blocks” of a reliable marketing system that’ll allow you to affordably reach your ideal customer.
  • How to rescue yourself from the “grunt work” of cold calling and cold prospecting and only deal with prospects who are already pre-disposed to doing business with you.
  • The blunt, unvarnished TRUTH about local ad representatives and marketing “consultants” who constantly pester you to plunk down a bunch of money for uncertain results (Heads up, this will tick a lot of people off!).

Remember, what Dan is about to teach you is as proven as gravity. While some “experts” are currently teaching outdated and outmoded advice, Dan has been “in the trenches” for the past 43+ years practicing what he preaches.

He sells millions of dollars of products and services every year in his own businesses, has hundreds of clients in diverse industries, and his “sleeves rolled up” involved in “doing it” day in and day out.

Plus this isn’t “seminar room” stuff that disintegrates when exposed to the stiff winds and the harsh light of the real world. The lessons you’ll discover are 100% real-world, successful, and current experienced-based. No theory here.

So if you want to hear from the “Godfather of Marketing” Dan Kennedy…the person that I, along with many of my peers and experts in the industry look up to, then click here.


P.S. Best part? This training will help you attract prospects and customers that already know you, like you, trust you, and are already predetermined to do business with you. This sure beats working with people who you don’t like and respect.

Life’s too short to struggle just to get enough customers, clients, and patients through the door. Let Dan Kennedy relieve your anxiety, worry, and stress for free by watching this training video.


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