Lumen5 vs Rocketium

I am creating a new video to promote Bootstrapps and am benchmarking Lumen5 vs Rocketium to see which gives the best result.

I have a video script of about one page and I want to see what these two apps can do with it. So let's get right into it and I will reserve my comments for after each video presentation.



My thoughts

There are pros and cons to each of these video apps.

For Lumen5 I love the ease of use and how their AI is actually intelligent in picking up sentences from your content (like blog posts) to create videos that make sense and look good. Rocketium doesn't have this option.

A few disadvantages compared to Rocketium is that the export quality is not as high with Rocketium offering 1080p on paid plans and Lumen5 offering 480p on the free plan and 720p on the Pro plan. Lumen5 also did not have an export option to YouTube which Rocketium has.

However Lumen5's biggest advantage is also possibly its greatest fault if you rely on it too much because a video app where you have to go through each scene yourself is always going to be vastly superior to an artificially generated video no matter how smart the AI is.

This leads me onto Rocketium.

It is not as easy to use as Lumen5 and their database of video and image media is not as extensive. The video took me about two hours to complete versus Lumen5 at about 10 minutes. However, the overall quality of the video I created on Rocketium was better.

The reason is that Rocketium forced me to go scene by scene, add the text of my script to slides and make edits and the result is definitely a better one.

I far prefer the Lumen5 process and if I had even spent half the time I did in it as I did with Rocketium the result would have been better.

Which video app wins?

From the above you probably know which way I'm leading. This is an interesting test because overall I am happier with the video from Rocketium but I could have gotten the same if not better result with Lumen5 (because of their better media library) if I had spent more time on it as I had to do with Rocketium.

With Lumen5 all I had to do was paste the script into the box and their artificial intelligence matched the text to the video scenes and Voila there was the video. I made a few quick edits (as shown in the video) but overall the video the AI created was good. It took 10 minutes max including fussing over a soundtrack. Great result for Lumen5!

With Rocketium however I had to spend over an hour (closer to two) because of how their interface forces you to go scene by scene and add your own text, images and video. The result of this is a better quality video, but it took significantly longer without the help of AI like Lumen5.

So for me the winner has to be Lumen5 but you just have to force yourself go through each scene to make the video better.

Get started with Lumen5

Easy to use interface and extensive media library paired with intelligent AI makes this one of the best video apps on the market.

If you are comparing the free versions of both apps, you may prefer Rocketium as they have a higher video export quality of 720p vs Lumen5's 480p. Their “Expert” plan allows for 1080p video quality.

Get started with Rocketium

Higher video export quality and direct integration with YouTube makes this an excellent choice too.

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