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You never need to remember your password again!

Using LastPass Password Manager all you need to remember is just one password to get access to all your accounts online. And using hacks mentioned in this review you don't even need that one password anymore if you don't want to. Free up your mind for better things than passwords!

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Forget all your passwords!

Get LastPass Premium for just $36 per year.

Introducing LastPass

This LastPass review will discuss why this app is a breath of fresh air in this modern world with all the passwords we have to remember. LastPass makes a simple promise to you, “LastPass remembers all your passwords, so you don't have to.” And it fulfills this promise and then some as you will see.

And if you are looking to get the best deal on LastPass, I will let you know on what to expect in the way of LastPass coupon codes.

What is LastPass?

LastPass as the name suggests provides a way of just having one password which they call the master password that gives you access to all your other super secure passwords you will never remember. As a way of an example do you think you would ever remember this – S!o8yk55q9$#?

I just generated that password using LastPass and I know I will never remember it again and more importantly it is virtually impossible for any password cracker to break a combination like that.

So not only does LastPass give you the convenience of just remembering one password it makes all your other passwords you use more secure. You know the passwords I'm talking about here the ones you use to access websites some of which have personal data and payment records on them and might at this moment be “Daffodils2019”. As much as you might like Daffodils, it aint secure and is super risky to use on websites with your personal info on them.

Ok with that in mind let's see who the people behind LastPass are.

Who is the man behind LastPass?

William Wagner

You will be glad to know the people behind LastPass are a large enterprise and not some fly by night company. Specifically LastPass is a brand under the LogMeIn company with current CEO being William (Bill) Wagner (pictured).

You may also be familiar with some of LogMeIn's other leading apps like GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar and Jive.

Needless to say this company has a history of top rated apps backed by a large employee base who continually make them better.

The CEO Bill Wagner is joined by an executive team of 14 other senior executives which you can find on their about us page.

How to use LastPass?

It's really simple to use LastPass. Download the app on all your devices that you access websites from and make sure to install the LastPass extensions relevant to the browser you use – for me this is Google Chrome. 

Then whenever you are presented with a screen to login, LastPass will automatically fill out the details relevant to that website and all you have to is click the login button. Whenever you create a new account you will be presented with an option to generate a secure password.

If you are using another password manager it does have an option to import those passwords which is great!

But I thought I would use this section to highlight the most secure way to use LastPass which is by adding 2 step authentication. This makes your LastPass vault impenetrable and is a highly recommended next step after installing the app on your devices. I go even as far as having a Yubikey connected to LastPass but the same effect can be achieved with software like LastPass Authenticator. 

See LastPass Authenticator in action in the video below.

LastPass Key Features

LastPass vs RoboForm

A few thoughts on the above

Even though I give credit to both apps as being easy to use in my personal experience LastPass takes the title of easiest to use. If you are an Apple device user, you might find the experience of 1Password better than LastPass and RoboForm.


LastPass Pros

LastPass Cons

Are there Up-sells?

There is no upsell with LastPass.

You may get periodic emails and notifications for their family plan and enterprise plans for larger companies and IT departments that need the highest levels of security and support.

LastPass Alternatives?

There is a notable competitor for LastPass in the form of RoboForm as already discussed. If you are fully in the Apple ecosystem, you may prefer the 1Password app.

For myself personally I tried RoboForm and preferred LastPass for its sheer ease of use when integrated with my primary browser Google Chrome. Get the Chrome add-on to experience this for yourself. However RoboForm has one huge advantage going for it when it makes the claim of, “Never being hacked”, which unfortunately LastPass has in its history once but never again (here's hoping!). If of any password manager being hacked follow all instructions, they give you which will include changing your master password but for the highest security get 2 step authentication and you will be secure.

Do I recommend LastPass?

There is no greater recommendation I can make than to tell you that I use LastPass myself and not only that I use it every single day. Its one of those apps you hardly even notice because of how it integrates with Chrome and just automatically fills your details in the login areas of websites you use.

But believe me as soon as you go to another computer that doesn't have LastPass installed you immediately notice how much you depend on and love using it. In those cases where you are on another computer like at a hotel for example you can login to your LastPass vault and copy your password from there – so rest assured the statement of never having to remember your password again rings true even in those rare situations.

I love it and I know you will too. 

So why not sign up to a free account first to see the benefit for yourself.

Forget all your passwords!

Get LastPass Premium for just $36 per year.


LastPass Coupon or Discount?

At this moment there are no LastPass coupon codes or discount deals. However they have been known to make special offers around seasonal holiday sales like Black Friday and 4th of July. My best advice would be to sign up to the free account so you first get a feel for how LastPass works and then you will get notified of any special deals as soon as they become available.

If you use any of the links to buy LastPass Premium you can claim a bonus from me too. (Details below)

I will display any other LastPass coupon codes found below (if any)

How to claim LastPass Bonuses?

Looking for a bonus when purchasing LastPass? 

Well, you are in the right place because when you use any link on this page to buy you can claim one of the premium bonus packs below. 

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Forget all your passwords!

Get LastPass Premium for just $36 per year.

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