Kickstart Vault Review

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Getting access to large amounts of quality software has all often too been a struggle. Finding high powered software tools compiled into volumes is almost as unheard of as the companies who own them seeking to generate maximum profits by charging you full prices for each and every piece of software. Then once you bought it, you alone are allowed to use it and make your investment back through utilization of the software as opposed to being able to buy and resell it as you see fit. However, it is this unique and innovative capability that has made Kickstarter Vault a potential game-changer in the realm of online program marketing. So what are some of the pros and cons of Kickstarter Vault?

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Kickstart Vault Pros

Multiple volumes

One fantastic pro about Kickstarter Vault is the fact that even though they combine dozens of software programs that you can buy at the same time, they do not put them all in a single unpurchaseable package. By breaking it up into four smaller volumes, this has a myriad of positive trickle-down benefits to clients.

One of the best is that people can purchase the software they specifically want. Perhaps you only needed 10 or 12 programs and not all four volumes. By selecting the volume which has the elements that you desire, you are able to save money as well as still benefit from the combined package deals. These program libraries have a huge variety in the types of programs offered from instant mobile web pages to Facebook survey software, ultimate sales pages, and even video game quizzes. With such a wide variety of programs to choose from, utilize, and play around with, this is a lot less like a product that you simply purchase and more like a box of treasure for you to unpack.

Selling the software

Yes that’s right! When you buy this software you also gain the right to resell it! This means that not only is the software beneficial and useful for you and all the work you may be doing but you can also sell the software itself as a product. This can be done in a variety of different ways such as selling each element individually for a recommended price of about $10 a piece, to posting it on paid membership sites where it is sold there. You can even customize it so you have your own branding and you can sell it from your own sites.

Perhaps you even decide to utilize the tools to create different interactive demos on your own website illustrating the different functional elements of each of the softwares with buy options available for people who like the elements they see. This ability to sell software that you have bought as well as utilize it for your own personal use makes Kickstarter Vault an unheard-of treasure trove and potentially hugely lucrative. You can even use them as incentives when people buy a program or product of your own and you include it as a bonus, as long as the

product you are selling is still over the minimum purchase price for the Kickstarter Vault software.

Kickstarter Vault Cons

All excellent programs have limitations and Kickstarter Vault is at least forthright and open about the purposeful limitations which they set upon those who desire to utilize their programming. This upfront nature about what you can and cannot do is an excellent departure from previous software or program developers who are not as upfront about it. So what are some of the limits?

Cannot be free

Perhaps you were planning to be generous with your programming software to colleagues or friends but that would be a huge no! Kickstarter Vault’s software cannot be given away for free. No matter how altruistic your motives may be, this is paid software and the right you are given upon your purchase is the right to utilize it, to sell on its own, or to sell the programs in conjunction with your own products, and you agree to sell it for a minimum price. If you are going to sell it or transfer it to other individuals, it has to be done as a monetary transaction and cannot simply be given away for free. If you believe that you’ll be able to get around this by simply posting the software downloads on a free membership site, you would again be wrong as this is specifically prohibited by Kickstarter Vault. Posting it for free download on a free site is the same as giving it away for free and is in violation of Kickstarter Vault’s software rights.

Cannot sell rights

It may not come as a total shock but you can also not sell the rights to the products. You can sell the products but not the rights to them. This means that you cannot transfer the Facebook survey tools and the rights will legally become the individuals who bought them. Kickstarter Vault owns the rights to the software and you have the right to sell that software. Think of it this way, you can sell your computer to another individual, but they do not suddenly own the rights to your Windows operating software. By thinking of the software as a physical product, that can help you understand the kind of rights that are involved. Your client will own the product but they will not own the rights to it in a legal sense.

Bearing all this in mind, though, Kickstarter Vault is an excellent choice for individuals who need a library of high-powered, high-quality software. It comes with the added bonus of being able to resell it and recoup some revenue. Kickstarter Vault is definitely a professional tool for professional web developers.

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