Introducing Ultimate Bundles: Review

Learn a new skill with these tailored bundles at one low price point.

I first heard about the Ultimate Bundles team two years ago with their Genius Bloggers Toolkit and saw the incredible amount of resources you get for such a low price. Since then I’ve been a fan and I know you will be too.

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In this Ultimate Bundles review I will focus on the company behind these launches and how the whole story developed.

I will then talk briefly about what you can expect in the latest Ultimate Bundle which is launching March 27th 2019 called Master Your Money.

This is another super bundle worth $1284.41 but you will not pay nowhere near that and get to claim great bonuses too! Keep reading for all the details.


Who is this for? 

People who want their money to serve them and not the other way round. People who want the most out of their lives and don’t want to sacrifice the enjoyment of all the blessings they have in their life right now.

What do you get?

12 eBooks, 12 eCourses, 11 videos & 9 workbooks/printables

What does it cost?

$37 +$10 for cheat sheets upgrade

What is the upsell?

2019 Healthy Meal Planning Bundle

Sale Dates

27th March – 1st April 2019

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Full Ultimate Bundles Product List

Better Budgeting

Budgeting That Works: Live a life you love & run your money your way!
eBook by Caroline Vencil ($47.00)
Unlock the secret key you’ve been missing to finally make a budget that clicks and sticks!
Busy on a Budget
eCourse by Cara Harvey ($59.00)
A self paced e-course that helps you learn to create a budget for your family that is simple to follow, learn how to pay off debt fast and help you gain control of your finances!
How to Budget Even if you HATE Budgeting
video presentation by Taylor Medine ($19.00)

Learn how to better manage your money even if you’re not the best at budgeting and you prefer not to maintain regular budget spreadsheets.
How to Eat Healthy Whole Foods without Spending Your Whole Paycheck
Video presentation by Ginger Hudock ($19.00)
Learn how to budget and shop for healthy foods without having to spend your whole paycheck.  
The Budgeting Binder
Printables by Kelan & Brittany Kline ($9.00)
This 20+ page printable and digital budget binder comes with everything you need to help you start a budget that actually works, track your spending, prepare for emergencies, pay off your debt, and release some of the financial stress in your life.
The Ultimate Budget Breakdown
Workbook by Amy Raines ($27.00)
Helps you create a budget that works for your life with step-by-step instructions.

Defeat Debt

Debt Free Guide: Practical Tips and Lessons To Reach Debt Freedom
eBook by Allison Baggerly ($19.00)

Teaches you how to pay off debt fast and stay motivated even when you live paycheck to paycheck!

Debt Free in 18 Months
eCourse by Deacon Hayes ($67.00)

A proven strategy for eliminating $52,000 in debt in 18 months.

Pay Your Student Loans Fast: A Proven Plan for Eliminating $42,000 of Student Debt in Less Than 3 Years
eBook by Val Breit ($3.99)
A proven plan and inspiring guide that shows exactly how to eliminate over $42,000 in student loans in less than 3 years.

Public Service Loan Forgiveness Training
eCourse by Robert Farrington ($9.00)

Everything you need to know about Public Service Loan Forgiveness.

Student Loan Knockout
eCourse by Zina Kumok ($49.00)
This course shows you how to master your finances, take control of your student loans and create a financial plan that works for you.

Family Finances

DIY Financial Planning: Home Purchase
eCourse by Richard Davey ($80.00)
Step-by-step video course for creating a financial plan for your first home purchase.
How to Financially Prepare your Family for a New Baby
Video presentation by Lauren Daly ($19.00)

Lauren shares how her family saved thousands for their new baby, and how they came up with just how much they need. She will show you how to bring baby home with one less (financial) worry!
How to Live on One Income: Steps to Make it Work
eBook by Apryl Griffith ($5.00)
Living on one income is possible. For the past 10 years Apryl has been living on one income. She is excited to share the steps she took to make it work.
Marriage & Money: Making the Marriage of a Saver and Spender Work!
video presentation by Caroline Vencil ($19.00)
Money troubles are one of the biggest causes for divorce – learn how to successfully talk about money in your marriage even if you and your spouse are total opposites!
Money & Marriage Bundle
Workbook by Nicole Rule ($27.00)
Money Talks: The Ultimate Couple’s Guide To Communicating About Money
eBook by Talaat & Tai McNeely ($9.99)

Helps you open the lines of communication with your spouse, and reveals how you and your spouse can align yourselves together financially.
Teaching Kids About Money: Practical Ways to Raise Financially Savvy Kids

Video presentation by Brendie Heter ($19.00)

Shows parents how to take advantage of every day “teachable moments” and change the financial path of the next generation. Brendie, a trained financial coach, wants parents to feel confident regarding this sometimes overwhelming topic.

Increasing Your Income

Fancy Serial Numbers for Fun and Profit: Cash In on the Treasures Hidden in Your Wallet
eBook by John Wedding ($7.77)
Learn how to cash in on treasures called “fancy serial numbers” that could be in your wallet right now; gain knowledge that can turn that dollar bill into a nice dinner — or even a weekend getaway!

Great Ways to Make Money in Your Spare Time
eBook by Angie Nelson ($7.00)
This eBook will introduce you to some great ways to earn extra cash without a lot of extra time.

How I Made Over $12,000 Investing When The Stock Market Was Falling
Video presentation by Teri Ijeoma ($19.00)
Teaches you the top four secrets to make regular daily or weekly income using the stock market.

How To Earn A Living While Traveling Full-Time
Video presentation by Sean & Julie Chickery ($19.00)
Identify ways to earn an income while realizing your travel dreams.

How to Generate Passive Income with a Self-Published Book on Amazon
Video presentation by Jen Ruiz ($19.00)
Learn how to self-publish your book.

Side Hustle Starter Kit
Workbook by Nicole Butler ($27.00)
Ready to start making extra money from home but you don’t know where to begin? Do you want to see your idea come to life? Includes a Business Launch Plan, Expense Tracker and more!

Using Profit First for Your Side Hustle or Freelance Gig

Video presentation by Amber Dugger ($19.00)

Managing Money

7 Steps to a Financial Clean House
eCourse by Dawn ($36.00)

This email course will step you through the process to finally take control of your money and build financial security.

Financial Freedom Planner
Workbook by Jen Smith ($19.00)

An all-in-one guide to help you make long-term financial goals and short-term action plans that will get you to financial freedom faster.

Fixing Your Finances: A Practical Guide To Managing Money and Eliminating Debt
eBook by Ellen Ross ($8.99)

Explains how to take control of your finances in a realistic manner and achieve your financial goals.

Full-Time RV Finance: Learn How to Afford Your Full-Time RV Travel Dreams
eBook by Sean & Julie Chickery ($3.99)

Helps you prepare financially for the full-time RV lifestyle.

How to Move Beyond the Budget and Build Lasting Wealth
Video presentation by Nicole Hatcher ($19.00)

Learn why budgeting is critical to achieving financial freedom (but also why it’s only the tip of the iceberg).

Personal Finance Essentials
Interactive Workbook by Kathryn Hanna ($24.00)

This spreadsheet will change the way you view your finances by helping you organize and analyze your data to reach your financial goals.

The 4% Rule: Safe Withdrawal Rates In Retirement
eBook by Todd Tresidder ($4.99)
The knowledge contained in this book will help you remove the uncertainty around retirement savings and deepen your understanding of strategies other than the 4% rule so you can retire worry-free.

The Financial Reboot: Take Control of Your Finances
eBook by Tracie Fobes ($9.99)
Helps you get out from beneath the financial burdens keeping you up at night.

The Financial Renovation
eCourse by Lauren Greutman ($99.00)
This course helps families create financial freedom by sharing simple, easy ways to take back control of their money, live within their means, and create the simpler, happier life they’ve always dreamed of.

The Quick Start Guide to Ditching the Cards and Living on Cash

eBook by Angela Davis ($27.00)
Shows you step-by-step how to transition from using your credit and debit cards to pay for life to using cold hard cash.

Money Mindset

21 Day Money Challenge: Jumpstart Your Journey to Financial Freedom
eCourse by Nicole Hatcher ($21.00)
A complete in-depth course that includes 21 real-world money lessons to help you get financial results quickly without overwhelm.

5 Ways Savvy Women Practice Financial Self Care
Video presentation by Takisha Artis ($19.00)
Teaches you how to start confidently handling your money and make better financial decisions with these 5 savvy tips to make financial self-care part of your lifestyle.

Change Your Money Story
eCourse by Eileen Adamson ($63.00)
An exciting 5 day course to help to create a happier, healthier and wealthier relationship with money.

How To Be Frugal
eCourse by Jennifer Roskamp ($99.00)
This self paced course teaches you how to create a budget, how to feed a family frugally, how to shop smart both online and in the store, how to use coupons, how to save money around your home, and so much more.

Managing Money God’s Way: A 31-Day Daily Devotional About Stewardship and Biblical Giving
eBook by Bob Lotich ($9.99)
Join Bob in this 31-day daily devotional as he shares his own experiences, insights, questions, and discoveries about Biblical money management and what we can do to be better stewards of our money.

The 5 Life-Changing Steps to Making Budgeting FUN!
Video presentation by Nicole Rule ($19.00)
An overview of the Greatest Worth signature process of money management. A process that eliminates money worries and instead brings you JOY and fulfillment. Make a life you love. Start with your money.

Saving Money

30 Day Money Saving Challenge
Workbook by Amanda Waterston ($21.00)
Will help you find new ways to save and manage your money if you’re up for the challenge!

Saving More, Spending Less

Workbook by Isabel Freitas ($19.00)
This workbook will help you actually enjoy the money you already make and put it to work for you! So you can start living more and giving more!

The Quick Guide to Saving Money on Groceries with Printable Pack

eBook by Lisa Sharp ($5.00)
Helps you reduce your grocery budget without sacrificing quality.

Ultimate Money Saving Guide
Workbook by Lauren Daly ($27.00)
Lauren shares over 250 tips and tricks to cut your monthly expenses, many which you can do TODAY without sacrificing your quality of life.

Bonus Partners

Coming soon!

What is Ultimate Bundles?

Ultimate Bundles is all about being a better you by bringing together some of the brightest minds to provide a large (and I mean large) range of digital resources in several areas as diverse as.

  • Blogging
  • Productivity
  • Finances
  • Healthy Living
  • Essential Oils
  • Photography

It began as a side project in 2012 and intended as a onetime deal but since those humble roots it continues to grow into a powerhouse resource collection. One of the best things about the bundles is the value you get out of them with over $1,000 in resources and books for $37 (early bird pricing) not being unusual. 

What you get for that price is typically over $1200 worth of digital goods and sometimes even a physical goods bonus. A recent example of this was for the Ultimate Productivity Bundle where you got a bag of the “Morning Motivator Peruvian Maca” for free. 

I will update this post if details of another physical goods bonus is available on the latest Master Your Money bundle. In my mind it makes the deal a steal as long as it’s something you would want to buy anyway which it was with the last bundle. 

The Ultimate Bundles team are fantastic at knowing what we want and we love them for it because it’s hard to say no at the price they offer.

Who are the founders of Ultimate Bundles?

Ryan Langford
Stephanie Langford

Ultimate Bundles is a family-owned business started by Ryan and Stephanie Langford.

They are proud of their humble roots talking about how Ultimate Bundles funded a family holiday, and that’s all they ever intended it to be but the response they got definitely showed them that there was something more to this idea and let’s be honest we all love a great deal so they were right on the money by releasing these bundles.

Ultimate Bundles has grown significantly since that fateful day in 2012. Now this dynamic duo has grown to include a staff of seven professionals (covering areas such as operations, marketing, technical, recruitment, customer happiness and affiliates like me who love to promote them and when you buy your first bundle, I’m sure you will too).

If you want to be an affiliate, you can do so here. 

(They run a great affiliate contest including a chance to win prizes like an iPad, MacBook and even a top of the range iMac).

How to use Ultimate Bundles?

When discussing Ultimate Bundles they will blow you away by the sheer volume of materials and this can be both a positive and negative based on what you are expecting to get out of it. 

The reason I highlight this is that when you sign up to a bundle, you get so many resources in the form of eBooks, courses, cheat sheets, videos and sometimes physical goods.

This has become a thing with Ultimate Bundles to the degree they mention it on their sales page by giving tips and tricks on how to best plan your way through the bundle. You will see this in the FAQ section titled, “HOW MUCH TIME WILL IT TAKE TO USE THE BUNDLE?”.

Most of the resources you get as soon as you buy but others like courses require you to sign-up with the particular course creator themselves. Sometimes there can be time limits to courses which Ultimate Bundles state as six months. So sign up to those resources first so you have access to everything.

Ultimate Bundle Key Features

  • Huge selection of resources for immediate download
  • Great support from their director of Customer Happiness
  • Lots of freebies and bonuses included with each launch
  • Numerous niches covered with training
  • 12 expert lead teachers to learn from
  • Over 1,200 contributing bloggers and authors
  • Good selection of eBooks, video and courses included
  • Physical good items also now being included
  • Dedicated bundle portal to access everything
  • 30 day money back guarantee

Are you ready to Master Your Money?

Over $1,200 in financial mastery resources for just $37.

Get your bundle today

Ultimate Bundles Pros

  • Huge range of resources to select from
  • One low price (typically early bird pricing is $37)
  • High quality resources
  • Lots of freebies including memberships & physical goods

Ultimate Bundle Cons

  • Possibility for overwhelm
  • Bundle prices don’t last long (a few days at most)

Ultimate Bundles FAQ

Is Ultimate Bundles a Scam?

100% no they are not a scam. On, their sales page they tell you exactly what you will get when you buy it directs you to your bundles portal and the items are all their waiting for you to download. However, the best advice for Ultimate Bundles is to look for at least 2-3 key resources you want before buying and focus on those because there is just so much that’s included.

Why are Ultimate Bundles so cheap?

I know it can seem a scam when you see a discount of 90-98% but online this is common and another good example is AppSumo who focus on digital apps and software downloads.

The reason they can offer such deals is that they don’t last long. What this does is act as a way of promoting the blogger or author who is hoping to get repeat business out of you. It makes sense that if you love the resource of a particular author; you are more than likely going to follow them and maybe buy from them directly.

Is Ultimate Bundles worth the price of admission?

This can be a tricky one because it really depends on you. In my previous point I mentioned the need to scour the sales page and find at least 2-3 products that really stand out to you. If you do this, it guarantees you getting your money’s worth because you get those resources and so much more including freebies. 

Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes, Ultimate Bundles always include a 30 day money-back guarantee. To claim a refund you have to email their customer support which I’m glad to say they take customer happiness seriously (so much so they have a director for it!)

They will honor your request as long as you do so within 30 days of your purchase receipt.

Are there Up-sells?

Yes, this is one of their primary ways of increasing revenue as the base price is so low.

So when you buy a bundle they will present you with other options to add – for example for the latest Master Your Money Bundle they are offering a $10 up-sell to buy the cheat sheets to help you get through the materials more efficiently.

This will help immensely to prevent overwhelm when buying the bundle and comes highly recommended. 

They are also offering their 2019 Healthy Meal Planning Bundle as an affordable up-sell to your cart.

So even though they have an up-sell it is not like so many others out there that charge you a low base price and then a whopping upsell price once they have got you to commit some of your money. 

So you will not feel taken advantage of when buying an Ultimate Bundle.

Ultimate Bundles Alternatives?

Ultimate Bundles is unique in this space for two reasons:

First, the people they are targeting (self-improvement junkies) and the huge library of resources in such diverse topics.

Like seriously when do you ever hear of a company selling an Essential Oils toolkit whilst also having a blogging toolkit, it’s quite unique but they know what their target market (you the enterprising self starter) wants and needs.

Yes, there are numerous other “bundle type deals” out there but they typically focus on just one thing. For example, a photography website that just has bundles for photographers but with Ultimate Bundles you don’t just get one type of bundle but numerous options all throughout the year.

Do I recommend Ultimate Bundles?

I’m a huge fan of a good deal (so much so I created the website for online business owners).

So with that in mind it should be no surprise I recommend Ultimate Bundles where you easily get $1200+ of tools and resources for just $37.

The only question you need to ask yourself before buying is, “Do I need to immerse myself in this area?”

If you want to Master Your Money this year, then the latest Ultimate Bundle is tailormade for you.

Are you ready to Master Your Money?

Over $1,200 in financial mastery resources for just $37.

Get your bundle today


Is there an Ultimate Bundles Discount Coupon?

The only Ultimate Bundles discount or coupon code is the deal they present.

Nowhere on the checkout page do they offer the option of entering a coupon code which is not surprising considering all they give you. 

I will display latest Ultimate Bundles discounts below:

How to claim Ultimate Bundle Bonuses?

Looking for a bonus when purchasing Ultimate Bundles? Well, you are in the right place because when you use any link on this page to buy you can claim one of the premium bonus packs below. 

Important: Right click links and open in a new private/incognito window to ensure your claim 

If you purchase today, I can offer you ONE of my premium Ultimate Bundles bonuses. I have lined up great gift packs in the following categories.

  • Website and Graphic Design
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Conversion and analytics
  • Video Marketing
  • SEO Marketing
  • Social Media
  • eCommerce
  • Webmaster Tools
  • Marketing and PR


To claim a bonus pack email support at

Are you ready to Master Your Money?

Over $1,200 in financial mastery resources for just $37.

Get your bundle today

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