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Looking for a little weekend reading?

With so much to learn about marketing, landing pages can be a challenge at best and overwhelming at worst. That’s why we’re excited to present you with a new (and free) gift. It’s called The Ultimate Guide to Landing Pages. Whether you’re building your very first landing page, or optimizing your newest sales funnel, we’ve created your new go-to resource for creating landing pages that convert.

This multimedia learning experience features six chapters, over 30,000 words, and a mixture of videos, infographics, guides, podcast episodes and more—all designed to deliver you a comprehensive and unparalleled landing page education.

And it’s all 100% free for you to enjoy this weekend.

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Need a sneak peek into what you’ll be getting with this new and free guide?

Chapter 1: What is a landing page?

In a Leadpages survey of marketers and business owners, only 14% knew the correct definition of a landing page. Here, we’ll start at the beginning and lay the groundwork for the rest of the guide.

Chapter 2: What are landing pages used for?

No matter your business, there’s a use case for landing pages to help you grow it. We cover the most popular strategies and uses of landing pages to give you new and exciting ideas.

Chapter 3: Your Guide to Creating Landing Pages

Ever been unhappy with the copy on your landing page? Or felt the design wasn’t up to par? We can help! This entire chapter is dedicated to creating the best landing pages possible.

Chapter 4: Your Guide to Landing Page Optimization

Using landing pages in your marketing is a great start, but it’s only the beginning. Optimizing them—making small changes to increase conversion rates—is key to seeing bigger results. This chapter reveals what to get right and what to test.

Chapter 5: How do I drive landing page traffic?

For many business owners, the missing ingredient to getting real results with landing pages is traffic. How do you get people to find your landing pages? How do you drive traffic both right now and long into the future? This chapters breaks it all down for you.

Chapter 6: Getting Started with Marketing Automation

Lastly, we’ll discuss marketing strategies and sales strategies that you can start implementing today. Learn how to turn those leads you’ve finally generated into raving customers of your products and services.

With videos, guides, briefs, ebooks, and tons of engaging and valuable instructional copy, The Ultimate Guide to Landing Pages is the most in-depth resource we’ve ever made.

See for yourself right now. ?

To higher conversions,
Ryan Kopperud
Educational Content Creator

P.S. No matter where you are in your marketing journey, I can personally promise this guide will provide you at least one actionable strategy, interesting idea, or unique piece of information.

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