How to Fix Email Deliverability Woes in WordPress?

We all love WordPress right?

But one of the more subtle issues with this website management platform has been up till now email deliverability. It's not the type of thing you immediately think about when choosing platforms or after installing WordPress on your server but there are definite times when you will notice the issue creeping in.

For example, you have decided to install WooCommerce to start selling digital products and services online and after you sell that first product you get an email from a frustrated client that they didn't get their downloadable product.

You scratch your head confused because you spent hours double checking all your WooCommerce settings and then you realize the client probably didn't get their order confirmation email or it went to the spam folder.

This is just one example but there are so many more where you will wish you had sorted this all too common issue with WordPress sooner.

Thank goodness there is a solution and the best part its free to implement.

Setting up a WordPress SMTP Link

The first thing you will want to do is install the WP Mail SMTP plugin.

This plugin comes to you from the talented team lead by serial WordPress entrepreneur Syed Balkhi.

After installing and activating the plugin, go to the settings for this plugin to work with your chosen mail provider. WP Mail SMTP has support for the following 4 services as of this writing.

  • Gmail
  • Mailgun
  • SendGrid
  • Other SMTP

For the purposes of this tutorial I will explain the Gmail process but each service has its own setup guide you can follow on the WP Mail SMTP website. The guides are easy to find as dynamic links to the setup guides are included as soon as you choose your preferred mail option.

Gmail example

First option to choose is the From Email.

In this field you will enter the standard email address for your business like

Second option is the “From Name” which should be the name of your company or just your name if you are a personal brand.

Third option is the “Return Path” which is useful to enable to see when emails are bouncing or not delivered.

Fourth option is where you choose your “Mailer” from the 4 options already mentioned. In our example its Gmail and as soon as you select this that dynamic link appears to the setup guide.

To summarize the process you will need to setup an API for Gmail and then enter your client ID, client secret and authorized redirect URI.

Now don't worry its really easy and doesn't require any coding skills to do. You simply connect and authorize your Google Account with WP Mail SMTP.

As already mentioned there is a guide that shows you the process so I'm not repeating it here – you will find this guide for Gmail at

Once you have those settings in place you can click the save settings button.

Now its time to confirm that everything is working as it should so go to the Email Test section of WP Mail SMTP and send a test email to a different email than the one you entered in the “From Email” field.

You should see an email coming from the name and email you setup in the WP Mail SMTP settings screen.

And that is all there is to it, you can now rest assured that all emails being sent from your WordPress installation will be handled by the professional infrastructure of your chosen mailer.

This should mean greater deliverability and less frustrated clients in your business when using any email functions of WordPress. Some of the more notable cases of this as already mentioned are online shops but also could include:

  • Forums
  • Membership sites
  • BuddyPress (creating your own social network)
  • Affiliate portals
  • And any other third party plugin that sends email to users

One final note about WP Mail SMTP

The free version is a great start but there is also a premium version with prices ranging from $49-$99 per year and for this you will get.

  • Manage Notifications – control which emails your site sends
  • Email Logging – keep track of every email sent from your site
  • Office 365 – send emails using your Office 365 account
  • Amazon SES – harness the power of AWS
  • – send emails using your account
  • Access to a world class support team
  • White Glove Setup – sit back and relax while they handle everything
  • Install WP Mail SMTP Pro plugin
  • Set up domain name verification (DNS)
  • Configure Mailgun service
  • Set up WP Mail SMTP Pro plugin
  • Test and verify email delivery

But before you even think of going premium, download the free version first because you get a 20% discount when upgrading.

Get started here.

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