Hour of Power – A Great Start for Everyday

It's amazing when inspiration can hit. For me today it was an advert for a TV breakfast show which highlighted the hour of power philosophy.

[socialrocket-tweet quote=”How you spend the first hour of your day often dictates how your whole day will go.” tweet=”How you spend the first hour of your day often dictates how your whole day will go.” style_id=”default”]

Now I'm sure you agree that this isn't a profound statement as we instinctively know it to be true. However, it's amazing how a simple quote of truth can resonate deeply. This was one of those moments for me.

It got me thinking, with all that we have going on in our lives, mainly because of “digital” distractions – it can often feel we are not “winning” the game of life. We come to the end of a day and think to ourselves, “What was the point?” and “Who am I becoming?”

But after seeing that TV breakfast show and hearing the quote it inspired something in me.

Focus on that 1st hour of your day – and I mean really focus on it. As if it literally has the power to turn your day around. Then when you tick off that first hour of power you have already started the day with a small, but important victory.

If all you got right was that first hour of the day, you would already be ‘winning' especially compared to the majority who don't even think about it.

Not only do you get the satisfaction of having an amazing first hour, but you get that extra boost of a ‘little' thing called momentum, which is one of the most powerful forces of nature set up by the Creator Himself.

Now you might think this sounds like a lot of pressure for the first hour to live up to.

And you'd be right because many people immediately think of all these amazing things they could and should be doing as they jump out of bed.

For some of you it might mean that your running shoes are right by your bed waiting for a morning run or maybe your mind immediately gravitates towards writing the next symphony or the next Moby Dick – all first thing in the morning.

That is just far too much pressure at the beginning.

Sure if you get into a habit of writing for an hour in the morning you could have a best seller within a few months but that is not the point even though it could be an amazing side benefit.

The point is about taking control of your life and not letting life toss you around for at least that first hour. For Christians spending time with God in prayer and reflecting on His Word is an incredible use of time.

I will often in my bed fire up my Bible app and do my reading for the day and then proceed to some writing. Whenever I do, it feels great.

But again I would like to make this process even simpler by suggesting something so simple to begin with that then triggers a chain reaction of the next steps for your hour of power routine.

What is the first step to an Hour of Power?

Drink a glass of water!

So simple but exactly what your body needs after being asleep for 7-9 hours. But the more important thing that this first step signals to you is that you are up and you have several other important steps to complete achieving your hour of power goal.

For me it looks something like this

  • Wake up (time varies between 05:30-08:00 on the weekends)
  • Drink a glass of water (Squeeze of lemon juice too)
  • Do 10 push ups (again so quick and easy to do)
  • Shower and grooming
  • Read Psalms and Proverbs (Good for inspiration)
  • Prayer (Again good for inspiration)
  • A session of writing (blessings, thoughts and review of top priorities)

That's what it looks like for me and that last step for you will probably be different and you need to adjust based on your priorities.

Just imagine how different your life would turn out if you always had a day start like that.

For me and I'm sure this will be true for many other people who understand the power of the Spirit and being connected to your Creator I can think of no better use of that first hour than spending time with Him.

From this, the inspiration of the Divine One Himself imbues us and sets us up on a path we could not even dream of in our wildest dreams.

The scripture verse 1 Corinthians 2:9 springs to mind as I write.

Hour of Power

Side note: If you are a writer, just wait and see how that manuscript of yours takes shape after spending time with the Author of all authors.

If you enjoyed this post today, you might also be interested to pair your hour of power with these declarations of God's favor.

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