Google Business Reviews: How to add them

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The SEO landscape has changed dramatically over the last few years and one of the key areas of change has been the inclusion of the Google map with their business places listings.

This has lead to some incredible opportunities in the local business space for savvy business people. Unfortunately, most local businesses aren't truly capitalising on this opportunity.

In this post I am going to look at one of the key tips to getting top rankings by improving the Google business reviews you receive. Keep reading for the full scoop.

One of the keys to getting top rankings on Google Map (Places) listings is to have great reviews of your business on Google. If you look at this following graphic, which was of a search I did for a coffee shop in Edinburgh you will see an interesting trend.

This screenshot only shows three of the Google map listings but all seven listings had one visible thing in common – They ALL had a number of positive Google reviews. Check it out!

Google business reviews
So it is important to realise that this is a key area of focus for your local SEO strategy. There are a number of ways you could approach this but what about simply asking your current happy clients to spend 2 minutes giving you a review! You may want to add an incentive for your clients to review you to get even more positive reviews. Maybe have an iPad at the ready in your coffee shop or restaurant say? Just a thought.

How-to add a Google Business Review

So now that you realise reviews are important you can now use this little checklist to help your clients with the process to make it as easy as possible.

  1. Client has to have a Google account (If they use GMAIL they will have one)
  2. Tell client to search your company name on Google and then click the Google review option (See below)Google-reviews
  3. They will then be presented with a screen like below and then they must click “Write a review”
    Google-reviews on Google+
  4. They will then be asked to rate their experience and to write a review. When they press publish you then have an additional review for your business.

So in the beginning it may be good to ask your friends and family to add reviews and then if you still need to do a bit more to get to the top of the map you may want to offer incentives for happy clients to write a review.

Top TIP:

However the best tip is ultimately just be great at what you do because then natural word of mouth will work for you and there will be no need to worry about trying to game the system, it will just work beautifully.

PS: The above process does assume that the person was logged into their Google (GMAIL) account at the time of writing the review. If they were not logged in an option would simply show asking them to login. The process would be the same as above once logged in! See the video above if still unsure.

In Conclusion

Make sure to keep your Google readers subscribed to this blog because I will soon be publishing another post on the other key area of rising to the top of Google maps. What is this key you may ask? Quite simply build CITATIONS.

If you can't wait to find out more I highly recommend you download my free report of Local SEO Power, which you will get when signing up to my newsletter. (Details top right of this website.)

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