Good news! The Drip Email Automation FREE Forever Plan is here

So this week I heard some very good news for all you savvy eMarketers who are interested in email marketing automation.

As you may know none of the big players in the email automation space like Infusionsoft, ConvertKit, Ontraport etc. has offered a FREE forever plan. BUT no more as Drip is now giving you the chance to try automation for your business for FREE.

As always there is a limit to their generosity and in the case of Drip it equates to only 100 subscribers not quite as generous as MailChimp's 2000 but hey there was no smart automation with that service – so makes sense I guess.

Try Drip for yourself here

Full backstory from Drip below. (Plus see my pricing comparison very bottom for the top email automation tools)

A Bit of Background

In 2009, MailChimp rocked the email marketing world when they launched the first free plan from a major ESP.

The result?

Email marketing became accessible to tens of thousands of small businesses that had previously balked at the price, the barrier to entry, or the headache of getting set up.

And by doing this, MailChimp became the de facto standard for small businesses looking to get started with email marketing. It also became easy to recommend to friends and colleagues because the barrier to entry had disappeared.

Marketing automation, on the other hand, has been astronomically expensive since its inception. 10 years ago your only option for marketing automation with a visual campaign builder was clunky, hard-to-use, talk-to-a-salesperson enterprise software that started around $800/month.

Then a few years ago Infusionsoft upped their game by rolling out a visual builder and lowered the marketing automation barrier to entry into the $200–$300/month range.

And we took it a step further when we Drip launched Workflows in early 2016, and lowered the barrier to $49/month.

Followed by our $1 plan, launched just a few months ago.

Which, to be honest, felt pretty amazing.

What Have We Seen Since Then?

By lowering the barrier to entry, Drip is rapidly becoming the de facto email marketing automation choice for digital marketers, professional bloggers, e-commerce operators, consultants, and startups.

These are companies and individuals who want to get up and running, make an upward move from old-style email marketing, or transition away from clunky, overpriced enterprise tools.

And while the difference between a $1 plan and a free plan doesn’t sound like a lot, the psychological difference between free and any price is a big deal.

It’s enough that some businesses—typically the ones that need it most—still see it as a barrier to entry.

And now, with the launch of our free plan … we’ve obliterated that barrier.

When you visit the pricing page today, you’ll find our Starter plan listed at $0 a month. That includes all our built-in features and lets you get started with up to 100 contacts. It’s a great choice if you’re just starting to build your email list, or if you already have a larger list but want to really dig into Drip and make sure you understand all it has to offer before moving all your contacts over.

That plan will stay free forever (with an option to upgrade if you pass the 100-contact mark).

As of today, there are no excuses for not trying Drip.

World-class email marketing automation has never been so accessible.

Give it a try

Before I end this post

One thing that is important to bear in mind before choosing any email marketing platform is pricing as your list grows. As great as it is to test drive 100 subscribers – most successful online businesses will deplete that usage within weeks/months and be forced to upgrade. So let us have a look at the pricing for some of the top email automation tools at a level of 25000 subscribers.

ConvertKit – $199 per month
Active Campaign – $135 per month
Drip – $254 per month
Ontraport – $297 per month

What do I use you may ask?

At this moment Active Campaign, but who knows after giving Drip's free trial a test drive I may change my mind.

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