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Whether you are into blogging for fun or you run a small business, the need to invest in design to make your website outstanding cannot be overemphasized. One of the fundamental things that would make your website visitors stick to your website is the design.

No matter how captivating your products and content is, no one will even consider buying your products if your design is ugly. Therefore, you need to invest funds on design in order to make your website appear stunning and to convert. This is where Elegant themes comes handy. You just have to pay a one-time fee of $89 for a years access and you get to enjoy their entire collection of 87 themes. There is an even a lifetime license, which really is the best value for money as updates are regular.

When it comes to theme and plugin shopping, Elegant Themes certainly deserve a place on your shortlist. However, are their themes and plugins really what your website need? Should you subscribe to Elegant Themes or continue your search? At the end of this review, hopefully, all your doubts will be cleared for you to make an informed decision.

Let’s get started


Elegant Themes was launched 8 years ago and has currently served over 400,000 users. Since the establishment of Elegant Themes at the founder’s college apartment, their workforce has increased to over 40 employees spread across several countries. The philosophy behind Elegant Themes is that all their themes are properly designed, as well as, easy to use. In addition, their themes are usually backed up by a frequent update and speedy support. One good thing about Elegant Themes is that they are always improving.

All 87 of their themes are best suited for blogs in every niche which include:

  • Themes for apps sites,
  • Business blog themes,
  • Premium and stylish personal blogs,
  • Portfolio themes for writers and designers,
  • Conversion optimized e-commerce themes,
  • Best elegant themes for Tumblr blogs and also
  • Ravishing magazine blog themes that focus on content optimization.


Elegant Themes Main features

Elegant Themes has several features to make your website stunning. Some of its features are;

  • The Ultimate Toolkit: When you are subscribed to Elegant Themes, it gives you access to all the 87 amazing themes, as well as, three amazing plugins such as Visual page builder, Divi, and the ultimate WordPress theme.
  • Unlimited Use: Unlike other theme providers that charge all manners of sundry charges, with Elegant Themes you are guaranteed of enjoying unlimited use simply by paying a one-time fee.
  • Custom SEO titles: In case you want to add a different title for your website’s homepage, Elegant Themes support custom titles changes.
  • Custom Meta description: In order to generate more clicks from Google SERPS, this feature will enable your themes to be properly optimized.
  • Canonical URLs: This feature will prevent your blog or website from being penalized by Google for a content duplicate.
  • Ad Management; With Elegant Themes, your banner ads will seamlessly be placed all over your WordPress sites.
  • Integrated Lab; This feature will enable you to add third-party scripts like Google Analytics, Yoast code, and Alexa code, among others.
  • Contact form: The framework of Elegant Themes comes with a built-in contact form, which will seamlessly integrate with your WordPress sites.
  • Member Login: With this feature, you will be able to add registration and login forms on your websites.
  • Fast loading: Elegant Themes makes your WordPress sites load faster.

Elegant Themes Pros

  • Simple and easy way to create stunning websites
  • You do not need to be a coding expert to use Elegant Themes
  • Elegant Themes offers design consistency, thereby allowing you to create pages and templates
  • The themes are highly optimized; hence the load time of your website will be 3 seconds

Elegant Themes Cons

Despite its numerous benefits, there are still some drawbacks when you buy this product, some of which are;

  • You may likely experience compatibility problem with some WordPress plugins.
  • It is a bit difficult migrating to other WordPress themes

Elegant Themes – The Bottom Line

As a blogger, you already know that your website design is the key to attracting a potential audience. Google has also decided to give top priority to websites with stunning design elements which will make your site loading time faster. The only way to get a good design is either you hire an expert designer or

you invest funds in getting a design that is developed by a reputable team in the world just like Elegant Themes.

Elegant Themes is a dream for internet marketers and bloggers seeking to create stunning websites no matter the niche. These WordPress themes are a must-have for your collection and you are guaranteed of getting value for your money when using Elegant Themes. If for some reason you are not happy they also offer a money back guarantee – so there is no risk when joining.

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