CyberChimps Club Review

What Is the CyberChimps WordPress Themes Club?

Sometimes you want to use the best premium themes for your WordPress websites but have taken a step back only because of the high price, right? If you’ve faced this situation, you’d know the struggle.

Here how to solve this problem. CyberChimps WordPress Themes Club offers an array of products, including themes and plugins you can access for an entire year by just paying a minimal amount.

The best thing about this membership is that it doesn’t come with any restriction, be it in terms of several uses or the purpose behind usage.

Who Is CyberChimps Club for?

CyberChimps club membership targets different people and professionals; whether you wish to have an eCommerce WordPress theme or any other one, you can find a lot of things here.

  • Multiple Website Owners:

If you own various websites, this membership would be perfect for you as it allows you to use themes and plugins for as many sites as you require, with no limitations.

  • Freelancers & Agencies:

Not just for businesspeople, but this membership can cater to freelancers, web designers, and agencies respectively. Considering you can use these products for commercial purposes, there wouldn’t be any hassles if you wish to fulfill clients’ requirements with these plugins and themes.

Why Should You Join the CyberChimps Club?

When looking out for substantial reasons to why you should be choosing the club membership from CyberChimps, the advantages you can avail isn’t any less. Here are all the things you can expect for being their club member:

  • Access to Premium Themes:

CyberChimps boasts of having over 70 premium WordPress themes. And, having their club membership, you can access this inventory seamlessly and develop an attractive-looking website for your brand.

  • Frequent Addition of New Themes:

Mind you, the number of premium themes doesn’t restrict to 70 or anywhere closer. CyberChimps keep updating their extensive list by introducing new themes often. So, if you have a membership plan, you can access those new themes.

  • Unlimited Website Use:

CyberChimps doesn’t pose limitations for using their products, be it themes or plugins. Having a club membership allows you to use the products for both personal and commercial purposes. And then, you can even use themes and plugins for unlimited websites.

  • Bonus Resources:

Talking about something more, the membership plan by CyberChimps also provides bonus resources worth $349 without charging you any extra penny. In this category, you can get infographics and stock photos to make your site visually appealing.

  • Updates:

With this membership, you can avail regular updates of themes and plugins, along with bug fixes up to an entire year.

Different Theme Categories You Can Get with CyberChimps:

CyberChimps literally comes with a treasure chest of themes you can use to develop various websites at once or to redesign the current portal repeatedly throughout the time. Also, this club membership comprises several categories to differentiate the niches, such as –

Latest Themes

Popular Themes

Blog Themes

  • WooCommerce Themes
  • Business Themes
  • Magazine Themes
  • One Page Themes
  • Portfolio Themes
  • Free Themes
  • Other Themes

Popular WordPress Themes by CyberChimps:

Once you’ve signed up for CyberChimps, you can get access to CyberChimps’  popular themes. Some of the best WordPress themes that you can use from their end are mentioned below:

Happy Thoughts:

This one is a WordPress theme for business that mostly comprises several efficient options that would emphasize more on what your company has to offer and the niche it belongs to. Being a fully responsive theme, it can make your website work across different devices effortlessly.

Not just that, but Happy Thoughts is also SEO-ready; hence, it can help you obtain a higher rank on search engines. Furthermore, this theme includes different drag and drop elements to enhance the professionalism of your website.

Positive Vibes:

If you’re looking forward to having a professional theme, this one would be a perfect choice for your business. Simple and clean, Positive Vibes is quite ideal for small and medium enterprises. It’s been crafted by keeping the responsiveness in mind. 

Furthermore, this theme is SEO-ready and WooCommerce compatible as well. Rich in the feature, it can provide you an abundance of elements to play with. This theme is extremely customizable and comes with a demo data to begin your website.

One Page Business Pro:

Another one on the list is One Page Business Pro. Just as the name suggests, this one is a premium single page WordPress theme that’d be perfect for you if you don’t want a substantial website. Ideal for software companies, media houses, agencies, corporates, IT companies, service providers and other types of small businesses, this theme has an array of features to offer.

This mobile-friendly and responsive theme comprises full-width image section, ability to hide or display sections, page-scrolling effect, social media icons, header with logo, and much more things for you.

Responsive Pro: 

Being a straightforward theme, Responsive Pro provides a classic design to users. This widely-accepted and appreciated theme is easy to set up and also comes with several control functions that allow you to create the look and feel of the site however you want.

It can export content from different platforms and can help you display a slider on the homepage, amidst other features. Although this theme costs a whopping amount of $27; however, if you’re a CyberChimp club member, you can use this specific theme without paying a single penny from your pocket.

iFeature Pro 5.5:

When talking about this particular theme, it’s perfectly suitable for blogs and sites that deal in fashion, lifestyle, photography, food, and travel. Moreover, it’s fully compatible with Gutenberg update of WordPress as well; therefore, you can use different blocks to create pages and posts that your desire.

This premium responsive WordPress theme comprises several elements, like drag and drop, callout section, portfolio, Twitter bar, CyberChimps slider, and many other things. Additionally, this theme is SEO-ready as well; thus, helping you rank higher at every step.

iRibbon Pro 2:

iRibbon Pro is all about fulfilling your desire to have a vintage style website. Designed elegantly, this retro-styled theme comes with an alluring look and versatile features that provide an advanced edge to your site altogether.

This theme is mobile ready as well as SEO-friendly. There are varied skin color options from where you can choose the one that’d match the best with your website. And then, this theme also provides a sticky header, testimonial area, contact us form, and many other elements.

But CyberChimps Club is about a lot more than just themes!

Popular Plugin from CyberChimps:

When you navigate through the offerings listed at CyberChimps, you will come across a gamut of efficient themes and plugins. Talking about the latter, you can find a plugin to fulfill each of your tasks with no struggles.

Although all of the plugins provided by CyberChimps can be used for something or the other; however, WPLegalPages is one such plugin that’s famous and widely accepted by WordPress users. Let’s dig deeper and know more about this plugin.

  • What Is WPLegalPages?

Whether you’re coming up with a new website or you’ve been around for a while now, chances are you’d be familiar with the importance of making the site compliant with internet laws. And, this particular plugin helps you achieve that purpose.

It comes with an extensive list of more than 25 templates that you can use to display varied types of policies on your website. Ranging from Terms & Conditions to Privacy Policy, Affiliate Agreement, Refund Policy, return policy, Disclaimer, to so much more, this plugin can help you perfectly if you wish to make the site adequate as per the standards of the internet rules and regulations.

  • How to Set Up WPLegalPages?

Setting up this plugin on the website is quite an easy task. All you’d have to do is Install & Activate the plugin, add your Business Information, create Policy Pages, and you’re good to go.

Everything About the Latest Best Premium WordPress Themes Club:

Believing the statistics, there are more than 30,000 themes available out there. And, the astonishing part is that this number of hasn’t stopped right there. With each passing day, the WordPress community is bestowed with several amazing and beautiful themes developed by proficient coders from across the world.

In such a scenario, choosing one theme seems like finding the needle from the haystack. However, with the club membership of CyberChimps, you can be sure of getting regular updates whenever a new theme gets released. This membership comprises premium templates that are not just lightweight but responsive across devices as well.

How Much the Membership Will Cost You?

CyberChimps Club membership is a yearly subscription. For the first year, you’d have to pay $97, and for every year after that, you’d have to pay $67.

Wrapping Up:

Whether you’re a working individual or developer, the one-time cost per year for themes and plugins is quite a sensible cost. In the end, with this subscription plan, you can get a lot of value instead of choosing to buy premium WordPress themes every time you’d require one for your site. So, if you’re ready, visit their website and take up the subscription right away.

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