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A lot of people who I have talked to have asked me what to expect in regards to the cost to build a website. Most people who are in the market for a new website either for their personal use or business use will go down the road of searching Google and getting overwhelmed by all the options and different costs individuals and companies are charging for a website build. So i thought I would break the process down into an easy to understand article for you, which will explain the key things that affect cost and what your best options are moving forward.

What affects the cost to build a website?

There are a few things but it really comes down to three major cost factors.

Design Costs: Depending on the level of design requirements you have it will greatly influence the cost of the website. For example if you want every web page custom designed, with different custom pictures, icons etc. on each page it would be a very different price than for example going with a nicely designed template site with some minor “tweaks” to fit your requirements. There are so many great templates nowadays on systems like WordPress that I really do feel that complete custom design websites are now an utter waste of money. Unless however there is really a strong business and branding case for it.

Technical Costs: This one really does go without saying, if you want a really complex website that has advanced functions and processes this will naturally raise the developing costs of the website. For example a basic brochure website will be far cheaper than an e-commerce website with over 100 products. Also when additional requirements such as adding social networking and membership options are added, which many website owners now want it will naturally increase the price.

eMarketing Costs: Unfortunately a lot of people commission a website without giving proper consideration to this key aspect of a website. So many websites are designed and published so that the world can see them but the sad fact is that the world doesn't see them. The key part of eMarketing when it comes to building a website really comes in the research phase when proper keywords that are in high demand online with little competition must be chosen to give the new website a fighting chance to stand out.

Countless millions of websites are started everyday and the only way your website is going to be seen above those other options is by doing this eMarketing phase and doing the research before actually designing the website. At a minimum you should get a quote for keyword research and an idea of what to do once the website is published.

Pro tip: It is good to have an expert like The eMarketing Coach who can help in the above process by asking the right questions from the people who are designing your website. Too many websites are doomed to failure right at the start because this process is not done right.

Final thought:

So there you have it the three major aspects that affect the cost to build a website. In closing I would like to encourage you that when you get your new website designed that you should spend more time and money on eMarketing than you actually do on the first two elements of design and technical costs. This is a much wiser move as the first two elements will be a work in progress and can be easily changed and improved over time especially when using a website system like WordPress.

My team and I personally offer a service now where we will install and correctly configure a WordPress installation for US$50, which reflects my above sentiments of focusing costs on eMarketing and not design and technical only. This I have found is suitable for most people who are in the market for creating a new website. The beauty of it too is that you will end up with a website that actually becomes an asset and not a liability.

You can find out more about the wordpress installation service here.

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