CloudApp Review

Imagine being able to share your screen and images and at the press of the button annotate and share a link with your colleagues? Cloudapp does this and more in seconds.

Click, markup and share your screen in seconds!

There are many tools out there that allow you to create screenshots and recordings but what sets CloudApp apart is the thing it does next. Connect to the cloud and immediately create a link for you to share with your colleagues. Saving you valuable minutes of your time.

Does it work> see below

What is CloudApp?

CloudApp is a screenshot tool and screen recorder with the ability to annotate and markup the image you saved. This makes it very useful for teaching and giving directions to other people on whatever you may be doing on your screen. See below example of a WordPress editor marked up including the pixelate tool which is very useful when private information of yours is on screen.

Cloudapp Annotations showing arrows, circling and pixelate tool

So at this stage you might say to yourself, “Ok so it sounds like Microsoft OneNote or maybe my other favorite Snagit”. And yes you would be right it pretty much does the exact same thing those tools do but it goes one step further by making your next step of sharing your screenshot so much faster. 

It’s useless having this great tool to capture your screen and teach only to then waste time having to download it, open up Gmail or Slack, upload the screenshot there, type a message to your colleague and then hit send. With Cloudapp you create a screenshot and then a second later a popup shows you that a link has been copied to your clipboard ready for you to paste where you want it. No downloading and uploading here!

It really is best seen to be believed how much time and hassle this saves and the good news is that there is a free version you can get here.

Now the next question you might be asking yourself is what is the difference between the free version and paid version, well let’s look at that.

CloudApp Free vs CloudApp Pro

CloudApp Free

Great option to simply allow sharing of content
$ Free

  • Create unlimited screenshots and annotations
  • Screen recordings and gifs limited to 15s in length and 25 drops
  • Integrates with Zendesk, JIRA, Slack, Trello and more
  • 25MB of file bandwidth per file per day

Free download

CloudApp Pro

More export options and controls
$ 9-17
Per User Monthly

  • Unlimited everything including drops – gifs up to 1 minute
  • 1GB file bandwidth per day
  • Team collaboration features
  • Password protect links and share with specific people only
  • Brand your CloudApp file viewer
  • Improved enterprise level security
  • Store files on systems like Amazon AWS, Google, Box or custom

Get your copy

A few thoughts on the above

You would have seen in the features above something called drops this is what Cloudapp refers to anything you have created, uploaded or shared via Cloudapp. You will also see that the Pro version still has a limit on gifs of up to 1 minute in length – the official response from Cloudapp is that if you need more than that it is best to do a screen recording, which makes sense.

So the next question is how it handles video recordings and the .gif creator. For me personally, I am more interested in the screen recordings but will also demonstrate both for you.

CloudApp for Screen Recording

My first recording with CloudApp wasn’t ideal as the audio seemed to “hiccup” near the end. However, this might have had something to do with my laptop being short on battery at the time.

The 2nd recording you can see below and judge for yourself the quality.

As you can see audio and video quality are good – I do wonder if I can get rid of the finish and pause buttons. Possibly something that can be changed in settings – will let you know once I know.

CloudApp gif recorder

CloudApp Gif Creator
The above is an illustration of using the annotation feature for screenshots in CloudApp.

Do I recommend CloudApp?

Is CloudApp worth $9 a month compared to the one-time fee of Snagit?

Well, that depends entirely on your workflow. If you are creating a lot of screenshots and sharing that with colleagues then yes the time you save because of the cloud and automatic links it creates for sharing would be well worth it.

However, possibly the best deal on CloudApp is when you get it as part of AppSumo Briefcase. It’s only worth it if you are interested in more than just CloudApp obviously. 

Otherwise get started with CloudApp for free here.

Download CloudApp free

forever free screen capture, share and recordings


CloudApp Coupon or Discount?

At this time there is no CloudApp coupon or discount. The only deal as mentioned is getting it bundled with all the other tools available with AppSumo Briefcase

However it may be possible to organize other deals for you which is what my company ImDiscountCodes is all about. If enough people express interest in this we are able to organize exclusive deals on any number of apps, software and plugins you may need.

Visit to express your interest. (Talk to the friendly deal hunting bot)

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