The case for Charities using Fundraising Software

As a charity you have numerous target markets who can add value to your organisation. Everybody from donors, partners, volunteers, employees, trustees etc. who each have their own unique touch point with your organisation and interact with your charity in various different ways. It makes sense then to have some sort of database in place or more specifically to begin using fundraising software to help you better target and maximise the relationships you have with your different audiences.

There are numerous software options that cater to the needs of targeting different audiences, which in the conventional business world are called CRM systems. (Customer relationship management) systems. However as a charity or not for profit you have some unique needs and requests which your fundraising software needs to cater for. You may have specialist needs ranging from income processing, direct debits and gift aid that renders most CRM's useless to your cause. Software that is made with fundraising objectives in mind will save many hours of work, time and naturally money.

However one important tip in closing.

If you are using specialised fundraising software I would encourage you to ask the question of API connectivity. Or in English 🙂 what are the options for connecting the software to your website.

I have seen this personally with the work I have been doing for a charity client of mine and because of my focus on digital marketing strategy it naturally ranks high on the agenda that your software must be able to interface with your website and collect data online.

Charities more and more are turning online to generate awareness and buzz for their causes and you need to make sure that the leads and interest you create online is easily caught on your system. Most reputable companies will have this in place, but please do have the question of API high on your priority list when choosing.



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