Bring the Fresh Discount – Promo Coupon Code Rebate 2013


Save $20 on Bring the Fresh

If you have landed on this webpage you probably already know about Bring the Fresh by Kelly Felix and all the raving reviews it has. So if you are looking for a great deal via a rebate coupon code you are definitely in the right place.

Why buy Bring the Fresh from here?

 You get the best discounted price
 Largest collection of premium product discounts online
 Plus you get 1 FREE Premium theme from Elegant Themes ($39 value)


Get a $20 discount rebate off Bring the Fresh + Bonus by following these steps

  • Step 1 – Clear Browser Cookies

Merchants pay myself an affiliate commission for purchases made through this website. I have to be credited by the merchant in order to give you the rebate. Clearing your browser cookies will ensure that sales are properly recorded.

Google Chrome: Shortcut key: Ctrl + Shift + Del Check “Delete cookies…” 
Internet Explorer: Shortcut key: Ctrl + Shift + Del Check “Cookies” and click delete
Firefox: Shortcut key: Ctrl + Shift + Del Click “Clear Now”

  • Step 2 – Use my Affiliate Link to buy Bring the Fresh 

Click on the following link to go to website.

>> Bring the Fresh link (opens in new window)

  • Step 3 – Purchase

Make your payment to Bring the Fresh and then follow next step.

  • Step 4 – Forward Your Receipt

Forward your purchase receipt of the full month payment to our email address support [at] Please include your PayPal address to receive your rebate. That’s it and you will receive your rebate within 30 working days. 

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