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Give Your WordPress Website the Feminine Touch

Let's be honest for a moment. We all know WordPress is not the best looker for website design and layouts. Sure professionals can hack it but for most users giving WordPress a makeover has been a nightmare. But alas that is no longer the case because of the talented husband and wife duo who together are Bluchic Themes.

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Learn more about scores near the end of this Bluchic themes review.

Give your WordPress websitethe feminine touch

Bluchic themes now have direct integration with the best page builder for WordPress – Elementor. Making this a wise buy recommendation.

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Introducing Bluchic Themes

This Bluchic Themes review will discuss why it's the answer to that moment you hand over your business card to a potential client and you secretly hope they never visit your website. Too many people have felt this nagging issue with owning a WordPress website but with Bluchic and their range of feminine focused and inspired designs this fear need not be the case anymore.

And if you are looking to get the best deal on Bluchic Themes, I will let you know on what to expect in the way of Bluchic Themes coupon codes.

What is Bluchic Themes?

Bluchic Themes is a design house that focuses on WordPress theme layouts making for DIY website designers to get a website design they are proud to show off – especially when you can say you built it yourself.

All you need to do is join Bluchic Themes and download the theme you fancy most and customize with your unique voice and branding to make it all your own. If you really don't want to lift a finger with any “technical stuff” they can even setup WordPress and the theme with all recommended settings for you for a small fee.

Apart from these services they also offer social media templates (using Canva) to give your whole online presence and branding a “designer boost”. They include everything from traditional branding elements like business cards to new media elements like Facebook cover images and the perfect layout for Instagram shots.

But let's be honest the main thing we need to see when discussing Bluchic themes are how the themes look and feel.

Click images below to enlarge a few examples of the designs available:

Who are the founders of Bluchic Themes?

Husband and wife duo Andrew and Kathie founded Bluchic themes. They saw a gap in the market for WordPress designs that looked as good as they function with Andrew focusing on the coding and Kathie on the design elements.

This marriage of skills resulted in the founding of Bluchic Themes in 2012. Ever since they have continued to address one of WordPress's historic weaknesses in creating beautiful designs, one theme at a time.

All this without spending an arm and a leg for WordPress developers and designers. So a perfect win-win for the DIY website designer/owner.

How to use Bluchic Themes?

Every WordPress theme is different which has historically made switching themes difficult because each theme has its own settings and features. So it's so good to see that Bluchic now integrate Elementor into their latest range of templates called the Chic line.

This means switching themes especially if you come from another website that used Elementor will be seamless.

If you have never used Elementor, you will still be up and running much quicker than before when you just had the standard WordPress Editor.

Any theme designer that integrates Elementor gets the highest respect from me and as soon as you use it you will appreciate the process. In fact Elementor is still our highest rated app review – Read the Elementor Review here.

Game-Changer Features

Let's talk about Bluchic Themes latest Chic range in more detail. The main difference between this latest range of themes and previous Bluchic themes is that they are focusing a lot more on practical website design for women. So not just a pretty face but a pretty face with substance you could say.

No matter what your line of business there will be a new theme (released every quarter).

For example, they call their first Chic theme ChicServe and it's designed for service-based entrepreneurs like copywriters, social media managers, online marketers, virtual assistants, bookkeepers, freelance writers, coaches and [insert your service type here]. 

See demo of ChicServe below.

Bluchic Themes Key Features

  • Beginner friendly
  • Control every area of the layout and design
  • Reduce design time with Elementor pre-installed
  • Slider layouts for maximum visual effect
  • Mobile layout designer
  • Build pixel perfect WordPress websites
  • WooCommerce ready
  • Variety of blog layouts included
  • GDPR compliant design and cookie technology
  • SEO friendly
  • Fast loading for your readers

A few thoughts on the above

I am a big fan of what Bluchic themes are doing for the WordPress community.

For far too long business owners have had frustratingly limited options when using WordPress to power their online presence. Bluchic themes had already done a tremendous amount in this area with Kathie's design flair and backed up by Andrew's coding skills but they really have taken a step up by adding Elementor.

One thing to note though is that they are not bundling Elementor Pro but the basic free version which has a few limitations for creating designs but because Bluchic have already done a lot of the design work for you, you may not even notice this omission.

If you want Elementor Pro, I recommend looking at our website starter pack where we will buy Elementor or any other app of your choosing up to the value of $100. (Elementor Pro is $49 for one site and $99 for three sites). Get a website starter pack here.

Bluchic Themes Pros

  • Great looking designs
  • Built their new themes around Elementor
  • Fully responsive and fast loading sites
  • New chic lines of themes every quarter
  • WooCommerce ready
  • GDPR ready design and cookie notices

Bluchic Themes Cons

  • More costly than most other WordPress themes
  • Doesn't include Elementor Pro
  • No money back guarantee

Are there Up-sells?

There are upsells with Bluchic.

They have a few other products like their landing page templates and social media templates for Canva. 

When you add any of their themes to your cart on the checkout page, you will see an option to add the Canva templates for $46.90 instead of $67 (saving you 30% if you already wanted this).

Overall, you won't find the upsell process off putting especially as the quality of the products are good.

Bluchic Themes Alternatives?

There is no end to alternatives for WordPress template providers.

However finding WordPress designers that focus on feminine inspired designs becomes way less crowded but their definitely are some good options such as.

Before committing to Bluchic themes click the names above to see examples of their designs.

It really is a matter of design preference to which design house is best for you. All the above companies will provide you excellent support and service but one thing to look out for is whether any of the above integrate Elementor.

Many use the Genesis Framework which is excellent but costs extra for their theme to work and honestly you will still want to install Elementor over the top. It makes such a difference to your website ownership experience so it would be good to clarify about Elementor before purchasing a theme from any of the above.

Another side benefit of Elementor is you will pay less to maintain your website as you will do most website edits yourself without having to call outside help.

Remember, even the previous Bluchic themes before their latest Chic line did not have Elementor as part of the build. At this stage I am not sure if Bluchic have any plans to make their older themes play nicely with Elementor.

So my advice is email before adding to the cart. You will thank me later! 

Final Thoughts

Bluchic themes is an easy recommendation for their great looking designs combined with rock solid coding.

Coding is often the unsung heros of WordPress theme development but you will quickly notice when it is lacking because of how slow the website loads which will drop your Google rankings.

This is not something you want, which is why we recommend Bluchic for the best of both worlds of design and code.

Bluchic Themes now with Elementor – you can't go wrong! 



User Interface (UI/UX)




Support and Updates


Final Score


Reason for scores

The 80% low for their pricing structure is because of competing options significantly lower than their $129. Including Elementor Pro would cause a higher score.

The features scored highly because of their focus on good design and code and introducing Elementor.

The user interface score at 80% only got lowered because of not including Elementor Pro which will limit some professional users.

The support score at 95% reflects the dynamic duo of Kathie and Andrew who will look after you well when buying any of their themes. Their commitment to quarterly updates for the new Chic line is also good.

Give your WordPress websitethe feminine touch

Bluchic themes now have direct integration with the best page builder for WordPress – Elementor. Making this a wise buy recommendation.

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Bluchic Themes Coupon or Discount?

Bluchic themes rarely have coupon codes and in fact the only time you may find one is around the holidays like Black Friday. However, they come up from time to time so.

Here are any other Bluchic Themes coupon codes (found below if any).

How to claim Bluchic Themes Bonuses?

Looking for a bonus when purchasing Bluchic themes? 

Well, congratulations you have landed on the absolute best bonus you will find on the web for Bluchic themes. Buy any Bluchic theme and you will receive one free WordPress app/plugin up to the same value from our large database of over 3000 freely available to you. 

What type of bonus plugins are available? (Here are five of the best)

Gravity Forms

Still the best form builder for WordPress after all these years.

Divi Theme

Divi by Elegant Themes is one of the best website building experience for WordPress.


LifterLMS is the best solution for selling courses and managing students on WordPress.


WordPress crashes happen and UpdraftPlus is the backup you need to get up and running quicker.


OptinMonster is the most powerful and easy-to-use pop-up builder for WordPress.

What bonus does this work out to?

  • Regular Bluchic Theme – $79 bonus free app
  • Chic line – $129 bonus free app

N.B. Right click any affiliate link on this page to open in a new private/incognito window to ensure your bonus claim.

To claim a bonus use this form.

Give your WordPress websitethe feminine touch

Bluchic themes now have direct integration with the best page builder for WordPress – Elementor. Making this a wise buy recommendation.

View the themes + Bonuses Available

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