e-Marketing Strategy 1: Blog Commenting

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Commenting on blogsIf your website is in the category of receiving under 1000 unique visitors per month this little strategy is arguably one of your greatest options. There are millions of blogs on virtually every single topic on the planet. If you can find the ones that are related to your business and post insightful comments on them, you will start to see a positive effect.

When you leave an insightful & informative comment it will cause people to pay more attention to what you are saying and likely visit your website (as most blogs ask for your website address when commenting). This can lead to new business and strategic alliances being formed.

However the effect of blog commenting is not limited to someone simply visiting your website. As you comment a link is placed on the blog pointing back to your website, which search engines such as Google pick up on. These links because they are coming from websites in your industry will gradually start to rank your website higher for keywords related to your business.

To really get this effect pumping you are going to want to apply strategy 3 & 4, which I will be covering in the next few days.

Action Item: Visit Google Blog Search and find blogs related to your business that allow you to place comments with links back to your website. Make a list of the blogs and commit to a regular schedule of adding comments on the best blogs in your industry.

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