AscendPages Review, Discount & Bonus

AscendPages claims to finally put an end to slow and clunky Wordpress page builders? Does it work?

A quantum leap in Website Creation? So they say…

AscendPages is launching to much fanfare this week so I thought it would be a good time for a review and a comparison with some of the other tools out there right now. 

let’s discuss ascendpages

What is AscendPages?

AscendPages is a WordPress plugin developed by Andrew Darius who many of you may know from Explaindio fame – which is a great product so he does have a reputation for building quality apps. It’s also good to see he is distancing himself from the JVZOO crew as they do have a bad reputation for hosting poor quality vendors who don’t support their clients. I know this is an extreme generalization but in marketing it’s all about perception, so it is wise that Andrew has moved away to promote this latest product.

But enough of that what does AscendPages actually do?


In a nutshell AscendPages is aiming to be a hybrid WordPress plugin between another plugin like Thrive Architect and a service like ClickFunnels. It allows you to build websites just like Thrive does but at the same time it’s focusing heavily on being a complete funnel tool like ClickFunnels, which starts at $97 per month. AscendPages starts at just $27-$29 to get access to the basic version so this represents a significant value proposition that is worth your consideration.

One thing for sure is that AscendPages is aimed squarely at the marketing community with a lot of the design elements like count down timers, call to action banners, testimonials and reviews all being key ingredients you need on your sales funnels and other landing pages. The demo of this looks really promising and provides some real proof of their claims of being the easiest to use plugin for funnels.

To prove this on their homepage you will see a demo of AscendPages creating a funnel in under 90 seconds. See the video demo here 

So with some of the basic features discussed what are the plans and pricing available?

AscendPages Pricing


$ 27

  • 250 mini template blocks
  • Swipe & Snap Easy
  • Unlimited Access to AscendPages
  • Create Unlimited Landing Pages
  • Create Unlimited Sales Pages
  • Create Unlimited Traditional Websites
  • Save 51% and Never Pay for Web Page Creation Again

Get your copy


$ 29

  • 250 Mini-Template Blocks
  • Swipe & Snap Easy
  • Unlimited Access to AscendPages
  • Create Unlimited Landing Pages
  • Create Unlimited Sales Pages
  • Create Unlimited Traditional Websites
  • Export Web HTML
  • Save 65% and Never Pay for Web Page Creation Again
  • Can Sell Websites
  • Can Make Website for Clients

Get your copy

A few thoughts on the above

Currently if you click any of the buttons above you are actually going to be presented with a 14 day free trial of AscendPages.

I do find these pricing mechanisms that a lot of eMarketers especially on JVZOO to be quite suspect. I don’t even know why they bother to create a product that is severely less appealing than another option which only costs $2 more? 

It really is a no-brainer, which one you should buy but it still would be far more respectable to have one at $27 and another more premium option say at $67 but alas you are getting a great deal at the $29 mark. But be warned there are up-sells and from what I can see a total of six including things like a template club and cross-sells of some of Andrew Darius’s other products.

AscendPages Alternatives

The closes thing to AscendPages is actually Thrive Architect because both are WordPress plugins and both cost a one-time fee. They also share the similarity of being created first and foremost by eMarketers to give the user a lot of marketing related features like countdown timers, call to action banners etc. 

This would be one of the key differences to other page builders like Beaver Builder too, which are more focused on being “designer” than marketer. 

You could also compare AscendPages to ClickFunnels and in fact as I browse the comments on the homepage I can already see one user complaining about spending $100 per month when he could be just paying one time to access AscendPages. Needless to say he is excited.

In defence of ClickFunnels though it does have significantly more features that you are getting for the price and can include features such as email autoresponders, webinars, affiliate marketing software, CRM and membership sites. So in all honesty ClickFunnels is way more comprehensive than what AscendPages is trying to be.

So then it really comes down to Thrive Architect and AscendPages and for this it is more difficult to choose a clear winner. I would give AscendPages the nod in terms of easily creating full blown funnels over Thrive Architect. But in terms of general layout and design of your WordPress blog Thrive has you better covered.

There is also the factor of pricing with Thrive Architect costing $67-$97 and AscendPages costing $27-$29 and if you want there is also the upsell to the themes club which would be worth a look at the very least.

Do I recommend AscendPages?

Considering that a similar tool like ClickFunnels will cost you $97 per month and page builders like Beaver Builder will run you $99+ per year then yes at $29 for AscendPages it really is worth your consideration – even just to trial in your business process.

Their is also actually a free trial here for 14 days (All you have to do is decline the offer and you will be presented with this “down sell to a trial”)

Get started with AscendPages here.

Get started with AscendPages

Great value starting at just $29

Get your copy


AscendPages Coupon or Discount?

At this time there is no AscendPages discount or coupon (but the pricing during launch week will always be the best price you can get for it.)

As part of this promotion no cashback rebates are allowed so be wary of other people who are offering you money for buying through their affiliate link as you won’t get any money as their affiliate status would be terminated. 


If you do decide to purchase AscendPages we can offer you ONE of our premium bonus packs for AscendPages and we have some great gift packs arranged in the following categories.

  • Website and Graphic Design
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Conversion and analytics
  • Video Marketing
  • SEO Marketing
  • Social Media
  • eCommerce
  • Webmaster Tools
  • Marketing and PR

For more details on all these bonus packs visit to express your interest.

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