7 Figure Cycle Review

What is 7 Figure Cycle?

7 Figure Cycle is an eCommerce business model created by Aidan Booth, Steve Clayton, Chris Keef and Todd Snively that promises to produce you profits of over 30% with a very low initial investment. You may be familiar with the names of two of the creators, Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton; they also came up with 100K Factory. But this is not a reboot; they have taken what they learned from their previous experiences to come up with a whole new product.

When you sign up to 7 Figure Cycle, you’ll get access to training and resources that will help you start making money in as little as two weeks. They claim to have tested the model themselves and with a group of students and to have accumulated earnings that surpassed USD 50 million in 12 months.

The 7 Figure Cycle will be available for a limited time only. It’s scheduled to be released on January, 24th 2018, so if you’re interested keep reading and be among the firsts to try it out.

How does 7 Figure Cycle Work?

Starting a business can be a scary decision. Some of those who do it for the first time are faced with roadblocks that they didn’t expect and that can be deadly if not dealt with effectively. For example, you might find it difficult to get in touch with providers and other prospective business partners. These are the kind of things that are already taken care of in the 7 Figure Cycle.

When you sign up, you’ll go through a live training process that will show you how to get the best out of your investment. Also, you’ll get access to data about products and stocks from many distributors and a powerful data analysis tool that will help you sort through all of that information so you can identify the products that are more likely to be profitable.

In a nutshell, this is what it will take for you to begin earning lots of cash:

  • Select a wholesaler. You’ll get access to a list of providers that’s included with the course; they have already been identified, you don’t have to do the hard work.
  • Select a product. This is where the software comes in; it will help you determine which product will be more profitable.
  • Set up the sales process. At this point you will have to make an investment; buy the product and begin the sales process.
  • Publish your product. Using the Amazon platform, publish your product so clients can find it.
  • Close the deal. Your product should sell within days of initial listing and you’ll receive profits equal or superior to 50%.


7 Figure Cycle Pros

  • checkLittle to no infrastructure. You won’t have to invest in a brick-and-mortar shop, website, warehouse or transportation for your products.
  • checkLow cost investment. You won’t have to dig into your life savings to start this business; initial costs are really low.
  • checkNo worrying about logistics. Since you don’t have to actually handle any stock, there is no tracking packages or dealing with providers.
  • checkIt’s guaranteed. If you don’t get the expected results, you’ll get your money back.
  • checkAccess to support groups. Whether you’ve been in business before or are just beginning, it always pays to have someone to answer any questions you may have about the program.

7 Figure Cycle Cons

  • checkIt’s a process. It’s not quite as easy and fast working as advertised. You will have to go through a training program before you can actually start to see results, but the creators claim you can start earning money within two weeks of entering the program. Possibly ambitious but maybe not for extremely committed individuals.
  • checkFor software it's expensive – BUT this should help with the point above about commitment though.
  • checkIt’s not as fool-proof as it sounds. Even though you will have a data analysis model set up to evaluate and filter products on how likely they are to produce profits, in the end it all comes down to you. You will have to sort through the information and select the product you think might be the best. So, the system might not work as well for everybody.

7 Figure Cycle – The Bottom Line

There are many similar programs out there that promise to make you a millionaire in no time. This one seems to set itself apart by providing data analysis tools that should help you get the results you want. It looks simple enough and can be attractive to many people, especially those who are internet savvy and who like to do business.

We will have to wait and see if the results can be as good as it seems possible; the registration period starts late January 2018.

See the case study?

Real people earning full time incomes online. See their stories here.

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