6 Ways AdEspresso Helps You Kick Down The Door of Facebook Advertising

A short review of AdEspresso – Facebook Advertising Manager

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Facebook has more people than you could ever meet in your life. There are billions registered. They have created a platform in which there is a captive audience for every social element in the world. Whether you like puppets or skateboarding there’s a group, and an audience waiting for content to come to them. This also comes with a certain problem; ad blindness. This is something that plagues marketers. Some have even quit using Facebook advertising because of it. If you want to succeed in creating ads that aren’t prone to this issue, then you will want to utilize AdEspresso. There are several ways that this can help you harness the power of Facebook advertising so that you succeed in your goal. Whether you want more traffic, more sales, or you just want to gain foot traffic for your brick and mortar store, you can do so in the following ways.

Test Creative Ads Simultaneously

When you use Facebook advertising, you are going to be tempted to put up just one ad. Just one ad to see if anyone even clicks through or is interested in what you’re doing. Chances are you’ve already done this, and didn’t see much in terms of results. That can really take the wind out of your sails. With AdEspresso, you are going to be able to test out several creative ads simultaneously, with built in graphics and design points. You can insert multiple titles, words, pictures, and create anything you want. Imagine throwing down 11 different types of ads, and limiting your budget all the same time. Imagine throwing 20 ads, and seeing which works and which doesn’t. Now, imagine having control within 1 dashboard instead of having to deal with Facebook’s clumsy interface. That’s what you’re going to get with relative ease.

The Demographic Hurdles

Who’s the main demographic for your ads? Don’t know? Don’t worry, you’ll be able to not only split test demographics, you’ll be able to factor in a lot of different factors. Consider a comparison between males 18 to 35 and women 18 to 35, and one likes ice cream while the others like gelato. If you’re a sweets shop, you could very well see which side of the advertising you’re doing is going to be effective. What if men don’t click? What if women are all about gelato? Then your sweets shop is going to see a huge influx of traffic for gelato, and you can turn off the male aspect of advertising. That’s just an example. Now, you can split test so much, that you can create a funnel of sales that are absolutely focused on what you’re doing, selling, and promoting.

Create Customized Audiences

What is the hardest thing to do in marketing? Targeting specific niches and individuals. Let’s say you wanted to promote red hats to individuals that like skateboarding. How would you do that? Well, with AdEspresso, you could target individuals that like Vans Era monochrome series shoes, then target their need for a red hat. That’s such a small, laser targeted audience that your ad will perform 100% better than if you were to just target those that liked New Era hats. This is just an example. There are elements in your marketing efforts that you are an expert of, and you can target your demographics and audience to fit your very specific needs. Target people that love spaghetti, those that like shoelaces tied a certain way, anything you can think of can be your target and it’s made easier with this robust solution.

When Do You Want To Show Your Ad

You’re in charge of the marketing of a cookie company. You realize that your online orders are shrinking. What do you do? Well, with dayparting, you can control when and to whom your ads are showing. This can help you target individuals that are searching for cookies late at night. Imagine the Friday night rush of individuals looking online for a late night snack, and your page comes up. You could very well target them, and flood your shop with late night snackers. Or let’s say you want to sell coffee beans to early risers. You could target your ad to hit at the early morning, and during the afternoon crunch where they are most tired and need that coffee pick me up. You decide what day, what time, and where your ads are shown.

Choose Where Your Ad Goes

Where is the best place to put an ad? With AdEspresso you can test all sorts of placements. Want them in the sidebar? Done. Want them in timelines? Done. Want them to be text link ads in the news feeds of those that like to play piano? Done. You get to place ads throughout the different areas of the page, including mobile elements. Reach millions on their smartphone and get the traffic boost that only Facebook can bring. With the robust interface, you can easily pick your destination, and have your ads placed where they are going to be the most effective, and do it without having to use the clunky, clumsy interface that is Facebook’s ad system.

Speed Things Up (before the boss finds out you’re slacking)

Professional marketers in charge of Facebook advertising are no doubt going to be rushed into a lot of results. The boss is going to ask you where the results are, or why their ads aren’t running. You will always have an answer when you utilize AdEspresso to control everything about campaigns. You will be able to do more, faster, and do so with an easy to utilize interface that challenges even the best UI that you may have seen online. The goal of this product is not to just sell you on the notion of harnessing Facebook’s advertising tools. The goal is to help you succeed in the marketing goals that you have.

You cannot succeed if you don’t work efficiently. That’s why AdEspresso is so critical right now. It makes the complex, clustered advertising space of Facebook and it lets you open up the doors and get the right audience to whatever it is you’re promoting. From brick and mortar shops to internet only pages. You can create traffic and interest fast.


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