5 Reasons You Should Be Using WPX Hosting

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December 2016 Update

WPX Hosting is our hosting of choice on this website and I am continually impressed by the level of service I get. One of my other websites was down and I submitted a support request and the WPX technician went into my WP dashboard and one by one tested my over 20 plugins to find the culprit plugin and disable it. They even showed me the error log to be able to give to the plugin developer to fix the problem. That is unheard of level of service and something you will never get with a sub $10 p/m service.

As I write this I have just bought a plugin called WP Rocket to make my websites even faster and I'm not even setting it up – WPX Hosting is so that they can eke out every last millisecond of page loading speed. Talk about great guys! I'm not switching anytime soon, (my 2 year upfront payment proves it 🙂

See the WPX Hosting difference for yourself

A short review of WPX Hosting (formerly Traffic Planet Hosting)

There are a lot of web hosts online. There is so many, that when you search for web hosting, you will get buried with results. There’s no way around this. You could go with the first few listings, or you can do your homework and look at what makes certain web hosts better than others. It’s easy to say that one is the best, but proving it? That’s another story.

Focusing on hosting for a moment, there are several options to consider. You may not even know where to turn in regards to this, and therefore end up on a host that overcrowds the server, outsources all their support, and doesn’t really know what site you even have.

Instead of going through the hurdles of setting up a site on a lackluster host, consider WPX Hosting. In fact, there are a lot of reasons why this very well may be the best solution online right now, especially if you are running your websites on WordPress.

1. Optimized WordPress Hosting


Here’s the number one reasons why you are going to want to take this hosting provider seriously. They focus on optimizing their servers for WordPress.

That’s not what a lot of companies do. When you go with any old solution, you will be renting space on a “shared” host that has a lot of different types of sites. They do not optimize their servers to help your page load faster or become more reliable. They just rent out space.

Imagine a public storage unit without any bells and whistles at all. Seriously, an empty concrete vault, no temperature controls, no lights, just a square concrete room. That’s not exciting, now is it? That’s what web hosts usually give you. That’s not what you get with this solution, as they optimize their servers to host and perform very well with WordPress.

They also have a working relationship with W3 Total Cache which is a WordPress plugin that improves page load times even more. On my websites, I have experienced sub 3 second load times using WPX Hosting without W3 Total Cache. But when you use the WPX Hosting recommended settings with W3 I have often experienced page load times between 0.7 – 2 seconds. See screenshot below.

It's those sub 1-second page loads that really get me quite chuffed when I see them. Typically this occurs on some of my smaller size web pages under 1.5MB.

The net result!

Your website viewers are going to be much more happy browsing your website, which should mean more ad revenues and sales from your website.


Under 2 seconds for a 4MB webpage with no caching on. Impressive!

2. FREE SSL Certificate

A really neat benefit WPX Hosting is doing right now is there easy 1 click activation and plugin which gives you a Google-Sponsored SSL certificate for free.

You read that correctly. SSL certification for free. You’re going to find that this is an absolutely incredible value offering especially if you are intending to run an e-commerce store in the future. If you have no plans of doing that, then you can rest assured it makes you look very professional and make your business look a lot bigger than what you might be right now. 

SSL certification gives the end user peace of mind. It locks all information that is transmitted between them and the server so that no nefarious individuals can steal emails, credit card information, or anything else. Imagine being able to sell products and not have to worry about anyone stealing credit cards. Oh, and imagine not having to pay for the benefit. That’s more than can be said about 90% of the web hosts you will find online.

3. You get 5X the Websites Than Others

Ok, so you’re not going to just take the word of anyone talking about hosting, right? Lots of skeptics are going to shake their head at an overtly positive review. That’s fine. But take into consideration the cold hard facts.

Compare the top hosts to WPX Hosting.

You’re going to find that they trump each one by 5 times the websites you can host on their servers. Not only that, they don’t limit your creativity, they open up the tools you need to gain the upper hand in any type of site. Some of the benefits that come out of the box include SSL free, PHP 7.0 enabled by default, managed WordPress hosting, themes, SSD included free, 24-hour tech support, free manual migration, and so much more.

Look at the hard numbers that are featured on their homepage and you’ll notice that they outshine big companies like WP Engine, Hostgator, BlueHost, and others. They do so with good pricing and outstanding support.

4. Privacy Registration Included

At press time, WPX has gone an extra step and for good reason. Go with them, and you will be given a free WhoIS privacy registration with your domain name. Take a moment to reflect on that. Anyone at any given moment can search WhoIs information on a public domain name.

When you do so, you will get the name, phone number, address, and all vital information about the person that has registered the domain name. This is not a joke. This is public information that you can pull at any time by searching the WhoIs data on any site you like.

What WPX Hosting is doing, is simple, they are blocking this. When someone searches your new domain name, they are not going to get any information about you or your business. They’ll see generic information about the registration company, and that’s it. Everything will be blocked, and your privacy will be protected, free of charge.

This is unique in the web hosting world – to give you an example GoDaddy charges $10 per year over and above your hosting subscription for this benefit.

5. Blazing fast support times

The hallmark of any good host is the team behind it and their expertise in managing complex server environments. The good news is that WPX really shines in this regard achieving under 20 minute response times by email every time.

However with the recent addition of live chat the speed of response is now under 3 minutes! 

There is nothing more frustrating than web hosts with slow response times and a bag full of excuses when things don't work. This you will not get when hosting with WPX Hosting.

Special Deal

From time to time WPX Hosting offer special deals, not frequently but fortunately as it stands right now there is a promotion for Haloween, where you will get your first month for only 1 cent!

This is live right now and no coupon code etc is needed. However, you must hurry on this one as the deal ends 4th November 2016.

When this deal finishes, make sure to view our other WPX Hosting Coupon Code.

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Why Web Hosting Matters

The best way to describe web hosting is to compare it to buying and building a house. When you buy a plot to build your dream house, you’ll need to pay for property taxes to the city that you live in. You’ll also have a finite amount of land to build on. That’s what hosting is. It’s a digital plot of land that you get to build your proverbial house on. Now, the problem here is that many companies do not give you everything you need to succeed. They give you a plot, and then limit you on how many pages you can create, how much traffic you can have, and what technology you can use to build. That’s the opposite of what WPX Hosting. This company wants to give you a sense of freedom and they open up WordPress hosting create fast loading pages for marketing, blogging, or just about any project you can think of creating.

Now, the problem here is that many companies do not give you everything you need to succeed. They give you a plot, and then limit you to how many websites you can create, how much traffic you can have, and what technology you can use to build. That’s the opposite of what WPX Hosting does. This company wants to give you a sense of freedom and their focus on WordPress hosting helps to create lightning fast web pages for marketing, blogging, or just about any project you can think of creating.

Without website hosting your site won’t exist online. It’s a necessary element of any business, or marketing success story. There are a lot of companies you can go with, but what separates this one is the focus on speed, accuracy, support, and technology. You are not just going to be given an empty space, you’re going to be given the support and tools to succeed in creating a compelling website for your business or idea. Whether you’re an expert or a novice, you can tell create momentum with a good web hosting account through WPX.


Plus we are going to sweeten the deal even more

Once you decide to host with WPX and use any link on this page to buy, we are going to sweeten the deal with the next best thing. 

A beautiful WordPress template of your choice from our large library of modern designs. Simply email us your proof of purchase and we will send you the link to the themes and you can choose any that strike your fancy.

With that, you really will have everything to get your online business flying.

Get WPX Hosting here

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