One Year of Powerful Declarations of God's Favor over your life.

The Kingdom power of God on Earth is voice activated. This powerful resource is a weekly guide to activate more of God's power in your life as you speak His Word. 



About these declarations

This has totally blessed me today and has rewired my thinking. Abundant Grace to you to continue uplifting others. May God our Father uplift you in your time of need.

Marilyn Hayward

This confession totally changed my life, I see the fruits daily. Supernatural favor, increase and abundance.

George Mwangi


What’s Inside?

God's Favor Call Cards

Get a print ready version of Declarations of God's Favor call cards so that you always have these powerful declarations with you no matter where you go.

One Year of Declarations

Every week you will receive an encouraging email with more declarations of God's promises and Word for the upcoming week.

Bonus Resources

As part of your subscription you will also get bonus resources such as inspirational videos and prayers to support your walk with God.

A Quick Word from

Paul Therond

It is my prayer that your walk with Jesus grows each and every day. This resource is designed for daily prayer over a cup of coffee. The more you include Jesus in your day, the more you will see of His Kingdom in your life, relationships and finances. I look forward to seeing you on the inside.

Get Started Right Away With One Year of Powerful Declarations.


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