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What is Splitly?

Splitly is the #1 platform for automating split tests on Amazon so that you get more traffic, sales and profits.

Splitly comprises a team of mathematicians, statisticians, software engineers, and Amazon sellers dedicated to the pursuit of perfection. Specifically, uncovering a perfectly optimized Amazon listing through split tests.

Reclaim those sales that your competitors are taking from you. Start optimizing your Amazon listing with Splitly today.

Splitly is the only way to create a perfectly optimized Amazon listing.

If you haven’t already ?see a demo of Splitly.

Key features of Splitly

  • Scientifically test every element of your product listing for increased conversions
  • Test your pricing, images, titles, features, descriptions and keywords
  • Be one step ahead with Profit Peak, an artificial intelligence powered optimization tool
  • Continuous private label repricing on autopilot – set it up in minutes
  • Monitor your rank for the most important keywords