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Split Hero 

What is Split Hero?

Easy, Fast & Effective A/B Testing for WordPress. Start increasing your conversions today.


  • Helping Freelancers & Agencies Deliver More Conversions
    With Split Hero's WordPress A/B Testing platform you no longer have to spend time learning a new complex tool to carry out split testing campaigns for your agency and clients. Start finding out what your target audience responds to and increase the number of leads in your agency.
  • As easy as A/B
    Create up to 4 different variations of a page using either the WordPress editor or your favourite page builder and have Split Hero test them all to see which one leads to more conversions.

    You build your pages and we will handle dynamically redirecting visitors to your different variations.

    At the end of your campaign, we will tell you which version is the best for your audience and has given you the lost conversions.

  • A UX that saves you time and makes you money
    Time is money and we know you don't want to waste yours dealing with a complex tool with loads of bells and whistles you don't need which leads to frustration and ultimately, abandonment.

    This is where we step in. Our philosophy from our pricing to our platform is simplicity. We give you the right amount of features and data to help you deliver an effective split test campaign, quickly.

    We are on hand if you need our help though!

  • Collecting data that matters
    We collect all of the important data and empower you to take action on the results of your campaign so you aren't overwhelmed with unnecessary information.

    Following our rule of simplicity, we collect the following data; unique visitors for each variation, bounce rate and conversion count.

    We are always taking user feedback so make sure to check out our roadmap and vote for what you'd like to see implemented next.

  • Increase your WooCommerce Conversions
    With our WooCommerce integration, it's now easier than ever to grow your online sales.

    Build your alternative product page layout or landing page and you can now select the WooCommerce successful checkout endpoint as your conversion goal.

    Boost your online sales and increase your return on investment with Split Hero.