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Sizzy Discount

What is Sizzy?

Sizzy is a browser made specifically for responsive development. It allows you to preview a website on multiple devices at once. Sizzy is a tool that allows you to develop responsive websites crazy-fast. It allows you to preview a URL on multiple devices at once, filter the devices, zoom them in and out, and more. With Sizzy everything is in sync. You can Scroll, click, or navigate to a different url, and all the devices will follow. You can take a screenshot of the current viewport, or the entire website. You can also screenshot all devices at once. With, or without a device frame. So many possibilities! Inspecting devices one by one can be a chore, so Sizzy includes Universal Inspect Element which allows you to inspect all devices at once. Sizzy has the most accurate device simulation. It simulates the device frame, the UI for the browser & OS, and you can completely customize everything.

Key Features

The lifetime deal available from $199 includes:

  • Billed only once
  • All future updates
  • No subscription fees