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Rezi is an AI-powered resume builder to lets you quickly create resumes and cover letters Lifetime deal available from $29
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Rezi Discount

What is Rezi?

Rezi is an AI-powered resume builder that lets you quickly create optimized, ATS-friendly resumes and cover letters tailored to specific job descriptions. Rezi is an incredibly powerful résumé generator that allows you unlimited flexibility while ensuring you create an ATS (Applicant Tracking System) optimized résumé every time. Rezi’s resume builder will walk you through the process and give recommendations to improve your chances of getting an interview request from a potential employer. With Rezi, creating a resume is stress-free, as our AI-powered resume builder will guide you, step by step. Rezi is passionate about helping people get the jobs they want, so we've made it our mission to make getting hired easier, more efficient, and less expensive for everyone involved. You?ll love Rezi, we promise.

Key Features

The lifetime deal from $29 include

  • Build hirable resumes with flexible formats for every experience level
  • Get instant feedback on your resume with the Rezi Score
  • Enjoy more interviews & successful job applications
  • Get quicker job interviews & offers
  • Use Rezi A.I. to extract keywords from job descriptions and optimize your resume
  • 26.9% interview success rate based on 2020 Rezi user survey